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UFC Fight Night 19 Video Hype: Huerta, Cantwell, Guillard

(Props: BadBoyMMA1)

Roger Huerta may have an ill-advised acting career to turn to after tomorrow night’s fight against Gray Maynard, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t training hard for his last stand in the Octagon. In the video profile above, Huerta implies that his previous loss to Kenny Florian at UFC 87 was the result of moving away from his dependable coaching duo of Dave Menne and Justin Hagen. He certainly seems focused — though you have to wonder if Huerta should be drilling nothing but his smother-defense at this point.


Gray Maynard Says He’s Not Deserving of a Title Shot Yet, But Warns “It’s Coming”

Gray Maynard

Next Wednesday Gray Maynard will try to help escort Roger Huerta out of the UFC at Spike TV’s Fight Night 19.  In talking with him for an feature this week, “The Bully” expressed an unwavering desire to stay out of whatever drama may be going on between Huerta and the UFC, but he also expects to put some of his newly-developed skills on display in hopes of getting MMA fans to finally stand up and take notice of him.

When we saw you in your last fight against Jim Miller, you seemed to have really improved your boxing skills, and that surprised some people.

Yeah, I got with a coach, Gil Martinez, who helped coach [Randy] Couture.  I’ve been with him for about a year and a half now.  When I was getting prepared for [Frankie] Edgar I knew I had to get it going.  I’ve been going with him pretty much every day.  He has a small gym and he has a bunch of kids who can really box.  I’ve been going over there and doing drills and training every day.  He’s a great coach.  I was able to do a little bit against Edgar, where that fight was about half stand-up.  It’s slow to develop.  It takes time.


UFC Fight Night 19: Diaz/Guillard Gets Top Billing Over Maynard/Huerta

Nate Diaz Melvin Guillard Roger Huerta Gray Maynard UFC Fight Night 19

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. We just received the above poster image in our inbox, in which Nate Diaz (who’s coming off back-to-back losses to Clay Guida and Joe Stevenson) and Melvin Guillard (cokehead) appear to be headlining the next UFC Fight Night card over top lightweight contender Gray Maynard and Roger Huerta, who used to be the UFC’s Great Brown Hope until he started talking out of turn. Of course, most fans are just going to be happy to see two great lightweight matchups on free TV, not realizing the passive aggressive jab of disrespect that’s going on here. (Honestly, I can’t wait to hear Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg’s spin on why Diaz vs. Guillard is main-event-worthy.) But hey, good luck to Nate — when was the last time a fighter was given a headlining slot and a "win or go home" match on the same night?

UFC Fight Night 19 will serve as a lead-in to the premiere of Kimbo’s House (aka TUF 10). Tickets to the event go on sale this week; the current lineup is after the jump.


Update: Roger Huerta to Spend His Last 15 Minutes in the UFC Being Smothered by Gray Maynard

Roger Huerta MMA UFC

Remember Roger Huerta? Mexican guy, lightweight, used to bang a lot of hot chicks? "El Matador," as he was known, hasn’t fought since a unanimous decision loss to Kenny Florian last August, due to a falling out with the UFC over a perceived lack of respect and a desire to pursue acting and modeling. (How’s that going, by the way?) Though a previous rumor that he was going to finish out his contract against Sean Sherk at UFC 97 turned out to be nothin’ but wind-piss, the word on the street now is that he’ll be facing undefeated lightweight contender Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 19 (September 16th, Oklahoma City).


Josh Barnett and Roger Huerta Don’t Know What the Hell Is Going On

Josh Barnett Japan wrestling MMA
(How can Josh be thinking about a fight with Fedor when his loss to Gunma Devil is still unavenged? Photos courtesy of

"I’ve heard nothing, I know nothing, I see nothing. What it comes down to is that I don’t have a bout agreement to fight anybody in particular. This is coming up on my third fight for Affliction, with the logical idea that it would lead up to [a fight with Emelianenko]. But as it sits, I’m sitting on my last fight and I’m just waiting for an opponent to show themselves. Whoever is available, I’ll take them, but I know the fans are really hot to see me fight Fedor. It just hasn’t been put together." — Josh Barnett on Inside MMA, discussing his uncertain future. The persistent rumor of Affliction’s third show going up against UFC 100 would seem even more ill-advised if it isn’t even headlined by Emelianenko vs. Barnett.

"To be honest I’m just waiting… for the UFC to give me a phone call and I’m able to fight my last fight. I’m just kind of waiting on that."— Roger Huerta on Inside MMA, discussing his own uncertain future. After declining to renew his UFC contract in January in order to pursue a career in acting and modeling, Huerta turned down a fight against Joe Stevenson at UFC 95 in February and hasn’t exactly been on the UFC’s speed-dial since then. Huerta has one fight remaining on his current contract, which runs through December.


Rumor: Roger Huerta to Spend His Last 15 Minutes in the UFC Being Smothered by Sean Sherk

Roger Huerta UFC MMA Clay Guida
(Note to Muscle Shark: Watch out for hail-Mary flying knees in the third round. Props to CombatLifestyle.)

So says MMAWeekly’s blog MMAInsider:

MMAInsider has learned from several sources close to former UFC lightweight champ Sean Sherk that a meeting with fellow Minnesotan Roger Huerta is possible for UFC 97 in Montreal, Canada [on April 18th].
Huerta recently elected not to sign a contract extension with the UFC, deciding instead to focus on recent opportunities in acting and modeling. He has reportedly signed a three-film development deal with Lions Gate Films, and is working on a book about his life.
A meeting with Sherk would be the last fight on Huerta’s current contract.

