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‘Good Evening Bitches’ Wins!


Congratulations Gavin Haughey — you’ve just won $500 in cash and $500 in Serious Pimp gear for creating the highest-voted t-shirt in our Serious Pimp design contest. Gavin’s design, known as “Good Evening Bitches” (above), edged out Ray Thorsky’s “Manuscript” piece by just 16 votes. We’ll keep you updated on how the dude spends his money. Our suggestion? Convert that shit into singles and make it rain!

Unrelated: There’s a new poll on the homepage — take it.


Reminder! Serious Pimp Contest Voting Ends Tonight!



If you haven’t thrown in a vote for our Serious Pimp t-shirt design contest yet, please go here to give the finalists a look and then make your pick on the homepage poll; you might just make one CagePotato reader five hundred bucks happier. Voting ends at the stroke of midnight ET, so hurry your ho-ass up and get to it. Much respect to everyone who entered — the winner will be announced tomorrow.


Serious Pimp Contest Finalists — Revealed!

Oh yeah! To those of you who wrote in asking “What the crap happened to that Serious Pimp t-shirt design contest?”, well, perfection takes longer. But the wait is over, and Serious Pimp has chosen four finalists out of all your lovely entries. Check ‘em out below and vote for your favorite one on our homepage poll. The poll will close next Thursday, March 13th at 11:59:59 p.m. ET, and we’ll announce the winner the next day. The design with the most votes scores the designer $500 in cash and $500 in Serious Pimp gear. Fist-bumps and bro-grabs to everyone who entered — y’all some talented mah’fuckas.

Click images for larger versions…


“Good Evening Bitches”

“Serious Lopez”

“Smoking Girl”


$1,000 Serious Pimp Design Contest: Deadline 2/19


We don’t just give away autographed books on CagePotato — a couple weeks ago, we announced the CagePotato/Serious Pimp t-shirt design contest, and entries are rolling in. Thus, we’ll finally establish an official deadline…Tuesday, February 19th. Get re-acquainted with the details here, put together a baller-chic t-shirt design (or three), and send ‘em to We’ll put up the best designs shortly after the deadline, and the Potato Nation can vote on who gets the cash and gear. Got it? Good. Now please spread the word to any artistically-minded fight fans you know who enjoy The Ultimate Fighter and Project Runway in equal measures.


CagePotato Contest — Design a T-Shirt for Serious Pimp and Win $1,000!

(The “OG Durag” shirt, available for only 20 bones.)

Attention CagePotato readers with artistic ability and a strong pimp-hand: We’ve teamed up with badass MMA outfitter Serious Pimp for a contest that could add some thickness to your bankroll.

Serious Pimp is looking for their next hot-to-death t-shirt design, and they need your help. Go here and here to check out some of their work and get a feel for the West Coast hustler vibe. Then, all you have to do is design a t-shirt slick enough to bear the Serious Pimp label. Slap it together on photoshop, draw it freehand and scan it — do whatever it is you do, and then e-mail the final product (with your name and contact info, obvi) to

Five finalists will be chosen, and then you — the readers of this fantastic website — will get to vote on a winner, who will take home $500 in cash and $500 in Serious Pimp gear. Since the brand sponsors such MMA A-listers as Quinton Jackson, Dan Henderson, Royce Gracie, Ed Herman, and Rob McCullough (among many, many others), you never know whose back your design might end up on. So stop being an out-of-pocket ho’ and get pimpin’!

UPDATE: Deadline for entries is Tuesday, February 19th. Feel free to submit more than one design.

(The “Labeled Insane Cross” shirt. Flying angel skeletons!)