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Chuck Liddell Calls It a Career; Takes Executive VP of Business Development Gig With UFC

("Well boys, it’s been fun, but I have some partying to do. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it." Pic props: Adam Fogarty)

It looks like Chuck Liddell’s retirement didn’t last long.

At today’s press conference for UFC 125 today, UFC president Dana White announced that Liddell was officially done with fighting and that effective immediately, the mohawked former fighter will be taking on the role of executive vice president of business development for the Vegas-based promotion.

When a fan requested a hug from and a photo with Liddell at the presser, White obliged, quipping that the embrace would be Chuck’s first official duty in his new role. Somehow, I don’t think that "The Iceman" will be doing a hell of a lot more than handshakes and photo-ops, which wouldn’t be a bad thing for the organization as he has arguably become the most recognizable fighter in the world and the face of the Zuffa-owned incarnation of the UFC similar to how Colonel Sanders did with KFC and Ronald McDonald did with McDonald’s.

White gave few details about what the role will entail and Liddell made only a brief acceptance/retirement speech in which he thanked the fans for their support and White and UFC owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta for ensuring that he has an active role in the company that he helped cross over to the mainstream.