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Shark Fights 17: Weigh-In Failure and Video Roundup

No, Ricco wasn’t involved this time. Props: Shark Fights on Twitter

If we were to tell you that Ricco Rodriguez was involved in another weigh-in fail during last night’s Shark Fights 17 at the Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco, Texas, it’s doubtful that too many readers would be surprised. The guy kind of has a history of missing weight. However, in a turn of events that prove even the MMA gods have a sense of humor, this time it was his opponent Karl Knothe coming in heavy for the 230 pound catchweight fight.

Those of you who remember our post from Thursday are probably a little confused for two reasons. Number one, we already told you that Karl Knothe has competed mostly as a light heavyweight, making it seem odd that he would show up overweight for a fight at 230. Also, we never mentioned that the fight was a catchweight bout. You’re not alone: No one told Karl Knothe about this, either. According to MMAJunkie.com: Both Rodriguez’s camp and Shark Fights officials said the bout was agreed to a catchweight of 230 pounds while Knothe allegedly believed it to be a heavyweight contest. When Knothe weighed in at 253.75 pounds to Rodriguez’s 227.75 pounds, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation disallowed Knothe from [Friday’s] event due to the large gap and concerns over excessive weight-cutting from the heavier fighter. In the same article, Shark Fight’s owner Bud Brutsman says that Karl Knothe’s manager never told him about the catchweight limit. Somebody needs to give this guy Mike Dolce’s number and a competent manager. Assuming “My manager didn’t tell me” isn’t a code for “Wow, I really botched that one, huh?”, of course.


Back at Heavyweight, Ricco Rodriguez Hunts for 12th Straight Win at ‘Shark Fights 17′

(Props: SharkFights.com)

Just one month before he makes his Bellator debut against Seth Petruzelli, Ricco Rodriguez has one final tune-up match to get through. “Suave” will meet Karl “The Original Son of Punishment” Knothe — a Minnesota-based fighter who has won his last 12 fights by first-round stoppage —in the co-headlining bout of Shark Fights 17, which goes down tomorrow night at the Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco, Texas. Even though Knothe has primarily competed as a 205-pounder, the match is being held at heavyweight, which is a good thing considering that Rodriguez’s last two attempts to hit a weight limit under 265 have resulted in failure and more failure.

Ricco has been undefeated in 11 fights over the last two years, competing for 10 different promotions; the upcoming appearances for Shark Fights and Bellator will also be his first for those promotions, extending his epic transient streak. Rodriguez is coming off a decision win over James McSweeney at BAMMA 5 in February, followed by an unfortunate arrest in Arizona in May.

Shark Fights 17 will be headlined by a middleweight feature between UFC vets Matt Horwich and Jake Rosholt; the two fighters previously met at an Xtreme Fight Night event last November, in which Horwich won by third-round TKO. Check out the full card here.


Steven Seagal Gets His Hooks Into Ricco Rodriguez Too

(This dude’s Marked for Death…)

Count Ricco Rodriguez as one of the growing number of fighters under the hypnotizing spell of Steven Seagal.

In a recent interview the beleaguered former UFC heavyweight champion did with Bleacher Report, Rodriguez detailed his first meeting with the “Hard to Kill” 7th Dan Aikido master.

“I’ve always been a fan of Steven Seagal’s. I’ve always admired his acting skills and even as I got older and started chasing some of my own personal goals. Because when I was a kid, I watched the Bruce Lee movies and going to Japan, living in Japan and training at the Takada dojo, traveling to Brazil, there was somewhat a similar situation to me and Seagal. So, getting to meet a person such as him, if I can explain to you how phenomenal his energy was, I can’t explain it unless you were because you just feel how motivating he is and how presentable he is. He’s a phenomenal person and a great guy.”


Booking Alert: Rodriguez-Petruzelli, Buentello-Konrad Added to Bellator 48 Card

“I’m going to beat you so bad you’ll look like you were in a car wreck. Then I’m going to drag you over to the driver’s seat and run away into the night.”

With their featherweight tourney already underway, Bellator would like to remind you that they’ve got some big boys that can throw down too. Two fights have been announced for their upcoming Bellator 48 card, going down on August 20th.


Ricco Rodriguez Assault Arrest Began With a Cab Fare Dispute, Ended With a Police Officer Being Shoved Into a Wall

New details have emerged in yesterday’s Ricco Rodriguez arrest story. From a KSAZ FOX 10 report published last night:

PHOENIX – Mixed martial arts fighter Ricco ‘Suave’ Rodriguez has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a taxi cab driver and resisting arrest.

According to Phoenix Police, the 33-year-old was arrested over the weekend after an incident with a cab driver in Ahwatukee, south of Phoenix.

Last Sunday, Rodriguez commissioned a cab driver to take him to a bar in Ahwatukee called the Garage.

When the cab fare came to $70, Rodriguez allegedly refused to give the driver more than $20. They got into an argument and the cab driver called 911.

Rodriguez grabbed the man and tossed him to the ground, according to police. When officers tried to take him into custody, he allegedly pushed one of them into a wall.

He’s a big guy — according to his jail booking information, Rodriguez is 6’2″ and 235 lbs.

Police say it took two Phoenix Police officers and an off-duty officer to get him under control.


Mugshot of the Day: Ricco Rodriguez Arrested for Assault, Resisting Arrest

Ricco Rodriguez mugshot UFC MMA arrest assault
(Props: wiu81. Side-view is here, if you’re an MMA mugshot completist.)

According to jailbase.com, former UFC heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez was arrested last Sunday, May 15th, in Maricopa County, Arizona. Charges were listed as assault, failure to appear, and resisting arrest. We have no more info at this time, but we’ll update you as soon as we do. By the way, if you feel like checking out the mugshots of everybody who was arrested in Maricopa County on 5/15, click here. It’s like a broke-ass game of Guess Who. (“Is your person an obvious tranny? Does your person look like he needs a bath?”)


Want to Be a UFC Fighter? Send an Application to Jobbi.com and Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Jobbi.com announced today that it has formed a partnership with Zuffa to help the parent company of the UFC and Strikeforce recruit fighters.

According to the company’s co-founder Lawrence Vaughan, applicants will receive feedback from members of the job search hub which will help improve their standing on the site and may lead to them gaining the attention of UFC brass.

“Together with the UFC, we’ve created a streamlined process that makes it simple for new fighters and UFC management to connect with each other. There is also a social component that makes it easy for general public to get involved. People can talk with fighters, watch videos of applicants, and show their support for their favorite fighters,” explained Vaughan. “It is an exciting, ongoing process to determine who will ultimately get their dream job fighting for the UFC.”


Daley, Rodriguez Notch Victories at BAMMA 5

(Props: ZPsBackUp)

Despite their now-routine struggles with making weight, Paul Daley and Ricco Rodriguez turned in impressive performances at BAMMA 5, Saturday night in Manchester, England. In the main event, Japanese welterweight Yuya Shirai was absolutely no match for Daley, as Semtex rocked him twice with jabs in the first frame before a flurry of power punches put Shirai down for good at the 1:46 mark.

Daley is now expected to face Nick Diaz at Strikeforce’s tentative April 9th event in California, although one rumor suggests that Daley’s participation is far from official and the British striker may be holding out for more money. Which makes sense, since he’ll probably have to forfeit about 20% of his purse to Diaz before the fight.


Paul Daley, Ricco Rodriguez Both Miss Weight (Again) @ BAMMA 5

Ricco Rodriguez BAMMA 5 weigh in James McSweeney photos
(Ricco desperately tries to squeeze off a couple more ounces on the scale. For more BAMMA 5 weigh-in pics, check out MMAWeekly)

No strangers to epic weigh-in failure, Paul Daley and Ricco Rodriguez were once again thwarted by the scales today while trying to make their BAMMA 5 bouts official. Main event fighter Paul Daley missed weight for the fifth time in his career, initially weighing in at 172 pounds for the welterweight contest, then getting down to 170.4 before his additional weigh-in time ran out.

Like the UFC, BAMMA follows the Unified Rules of MMA, which doesn’t allow a one-pound allowance for title fights. As a result, Daley’s bout against DEEP champ Yuya Shirai has been downgraded to a three-round non-title affair. Not a good look if you’re trying to convince Strikeforce to give you a title fight against Nick Diaz.


Exclusive: Ricco Rodriguez Explains Why the UFC Won’t Have Him Back

Randy Couture Ricco Rodriguez UFC 39
(Ricco Rodriguez battles Randy Couture at UFC 39 while wearing the henna tattoo that almost brought down an industry. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

This Saturday, former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez faces TUF 10 vet James McSweeney in the co-main event of BAMMA 5 (MEN Arena; Manchester, England), which you can watch live via $10 online pay-per-view at bammatv.com. With 10 consecutive wins already under his belt — and his personal demons under control — you’d think that a decisive win over McSweeney would move Rodriguez one step closer to a UFC return. That’s what we thought anyway, until we asked Ricco about it on last week’s episode of The Bum Rush Radio Show. (The interview with Rodriguez begins at the 1:30:11 mark.)

As it turns out, the recent report that claimed Rodriguez was on the verge of signing a new contract with the UFC was mostly hot air. And in fact, it would be a minor miracle if “Suave” got anywhere close to an Octagon during his lifetime. Here’s the excerpt from our Bum Rush interview, in which Ricco Rodriguez — for the first time ever — explains why he’s been blacklisted from the organization.


RICCO RODRIGUEZ: No, [the report] definitely wasn’t accurate. There were some talks to possibly get into the UFC, but that opportunity is just not available, and I just don’t ever see myself returning to the UFC. Dana holds a grudge pretty well, and he has his reasons, and I don’t blame him. I understand what I did at that time, and it was a tough pill to swallow and he has every right to be upset with him…The truth of the matter is, is that I single-handedly almost tore down the UFC at one point in my career. A lot of people don’t know this, and you’ll probably be the first one that I’ll ever admit this to.