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Video: Watch Eddie Bravo Put On a Rubber Guard Clinic Against Takeya Mizugaki

(Video courtesy of YouTube/NoGiGrappling)

If you’ve ever wondered how 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo would do against a UFC fighter on the mats, your wait is over.

The video above should quell a few of the naysayers who hypothesize that Eddie’s guard-centric style is an ineffective one. He makes Takeya Mizugaki look like a blue belt during the six-minute roll and that’s no small feat considering the UFC bantamweight has only been submitted once in 23 fights.


Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie Rematch Set for September 25 at ADCC

(Video courtesy of YouTube/

A long-awaited rematch of the 2003 Abu Dhabi Combat Club tournament bout between Eddie Bravo, 40, and Royler Gracie, 45, has been confirmed for September 25. The match will be contested at a 165-pound catchweight under ADCC tournament rules.

The first time the pair met in São Paulo, Brazil, Bravo, who was then a brown belt under Jean-Jacques Machado at the time, shocked everyone, (including Gracie) by locking in a triangle and eliciting a tapout from the decorated black belt. The win earned Bravo, who has not competed since the tournament, the respect of the BJJ community as well as his black belt from Machado. He would go on to start his own style of no-gi jiu-jitsu known as the 10th Planet system, which is centered around the Rubber Guard.


Videos: Rampage and Wandy Talk Grudge Match, Frank Mir Drills His Jits

(Props: MMA Scraps)

Anybody else psyched that Jackson/Silva III is just eight days away? Sure, it could be a one-sided stomping like their first two matches, but their upcoming meeting at UFC 92 has serious heat behind it. It’s no made-up storyline — these guys genuinely dislike each other. In the ESPN clips above, Rampage says that Wanderlei was lucky in PRIDE, but he hasn’t looked lucky in a while. He wishes Silva a good Christmas, because he isn’t going to be too happy come New Year’s. Silva, for his part, is upset with all of Jackson’s Internet-hatin’, which he doesn’t consider "a man’s attitude."

After the jump, fellow UFC 92 competitor Frank Mir works on rubber-guard techniques with the very-excitable Eddie Bravo. If Mir manages to catch Big Nog with one of these subs next weekend, Joe Rogan will not be able to stop screaming.