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Ray Mercer Says MMA Fighters Are Scared of Him, Have No Heart

(It takes so little to inflate a boxer’s ego these days.)

When Ray Mercer knocked Tim Sylvia the hell out back in June we thought it was just good, harmless fun.  Well, not harmless to Sylvia or his already-declining career, but harmless for MMA in general.  After all, when has seeing Big Timmy get flattened not made for quality entertainment?  But it seems like the conquest might have gone to Mercer’s head, because now he thinks the entire MMA world is ducking him.  What’s worse, he’s making certain assumptions about the character of the entire sport and its fighters based on his experience with Sylvia, which is a little like saying that all children are retards just because the kid who lives upstairs from you has Down syndrome.  Just check out what the 48-year-old Mercer had to say to

J.S: So have you anything else in the pipeline – either in boxing or in MMA? People are still talking about the way you iced Tim Sylvia in what was it, nine seconds?

R.M: (laughs) Yeah, I’m willing to take anything that’s offered to me, you know. But those MMA guys, they don’t seem to want to fight me. I don’t get it. I thought they had heart, and yet they won’t fight me and I’m nearly 50-years old, man!