If Sherk chooses to keep the fight standing and show off the improved striking that we saw in his decision win over Tyson Griffin at UFC 90, this might actually be a good match. I’m just worried that Dana White will hand him an envelope of cash and say "make this little punk look bad," causing Sherk to spend all three rounds working his lay-and-pray. Just like Tito Ortiz’s last fight against Lyoto Machida, the UFC may not want to send off their departing star with a big win. They’re kind of vindictive like that.


Huerta Turns Down UFC Contract Extension to Pursue Acting and Modeling

Roger Huerta MMA UFC Orion speakers
(Who could forget Roger’s haunting performance as Edward Wooferhands? Image courtesy of Orion Car Audio.)

Shocking news from Sherdog: UFC lightweight star Roger Huerta has turned down a five-fight contract extension in order to pursue a career in acting and modeling. "El Matador" has one more fight on his current contract, which he plans to fulfill sometime this year, and may eventually return to the UFC. But for the time being, his interests lie elsewhere:

“I saw that you have to dedicate as much as you do to training for a fight as you do for an acting role and I’m intrigued by that. I’m 25 years old. I see Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture and they didn’t really hit their primes till their thirties. I’m only going to be young so long and I know that movies and agencies and what not want the young look…
Pursuing the modeling and acting thing, that’s kind of where I’m at right now. The fighting will always be there. I’ll always have that in me. The truth is I’ve been fighting my whole life for everything, and this to me, is something else.”

Roger Huerta Inks New UFC Contract

(Top of the freakin’ world.)

Good news, Roger Huerta fans.  “El Matador” is out of the doghouse and back in good graces with the UFC, having just signed a new five-fight contract.  MMA Weekly reports that Huerta signed the deal on Monday, so hopefully this means he can start appearing on broadcasts once again and Dana White will stop spitting on the floor every time his name is mentioned.  That just doesn’t go over at all when he’s hanging at Fiddy Cent’s crib.

In case you’ve already forgotten and moved on with your life, Huerta was on the outs with the UFC back in August when he aired some grievances to our friend Neal Taflinger at Fight! Magazine, complaining about his per diem during PR tours and later asking for ridiculous sums of money to resign.  Then he lost to Kenny Florian and saw himself becoming persona non grata with the UFC, and since then we haven’t really heard much from him at all.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past year or so about the way the UFC does business, it’s that fences can be mended as easily as they are destroyed if only you agree to do everything they want.  At least it means Huerta is sticking around.  Sorry, Bellator Fighting Championships


Leonard Garcia Advises Huerta to Shut the Hell Up

(A man who knows the value of the right to remain silent.)

Perhaps you’ve noticed that ever since he opened his yap to complain about the UFC and money to Fight! Magazine, Roger Huerta has practically disappeared. He lost his faux-number one contender bout to Kenny Florian at UFC 87, and subsequent rebroadcasts of that event on Spike TV have had that bout removed altogether. It’s enough to make you wonder, did Roger Huerta really exist, or did we all just imagine him?

Okay, I checked on the internet and he really does exist, he’s just vanished from the UFC’s PR radar after taking his gripes public. Former foe and current WEC fighter Leonard Garcia tells MMA Rated that Huerta has no one but himself to blame:

“I think everybody writes their own ticket,” Garcia said. “The only thing I can say is don’t ever start to believe what people say about you. That’s the number one thing for me. The simple fact of the matter is that we are getting paid to do what we love. Don’t go out there and try to reach for the stars too soon.


Roger Huerta’s Official Freeze-Out Begins

Roger Huerta Orion speakers UFC MMA
(As if this wasn’t humiliating enough.)

Did anybody watch the replay of UFC 87 on Spike last night? If you did, you might have noticed there was something missing. As the eternally vigilant Mike C. at MMAEruption explains:

The fight between Roger Huerta and Kenny Florian. Weird, huh? That was the third most-hyped fight at the event, and it does not make it onto the broadcast over stuff like Maia/Mcdonald and McFedries/Massenzio, the latter of which was actually from Ultimate Fight Night 15!

[N]othing pisses [Dana White] off more than when his fighters talk about money in public. And if you recall, shortly before UFC 87, Roger Huerta was interviewed by Fight! magazine, complaining quite a bit about the UFC’s compensation policies and his contract. Plus, if we look back at the original UFC 87 broadcast, Roger’s post-fight interview wasn’t broadcast. And now, the match between Roger and Kenny doesn’t even make it onto the replay? True, the fight wasn’t exactly the barn burner it was expected to be, but come on! Kenny and Roger are big names for the UFC.

So we can stick the proverbial fork in Roger Huerta, because he’s done. He is about to get the Andrei Arlovski treatment. Expect Roger’s next fight to be on the undercard of an Ultimate Fight Night against a wrestler that will hold him down and make him look bad for three rounds.

UFC 87′s three headlining fights (Huerta/Florian, Lesnar/Herring, GSP/Fitch) all went to decision, and while that may have created some time constraints for Spike, you can’t see this as anything but an intentional insult for Huerta — especially when his match is replaced by some random bout from an Ultimate Fight Night. We’ll keep you updated on when/where Huerta’s next match will be, but it’s looking like he’s being made an example of right now. Cold-blooded, bro…