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Lucky/Brave S.O.B. Subdues Armed Robber at Gas Station Via Triangle Choke [VIDEO]

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Props to R/MMA for passing along the wildest bit of gas station footage since Maiquel Falcao slapped that girl and got KO’d with a 2×4. Early Saturday morning in Norwood, PA, a 20-year-old local kid named CJ Gostynski decided to throw on a mask and rob a gas station at gunpoint. Unfortunately, he ran into a tough/brave/crazy son-of-a-bitch named John McGowan, who had just lost his car and was in no mood for the bullshit.

When Gostynski demands money, McGowan tells him “You’re fuckin’ with the wrong guy,” and proceeds to walk up on the would-be robber, who is pointing a gun directly at his face. [Ed. note: This is the point where I would be fishing my wallet out of my urine soaked slacks.] McGowan tackles Gostynski — “right into the racka potata chips,” says the regionally-accented news anchor — and locks him down with a triangle choke. McGowan then proceeds to beat Gostynski with his own gun (!) and holds him in place until the cops arrive. Renzo would be proud. The Gracie Brothers are masturbating furiously.

During the fracas, the gun went off twice, and McGowan’s shoe was grazed with a bullet. Gostynski, who has no criminal history, is facing 33 charges including robbery and assault. As MyFoxPhilly reports, an AR-15 rifle with 60 rounds of ammunition was found in Gostynski’s truck, but honestly, everything’s an AR-15 these days. Anyway, kudos to John McGowan, whose balls are way, way bigger than ours.


UFC Welterweight Yan Cabral Robbed at Gunpoint Near Nova Uniao Gym

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Crappy story coming out of Rio today, ‘Taters. Yan Cabral, the teammate of UFC champs Jose Aldo and Renan Barao who made an impressive debut for the promotion Wednesday night at UFC Fight Night 29, was robbed at gunpoint just two days later near his Nova Uniao gym in Rio. MMA Fighting‘s Guilherme Cruz first reported this story in the states.

The robbers either got real lucky or were following Cabral for some time as the undefeated Brazilian welterweight was coming from the bank where he had taken out money to pay manager and head coach Andre Pederneiras. Two men with guns pulled up on motorcycle, pointed a gun at Cabral’s head and took his backpack, containing his training gear and cash. Fortunately, Cabral was not injured during the robbery.

“I’ve lived in Rio 15 years and this never happened,” Cabral told O Dia. “It was a big shock.”


Miguel Torres’ Father Allegedly Robbed at Gunpoint, Torres Offers Cash Reward For Information, Threatens to Beat Up Perpetrator

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Late last night former bantamweight world champ Miguel Torres posted some disturbing news on his facebook fan page. “To whoever robbed my dad at gunpoint tonight while he was running at the track in the Harbor, if I find out who you are I’m going to beat the living fuck out of you till I get pulled off. Anyone with information on who this perpetrator was, I’m offering a cash reward. No one fucks with my family,” he posted.

Torres has certainly proven to be an open book with little filter online, often to his detriment. Although he feel for him and his family and hope to God that his father is alright, this may be another instance where Torres should just do what he does but not post about it online.

Let’s say Torres finds the person who he believes robbed his father last night and does what he surely has the natural right to do – “beat the living fuck” out of him. Well, now the scumbag could conceivably sue Torres – who already announced that he was out looking for vigilante vengeance and Torres could get in trouble with the law, all for doing something anyone with guts would do for their family.


MMA Fighter and Iraq War Vet Foils Robbery With Rear Naked Choke [VIDEO]

(This despicable human cockfighting needs to stop.)

A schizophrenic man walks into a party store and tells the clerk he has a gun in his pocket and that he’ll use it if he doesn’t give him the money out of the register.

No, this isn’t the set-up to a corny joke, it’s what went down last Thursday in Grand Rapids, Michigan but that isn’t the remarkable part of the story; it’s what happened next that makes the robbery attempt much more interesting.

“I look at the cashier — I kind of know him, I come in there every day — I whispered to him, I mouthed to him, ‘Are you getting robbed right now?’ He said, ‘Yeah,’ like really scared,” recalls customer Zack Thome, an Army vet and current college student who also happened to be a trained MMA fighter.


Rest Easy Russian Citizens (and Andrei Arlovski), Vyacheslav Datsik’s Prison Sentence Was Just Extended Six More Months

(Heil SpongeBob!)

The next likely Soviet serial killer, Vyacheslav Datsik won’t be getting out of jail for at least six months, thanks to the foresight of a St. Petersburg appeals court who rejected the batshit crazy former fighter’s request for early release and house arrest.

According to a report from, officials believe that the Neo-Nazi Russian, who was the first of many fighters to knock out Andrei Arlovski, poses a major flight risk and that he will almost certainly resume his criminal activities if he is released. Datsik escaped incarceration from a St. Petersburg mental institution in 2010 and fled to Norway where he was arrested carrying a loaded handgun. Prior to his arrest, members of the white extremist group he belongs to told reporters that he told them he would never be taken alive, but later relented and turned himself into Oslo police, asking them for asylum. He was extradited back to his home country where he has been detained ever since.


