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Strikeforce Will Take That Boxing Champ If You’re Not Gonna Use Him

(Hey look, Roy Jones Jr. set his Wikipedia page to music! Props to Sagiv Lapkin)

The UFC might be where the finest mixed martial artists in the world compete, but Strikeforce is cool with their role as the wild-ass cousin who just brings the ruckus. Since they signed their new Showtime contract, Coker and Co. have dispensed with silly limitations like weight classes (see: Diaz/Shamrock, Lawler/Shields, Diaz/Smith, all at unconventional catchweights), and they’re the only major American fight club currently featuring women’s MMA. Plus, unlike Dana "Crabbypants" White, they don’t think putting a legendary boxer against an MMA fighter is below them or bad for the sport. As GracieFighter.com informs us: