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The 6 Greatest Pick-Up Artists in MMA

Chicks dig fighters — even the ones who talk funny. But even with the natural advantages that come with muscles, scars, and fame, we’re still occasionally surprised by the lady-killing ability of some mixed martial artists. Of all the MMA PUA‘s, these six are the most accomplished…

Dean Lister Flavia Mazoni Brazilian model MMA
Dean Lister Flavia Mazoni photos gallery MMA model Milena Roucka Dean Lister WWE UFC MMA photos Milena Roucka Rosa Mendes WWE UFC MMA photos photos gallery
Notable conquests:
WWE star Milena Roucka (aka ‘Rosa Mendes’), model Flavia Mazoni
Notes: ‘The Boogeyman’ is semi-retired from the sport these days, choosing instead to spend his time training hopeless cases. But in his prime, Dean Lister was just as notable for his ability to attract exotic beauties as he was for his in-cage exploits. Grappling ability plus a cartoonishly strong-looking jawline is a combination that women can’t resist, apparently.

Matt Hamill bikini model Wendy Foster girlfriend photos
Wendy Foster model Hooters bikini girl Matt Hamill Matt Hamill former fiance UFC MMA photos Brittany Houck Matt Hamill's ex fiance MMA UFC gallery
Notable conquests:
Bikini model Wendy Foster, a super-hot former fiance named Brittany, an old girlfriend that was apparently down for whatever.
Notes: Snagging a Hooters Girl of the Year would be an accomplishment for any man. But to do it without the use of one of your five senses? Bro, that’s legendary. (Then again, deafness is probably an asset when you’re pretending to be interested in your girlfriend’s stories.) Matt Hamill’s ex-fiance, a bartender from upstate New York, was just as hot, and of course there were those rumors of Hamill’s partner-swappin’ lifestyle with a freaky old flame. Respect the Hammer.


Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club: The Sweetest Bitch You’ll Ever Meet

(After Nate Diaz has sex with a guy, he will rip their heads off. Props:

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Bellator XXXIII Recap: Did He Just Say the Best in the World? (LOLZ)

(Skip to 1:19 for the money shot.)

By ReX “Keep Fear Alive” Richardson

Let’s say that you were in Philadelphia last night, perhaps wandering around looking for the Philadelphia Doll Museum. Maybe you heard that Pagano’s had better cheesesteak than any of those South Philly stands, or you wanted to check out the (allegedly) wild party scene at Temple University. Well, while you were standing there shoving a pound of cheap steak, fried onions, and Cheez Whiz in your face, you might have heard a dull roaring noise coming from the Liacouras Center. That was the sound of Bellator XXXIII. Maybe you forgot with all the excitement around UFC 121 this weekend, but Bellator’s third entertaining season is ending, and they are going out shooting, son.

Erstwhile welterweight champ Lyman Good returned after a sixteen month injury layoff to defend the strap against Ben Askren, rising star Rick Hawn made his debut, and local boy Eddie Alvarez took on a legitimate super fight against Roger “The White Knight” Huerta. If you just facepalmed because you forgot to set your DVR, relax; I got this. Follow me in after the jump, and I’ll recap the televised fights and possibly crack some jokes. Keep in mind that I make no guarantees of quality, but if you don’t read on, you’ll probably hate yourself when the cool kids in the cafeteria start talking about it. Keep it in mind.


Roger Huerta Says It’ll ‘Kill His Career’ If He Loses to Eddie Alvarez

(You think Huerta’s had it rough over the last couple years, imagine how this guy feels. PicProps: ImageShack)

It’s hard not to feel a little bit bad for Bellator this month. Here the upstart promotion is about to stage the biggest fight of its short history when Roger Huerta takes on Eddie Alvarez next Thursday and it seems like nobody even cares. Part of that is just sheer bad luck, what with Brock Lesnar and his magnificent new beard gobbling up the headlines prior to his title defense against Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 two days later. Some of it has to be thrown at Bellator’s feet too, since this bout would certainly be garnering some more attention if it weren’t a weirdo nontitle affair. Then there’s Huerta who, after losing three of his last four, is putting waaay too much pressure on himself this week. 

