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Heads Up: Bellator Returns Tonight With Ben Askren, Toby Imada, and More

(Just look at how much fun Jeremy Shockey and Mickey Rourke had last week, then try and tell us you don’t want to be a part of that.)

It’s another Thursday night in April, which means everyone’s favorite tournament-based MMA promotion is back in action.  Bellator XIV is coming to us from the historic Chicago Theatre tonight, featuring a welterweight tournament bout between Olympic wrestler Ben Askren and Ryan Thomas, as well as a lightweight scrap between inverted triangle choker Toby Imada and James Krause, and a featherweight bout between Wilson Reis and Shad Lierley.  The TV portion of the card kicks off at 7 pm local time and airs live-ish, depending on where you live, on Fox Sports Net, so check your local schedule for details.

While you wait, why not check out last week’s fight between Roger Huerta and Chad Hinton after the jump.


Exclusive: Bellator XIII Post-Fight Interviews

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney on the Philosophy of the Tournament St – Watch more Funny Videos

Here are some more exclusive videos shot last night in Hollywood, Florida, by our contributor Justin Fielder, who was able to get some time with all of the notable faces and names following Bellator XIII. First up, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney discusses how his league’s tournament format allows fighters to control their own destiny more than the traditional "matchmaking" format of most MMA promotions and boxing. He also tells us about the significance of Bellator’s superfights, and how they’ll fit into future shows.

Bellator 13 – Joe Warren – Post-Fight - Watch more Funny Videos

Joe Warren says he’s not happy with his performance against Eric Marriott, and runs down the scary submission attempts he had to survive en route to a unanimous decision victory. He also explains the differences between Japanese crowds and their louder, drunker American counterparts.

Lots more after the jump…


Unlikely Friends Alert: Roger Huerta, Jeremy Shockey, and Mickey Rourke Are Boys For Life

(An epic after-party in the making. Pictures courtesy of Tom Hill Photos.)

If you missed last night’s Bellator event you not only lost out on the chance to see some great fights, but you also missed seeing one of the best MMA cheering sections of all time. Super Bowl champion tight end Jeremy Shockey and Oscar-nominated actor Mickey Rourke were cageside in Hollywood, Florida on Thursday night to support their friend Roger Huerta, who defeated a surprisingly game Chad Hinton via third-round submission. As you’d expect, Rourke showed up looking like your ne’er-do-well uncle who lives in a motel on the edge of the town, and Shockey seemed either really enthusiastic or maybe just a little drunk, but they were both there to support their friend in his new venture and we think that’s nice.

Sure, maybe the trio seems a little odd, but also pretty awesome. Rourke and Huerta became friends when “The Wrestler” star offered to help him hone his acting skills. And Shockey? Well, Shockey knows a good time when he sees one. Missing the chance to hang out at weird after-hours clubs with Rourke and Huerta is the kind of thing you’d hate yourself for when you’re wasting away in your rocking chair decades from now.

Seeing this kind of support section cageside at an event should really serve as a notice to other fighters that they need to improve the overall quality and strangeness of their entourages. There was a time when having David Spade there to cheer you on was enough. After last night, unless you’ve got Peter O’Toole sitting next to Hideki Matsui, you’re a nobody.


Bellator XIII Quick Results…

(End of the Quach/Karakhanyan match. Props:
…are after the jump, for you spoiler-haters.


Exclusive: Bellator 13 Pre-Fight Interviews, Featuring Roger Huerta, Joe Warren + More

Roger Huerta – Bellator 13 press conference interview – Watch more Funny Videos

Bellator Fighting Championships returns tonight at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, featuring quarterfinal action in their new lightweight and featherweight tournaments. Sixteen fighters hit the scales yesterday, and our new friend Justin Fielder was on hand at the weigh-ins to ask the headliners some probing questions. Above, former UFC star Roger Huerta tells us why he chose to sign with Bellator, gives his thoughts on his unnervingly jacked opponent Chad Hinton, and talks about his globe-trotting training camp for this fight. (Apologies for the picture quality, it was dark in there.)

After the jump…

Joe Warren tries out some new nicknames, scoffs at his opponent Eric Marriott’s plan to keep the fight standing, and discusses why he loves the tournament format.
– 38-year-old family man Chad Hinton tells us what it means to him to get an opportunity to fight a big name like Roger Huerta.
– Lightweight tourney participant and Greg Jackson product Carey Vanier, who faces Joe Duarte tonight, runs down his journey from Best Buy manager to full-time fighter.

Check your local listings to see when FOX Sports Net is showing Bellator 13 in your ‘hood. Though it’s supposed to be broadcast live starting at 8 p.m. ET, the event is being tape-delayed in New York due to a goddamned Islanders/Penguins game, unfortunately. If you miss it, be sure to watch out for the Bellator highlight shows this Saturday night on NBC and Telemundo.


