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Rumor of the Week: Sakuraba vs. Rickson?

(“I am pussy, okay?! Rrrrrrowww!” — Kazushi Sakuraba)

A couple weeks back, we put a fight between Kazushi “The Gracie Hunter” Sakuraba and jiu-jitsu uber-guru Rickson Gracie as the #1 Greatest Fight That Never Happened. Well, if Inside Fights is to be believed, then the most long-awaited grudge match in history may actually have a shot of coming together. From an article posted yesterday:

K-1′s Dynamite!! 2007 card has come and gone and one thing that is for sure is that Kazushi Sakuraba isn’t even thinking about retiring. A lot of the pre-fight hype before the Sakuraba/Funaki showdown amongst MMA insiders was the apparent need for Sakuraba—deteriorated he is—to call it a career after this dream match. Well, Sakuraba for the most part dominated the former Pancrase legend submitting him in 6:25, but mentioned nothing about retirement in his post-fight interviews.

With Rickson Gracie’s appearance at one of HERO’S’ Yokohama Arena shows this year, the impossible seems almost possible: a fight between Rickson and The Gracie Killer himself. Long looked at as the Sakuraba/Gracie fight that would forever be part of fantasy warfare amongst MMA fans, this match may in fact take place in 2008. Had it happened in 2000, it would’ve likely broken attendance records, now it’ll be something that fans of the two and fans of the sport can give thanks for, if it in fact does happen.