“I feel like if Eddie wins, he ends up killing my career,” Huerta told Sherdog Radio on Monday. “I can’t take another loss. This is really personal for me. This is my life.”


Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club

Arianny Celeste UFC 118 ring girl
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Roger Huerta to Appear on TMZ Live at 1:30pm PT to Talk About What Really Happened in Texas Street Fight

(TMZ? Roger wasn’t kidding when he said he was goin’ Hollywood.)

Bellator lightweight Roger Huerta will finally break his silence about what really happened in the Texas street fight he had with former Texas Longhorns linebacker Rashad Bobino.

Interestingly, though, he has chosen to do it on gossip site, TMZ, rather than via one of the many MMA news sites that have undoubtedly been clamouring to get  a statement from "El Matador" about the incident.

Hopefully TMZ gets to the bottom of what happened when the camera panned away from the fight and whether or not Huerta was the guy who stomped Bobino as he lay sprawled out on the ground.

I wonder if they’ll discuss anything of substance, like say, his upcoming Bellator fight with Eddie Alvarez in October or if they’ll ask him about Snooki and Octomom.

The segment airs live on at 1:30pm PT.


Meet the Douchebag Roger Huerta [Allegedly] Knocked Out

“That’s who we are. If you don’t want it, don’t come out there. If you don’t want to be hit, don’t step on the field. When we step on the field, you’re going to be hit, and we’re going to hit you hard.” – Rashad Bobino possibly addressing his football opponents OR women who might go to a club he frequents called "The Field."

Remember in high school how great it was when a little guy who was fed up with being picked on went berserk on a much bigger bully and kicked his ass like Ralphie Parker did to Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story?

When Ralphie is former UFC lightweight contender Roger Huerta and Scut is a 240-pound former Texas Longhorn linebacker who sucker punched a woman in the face from behind, it ‘s no surprise that everyone is on the side of the little guy once again.


Did TMZ Mislead Everyone with the Roger Huerta Streetfight Video and Story?

(Unless Huerta had plastic surgery recently, this isn’t him, which means he may not be the guy who TMZ says ‘can be seen finishing his attack on the other man … who is sprawled out on the street.’")

MMA journalists are accused all the time of being "TMZ-like" reporters — sensationalistic rumor-mongers who report on stories devoid of any real facts. Calling  a reporter that is just as bad as saying "you have no integrity and have no right to be in your chosen profession."

Rarely does the match that lit the flame of a story we helped fan into a blazing, fast-spreading inferno get traced back to the source of that most detested disparaging monicker, but when it does, although it isn’t surprising considering the source, it makes you look long and hard at your own journalistic practices.


Video: Asshole Sucker-Punches Girl Outside of Club, Gets Curb-Stomped by Roger Huerta

Roger Huerta Street Fight – Watch more Funny Videos
(Video courtesy of

As if he wasn’t already worshipped by enough women, Roger Huerta increased his hero points this weekend by stomping the crap out of some worthless coward who sucker punched a girl outside of a bar in Austin. Check out the video above and you will see…

0:04: The sucker punch in question. Watch as the perp just strolls away like a total bitch.

0:16: Former UFC lightweight contender Roger Huerta comes by. He’s not happy with what he’s just witnessed, and wants to regulate.


Bellator 17 Recap: 2 Hulks, 1 Squash Match, an Upset, and Forty-Five Submission Attempts

(The end of the Alvarez/Neer fight, via

By DL “Tank Abbot” Richardson

Some of Bellator’s biggest names were on the card last night at the Citi Performing Arts Center, for the first-ever major MMA show in Boston. Two semi-final matchups for the lightweight tourney were on tap, plus a 160-pound SuperFight between Eddie Alvarez and Josh Neer, and a heavyweight exhibition featuring one of Brock Lesnar‘s training dummies partners. But not everything went as planned. A full rundown of Bellator 17 is after the jump. Prepare yourselves — some crazy shit went down…