It is Really Not the Time to Be a Career Thief

(Fuckin’ amateurs.) 

Props to CP reader Frndlylion for the find, which involves yet another criminal getting his comeuppance at the hands of a mixed martial artist. We’ve seen them get rubber-guarded by some 10th Planet boys in a hotel lobby, we’ve seen them get beat to hell by an unnamed UFC champ, and we’ve even seen them get chased down by a current UFC champ. The latest story comes to us from Davenport, Iowa, where a 23 year old local by the name of Justin Tincher not only thwarted a robbery attempt on his girlfriend’s car, but managed to chase down the robber, bare foot and shirtless, and pin him to the pavement until the police came. The QCTimes explains:

Bishop Thornton allegedly jiggled the handles of several locked cars in the 700 block of Franklin Avenue, Davenport, last weekend before he came to an unlocked one belonging to Justin Tincher’s girlfriend. The 2002 Ford Focus was parked in front of Tincher’s house.

When Tincher saw the attempted theft in progress, he bolted out of his house without socks, shoes or a shirt, chased Thornton down Franklin Avenue, tackled the 19-year-old East Moline man and had him pinned until police arrived.

Tincher, 23, is a former mixed martial arts fighter.

“I don’t take kindly to people messing with my house, my girlfriend or my family,” Tincher said last week while still recovering at home after the ordeal.

He claims Thornton punched and kicked him while he had the suspect pinned. He also claims Thornton bit him on the left side of his torso after police arrived. The bite mark still was visible Friday afternoon.


Oregon-Based 10th Planet-Trained MMA Fighters Foil Hotel Robbery

(Video courtesy of YouTube/Hollywood2NY)

A would-be thief picked the wrong hotel to rob last week.

According to the LA Times, 31-year-old Luis Rosales walked into a hotel in Los Angeles’ Koreatown around midnight on Wednesday and pointed a gun at the night manager, telling him to fill his duffle bag with cash. When the suspect attempted to flee the scene, the manager grabbed him in a bear hug and managed to keep him from reaching the gun which he had put back into the bag, and called for help from a pair of guests who had exited the elevator in the hotel lobby.

The men, who happened to be competitors in last weekend’s World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship in Long Beach, quickly sprang into action.


Lee Murray’s Right-Hand Man in Security Depot Heist Gets Eight More Years in Prison Than ‘Lightning’

(I can’t see why two GQ-looking guys stuck out in Morocco.)

The man who admitted to being former UFC fighter Lee Murray’s right-hand man in the Securitas depot robbery four years ago that netted "Lightning" and his team the equivalent of $85 million USD, was sentenced on Monday to 18 years behind bars for his part in the mega heist.

0-0-1 former MMA fighter Paul "The Enforcer" Allen, who was handed over to British authorities in 2008 after being arrested in Morocco with Murray in 2006 pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to possess a firearm and was sentenced to nearly double the years in jail as Lee, who was identified as the mastermind behind the spectacular robbery.

The well-planned out heist that saw Murray, disguised with a prosthetic nose and chin and dressed as a police officer kidnap the security depot’s manager and his family at gunpoint before cleaning out a number of vaults from the previously thought to be uncompromisable money storage depot.


Lee Murray’s Big Score

We’ve touched on Lee Murray’s Tito-stomping, depot-robbing exploits in the past, but ESPN dug a little deeper on Tuesday’s episode of E:60, presenting the full story of Murray’s journey from MMA fighter to legendary thief. Part one is above, part two is below; fist bump to MMA Mania.

Related: SI’s story on Murray going to film


Canadian Fighters Beaten, Tasered After MMA Event

(Former IFL fighter Claude Patrick: awake and relatively unscathed.)

It seems that the fighting didn’t stop with the final bell at Ottawa’s Freedom Fight this past weekend, as word of a taser-filled assault is spreading across the internet. The boys at Fightlinker (who attended the show, and whose whereabouts the time of the attack are currently unaccounted for) first mentioned the story yesterday.

Details about exactly who was tasered and beaten, by whom, and why, have all been sketchy. But Sherdog caught up with Canadian welterweight Claude Patrick, who was a victim of the assault. Unfortunately, because he was tasered into unconsciousness and then put into a medically-induced coma for twenty-four hours at the hospital, he doesn’t really know what happened either:

“All I know is that I walked into my friend Pete Rodley’s room to say goodnight and thanks for the show, and next thing I woke up in the hospital,” Patrick told Monday. “I’m assuming I got tased from behind. They said I got hit with a stun gun or a taser and that’s all she wrote.”


“Dude, I was hoping you were calling me to tell me what happened,” Patrick joked. “They kept me in an induced coma for 24 hours and I just got up today. Actually, I thought today was Sunday.”