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UFC Roundup: Sherk, GSP/Serra II, Dana & More

Not many earth-shattering stories coming out of the MMA world this afternoon, but here’s some UFC news that warrant mention.

-Remember when Sean Sherk’s steroid suspension was reduced by the California State Athletic Commission but not overturned? Well, the Muscle Shark had said he would never fight in California again because of their refusal to overturn the suspension. And according to MMA Weekly, he’s sticking to his chemically-enhanced guns: “There’s no reason for me to ever fight in California again. The way they treated my case and the way they handled everything was so unprofessional that there’s absolutely no way I’ll ever fight in the state of California again, unless they get rid of the entire commission and hire a whole new commission.” Call me crazy, but that’s not going to happen.

-Going along with our previous post about states that are behind the times in legalizing MMA, Dana White has guaranteed that the UFC will have events in both New York City and Boston in 2008. The Fight Network quotes Baldie: “I’m going to be as bold as to say I guarantee you either we’ll be in the Boston Garden or Madison Square Garden.” In New York, the sport is illegal every way you cut it. In Massachusetts, the Mass. Boxing Commission cannot oversee MMA, but shows can operate under promoters if he has the city’s permission. So, it’s technically not illegal. How many times have I justified my actions by saying that?

-MMA Junkie has a TAGG radio interview posted with Frankie Edgar. Edgar speaks about his upcoming UFC Fight Night 13 battle with Gray Maynard. Both fighters are undefeated and Edgar is expecting a battle. “I actually see this fight going everywhere. With both of our wrestling abilities, it could hit the ground real quick, or it could stay standing. I’m just expecting to have a fight that ends up in every position.”

-For you ladies and gents who were trying to get tickets to GSP/Serra II at UFC 83, we told you it was going to be tough. Now, it’s going to be even harder. The UFC has announced that the tickets are no more and it is the fastest to sell out in the UFC’s history.

-And props to BloodyElbow for linking to Evan Tanner’s journal which has pics and details about his training for his fight with Yushin Okami at UFC 82.