Videos: Bellator Season 2 Lightweight Tournament Preview


Bellator’s long-awaited second season kicks off this Thursday in Hollywood, Florida, featuring Roger Huerta‘s promotional debut against undefeated Cincinnati native Chad Hinton, and Joe Warren‘s debut against Eric Marriott. To promote the tournament series, Bellator has put together preview shows for each of their four weight classes, which originally aired on Fox Sports Network, but have also been made available on YouTube. The lightweight tourney preview covers such participants as Huerta, Toby Imada, Ferrid Kheder, and Mike Ricci, as well as the reigning champion Eddie Alvarez; part one is above, parts two and three are after the jump. To see the featherweight, welterweight, and middleweight episodes, go here.


Roger Huerta Signs On to Compete in Bellator’s Lightweight Tourney, Acting World Responds By Asking, ‘Who?’

(Not to criticize Bellator’s matchmaking, but we haven’t seen a first round tournament draw this easy since Wandelei Silva’s Pride days.)

Since his acting career didn’t quite pan out like he expected and his relationship with the UFC was still somewhat frosty, Roger Huerta has opted to go in a new direction and announced today that he’d be competing in Bellator’s upcoming 155-pound tournament. The first round kicks off on April 8, but there’s no word yet on who Huerta will face. If he wins his first fight he then moves on to fight in May, and a victory there puts him in the finals in June. That’s a busy schedule for a guy who fought just twice in the last two years, but according to Huerta that’s part of what drew him to Bellator in the first place:

"The main thing for me was I wanted to fight constantly," he said. "Since I was out so long, this is the best way for me to fight constantly and it’s up to me to continue to fight. It’s going to be grueling. I’ll fight in April, then on to May and June. But I want to continue to fight. I went from fighting five times in one year in ’07, then once in ’08 and ’09. Now I can fight four times in 2010."

Huerta insists that he’s coming back “with a chip on my shoulder” and is fully focused on MMA these days. His joint-grinding loss against Gray Maynard proved that toughness is never an issue, and we don’t want to sound like a clingy girlfriend here, but is “El Matador” ready to make a serious commitment to this sport? If not, the Bellator tournament’s grueling schedule will probably find him out.


The Tekken Movie Trailer Succeeds in Making Us Want to Play the Tekken Video Game

(At least the costume designer can still dream of an Oscar.)

Our friends at Screen Junkies have the trailer for the upcoming "Tekken" movie that stole both Roger Huerta and Cung Le away from the MMA world for a little while.  If the movie’s anything like the trailer, it’s not going to be as entertaining as playing Tekken for ninety-two minutes would be, but that’s to be expected.  At least we get a glimpse of Huerta’s acting chops when he shouts, ‘This is Iron Fist!’ at the 0:12 mark.  It’s probably unfair to judge his entire performance by how stitled and unconvincing that one line is, but let’s just say we’re not surprised that he wants to come back to fighting.

The boys at SJ point out that "Tekken" is directed by the same guy who did "Halloween 4" and "Anacondas," and written by the same guy who penned such works as "Spawn" and "The Marine."  You add in a couple of real fighters who returned to the sport to take beatings after filming this joint, along with the guy who played Jim Brown in "The Express" in the role of Raven, and you got yourself a can’t-miss blockbuster. 


Welcome to Bizarro World: With Rampage Out, Huerta Wants Back In

(‘Okay, final offer. You take me back in the UFC and I’ll give you this hat that I made out of a sofa. Going once…’)

Before he burns any bridges with the UFC, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson might want to take a look at the cautionary tale of Roger Huerta.  After losing what was supposed to be his last match in the UFC before running off to a land of riches and pain-free adulation in Hollywood, Huerta now says he might like to stick around and see where this fighting thing takes him.  And what caused this tremendous shift from the guy who signed a development deal with Lion’s Gate Films and has been very vocal about his displeasure with the UFC in the past?  From the sound of it, this acting plum isn’t quite as sweet as Huerta thought it would be:

“I’m still open to acting,” said Huerta. “Hopefully we get something going with that, but I’m not going to prioritize (acting) now. I’ll still prioritize fighting. If the UFC wants me back, I’d be willing to go back. …We started looking at the things we were going to do with Lion’s Gate.  We’ve looked over some roles, but nothing that I’ve wanted to sink my teeth into (yet).”

Translation: I thought doing this one cheesy role in a video game movie would lead to gigs where I co-starred with Scarlett Johansson and blew up helicopters, but instead all I got offered was a role opposite Vanessa Johansson in the sequel to “Shark in Venice.”


‘UFC Fight Night: Diaz vs. Guillard’ Live Results and Commentary

Gray Maynard Roger Huerta MMA UFC
("Listen, Gray, if you promise to stay away from my face, I think I can hook you up with a role in my next project. We’re doing a movie adaptation of ‘Big Buck Hunter.’ Should be hot." Photo courtesy of this set on CombatLifestyle.)

Spoiler alert: UFC Fight Night 19 is being broadcast on tape-delay in some parts of the country, so check your local listings before continuing if you want to keep your viewing experience pure. Now then, it’s time to see if weed-strength can overcome cocaine-quickness, and how Roger Huerta’s farewell performance will be received by the toughest critics of all — Gray Maynard’s fists. Live results await you after the jump; refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest, and let us know how you’re feelin’ in the comments section.