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Rampage Jackson Could Be The Impetus Behind Zuffa Implementing Mandatory Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

(Video courtesy of YouTube/MMAHeat)

I’ve worked for several major corporations who mandated that their employees sit through mind-numbing lectures and videos detailing what comments and suggestive behavior constitute sexual harassment. There’s a thin line between what are regarded as harmless remarks like, “I like your dress,” or, “Nice haircut,” and what’s considered lewd.

I remember one video in particular that stands out. According to the, “sexual harassment expert” in the film, sexually suggestive comments and innuendos don’t become harassment until a set boundary between the two parties has been crossed. For example, when a woman tells a man that she doesn’t appreciate him making remarks about how her jeans fit or what he’d like to do to her, it becomes harassment when he makes them again.

If you look back at Quinton Jackson’s history of dry-humping and sniffing the behinds of female reporters, it’s not surprising that he told MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant following his UFC 130 win over Matt Hamill Saturday night that he wanted to “motorboat” her and that she better get away from him before he “humps” her like he has other women interviewers like our own Heather Nichols.


Was a Sexual Harassment Scandal Behind Armando Garcia’s CSAC Resignation?

Armando Garcia CSAC MMA
(Apparently he exposed himself to the guy on the right. Just kidding. Photo courtesy of

On Sunday, MMA Weekly broke the news that Armando Garcia — the often-controversial Executive Director of the California State Athletic Commission — will resign from his post at a public commission meeting on November 18th; an interim Executive Officer will be appointed at the meeting, and an executive search committee will be formed to secure a permanent replacement. Fightlinker immediately began rejoicing the departure of the man who allowed an HIV positive fighter to fight, re-licensed MMA scumbag Mike Kyle, completely mishandled Sean Sherk’s steroid appeal, suspended Nick Diaz for marijuana use without testing him for marijuana use, constantly pulled fighters from shows at the last minute, and a litany of other offenses. But judging from the mysterious final line of the MMA Weekly report (“Garcia declined comment on his departure, but said he would share his side of the story soon”), we had a feeling that even more shameful deeds might come out in the wash.

So if the constant administrative fiascos weren’t enough to get Garcia fired, what was? Michael Swann of 15 Rounds now reports that the forced-resignation is a result of some good old American sexual harassment, with a little unethical business behavior thrown in on the side. First, the sex stuff: