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The Boxing/MMA Blender

(It was either this or a dude wearing underwear from a GIS for “boxer”.)

— Roy Jones, Jr. has spoken out again about Dana White’s expected block of the proposed boxing match between Jones and Anderson Silva. Jones was on Sherdog’s “Beatdown” recently and discussed his side of the Silva vs. Jones, Jr. boxing match-that’ll-never-happen debacle. As mentioned by BloodyElbow, “selfish” and “cheat” were words tossed around by Jones when talking about Dana and the UFC’s block. At this point, it’s beating a dead horse — the fight isn’t going to happen, Dana will always be a cock, and Anderson Silva would have lost in a boxing match against Roy Jones, Jr. Let this be the last of this talk, please.

— Chicago native Terry Martin was dropped from the UFC recently for sucking ass in the organization. So now he’s decided to try his hand at boxing. Martin will fight Ricardo Upchurch this Friday in a cruiserweight match — aka, 190 lbs, not that pesky 185 he had trouble with in the UFC. Here’s what Martin had to say about the move to the Chicago Sun-Times:

“Boxing was my first love…I started in mixed martial arts after wrestling in college at Northern Illinois University.

“It was a logical progression, but I’ve always had boxing in the back of my mind to get back to. Now’s a good time to get back to boxing, my training and sparring have been very good and I have no problem making weight. At this point I’m more excited about boxing than I am in MMA.’”

The fighter is not forever turning his back on MMA, though — according to his grappling coach, via BloodyElbow:

“I have been the grappling/MMA coach for Terry Martin for the last 2 and a half years. Terry wants everybody to know that he is training full time in MMA getting ready for his May 17th fight in Newcastle England against THE CROW and that boxing is only a way for him to stay active .His goal is to win a few fights outside the UFC and return to compete for the 185 lb title.

To compete for the 185 lb. title, huh? Well, let’s not go crazy here. Sure, some boxing experience would be good for Martin, but challenging Anderson Silva is…well, a death wish, right?

— And finally, David Haye, the current WBA, WBC, and WBO World Cruiserweight title holder, is considering a move to MMA. He’s the undisputed cruiserweight champ and is planning a move to the heavyweight division. Then, it might be onto MMA.

As told to The Southwark News:

“I’d probably have to train for a year and try and make that fight because I definitely feel that my reactions are good enough – and if I can get my ground game to a reasonable level… Obviously, I’m not going to be able to catch up with these guys who have been doing jiu-jitsu their whole lives.

“Believe it or not, I come from a martial arts background, my father was a karate teacher, so I’ve got good legs. I’ve done judo, so I know what I’m doing. I train at a gym called the Third Space in Piccadilly which has a jiu-jitsu dojo and I get in there from time to time and have a roll around with the guys. They tell me I’m at a decent level, if I put some focus into it and put some time and effort into it… I’m a natural athlete, I can do anything that I want to do and I think that it would be definitely worth my while getting in to do it.”

“I used to fight in the street, I used to be a street fighter, so I’m not a traditional boxer, I’ve done martial arts since the age of three. I might surprise a few people with my ground game.”

The “Hayemaker” is reportedly a big fan of MMA, but we’ve heard this kind of chatter from boxers before, so the jury is still out.


Silva vs. Jones, Jr. Talks Confirmed

So this thing might actually happen. Seriously. That is if NBCSports can be believed. Then again, some writers over there have been trying to sell me on buying some lunar property — which I would if the plumbing wasn’t so shitty. Anyway, back to what I was saying. We promised we’d keep tabs on this and now NBCSports is reporting that boxing great Roy Jones, Jr. and Anderson Silva’s people are “actively engaging in talks” for the two fighters to duke it out in the boxing ring. the PR director for Don King Productions, Alan Hopper, confirmed the negotiations.

Check it:

“Roy likes the idea and is up for it,” Hopper said. “It’s being discussed. Roy will only agree if the match takes place under the rules of boxing, and UFC would have to clear Silva’s participation.”

Ah, that little “UFC clearing Silva’s participation” thing will almost certainly derail this. If Anderson Silva gets pissed enough when the UFC refuses to let him do it, maybe he’ll go the way of Tito and Randy Couture. I hate to mention such a thing, but if history serves as a guide…

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Boxing’s yawn-inducing stretch in the last decade and MMA’s many dimensions is why I haven’t dropped a dime on boxing pay-per-view events since before Monica “did not have sexual relations” with Bill. And let’s face it, Anderson Silva will likely lose. It’d be a big money-maker for both fighters and I’d probably still watch it, but I also don’t want this sort of thing setting a precedent. Next think you know, Tank Abbott will be challenging Big Sven, the German beer drinking champion, to a beer-off. Actually, Tank would probably win that one.


Scoops: Roy Jones Vs. The Spider, EliteXC’s CBS Date & More

Not a giant parade-style announcement, but the reported date for the EliteXC’s first event on CBS is May 31st. Ads are supposed to begin during tomorrow’s coverage of the NCAA basketball tournament (go Big Blue, by the way).

And now for some more news from the afternoon:

— Anderson Silva recently stated he wanted a new challenge — specifically to box mega-star Roy Jones, Jr. Jones has now addressed Silva’s goal to take him on outside the MMA world. The former boxing champ was interviewed about his next fight and “Spider” Silva’s name came up. From MMAFightline:

“The trip was great. The fans over there seemed highly interested in having me go over there to showcase my talents and put on a show with him. They know if I’m there it’s guaranteed to be a good show. Right now I’m also hearing that this guy Silva is really talking about fighting me in a boxing match and I think that’s bigger than Beyer. If he comes up again, I mean he got on his website that he wants Roy Jones Jr, if he’s serious that might mean more to me than going to Germany and fighting Beyer. In Germany I know I’m going to knock Beyer out because that’s the way I have to win over there. But with Silva, I know I can outbox him and be good. It would be smarter for me to fight I don’t know his first name, but Silva first and then Beyer or the winner of Bernard and Calzaghe.”

We’ll monitor this one closely and keep ya’ posted if it looks like this thing might actually happen.

— Although he sometimes sounds like a moron, Bill Goldberg’s latest “Toe-to-Toe” is below for your viewing pleasure. This enstallment features Frank Shamrock and Cung Le training for their March 29th fight. We learn that Cung Le employs some kind of witchcraft smoke remedy to help his muscles recover, and am I crazy or does Frank Shamrock occasionally exhibit the same kind of manic energy as this dude? Check it out: