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Fitness Motivation: 21 Photos of Sexy Women Holding Dumbbells

(Shannon Ihrke, shot by Fitness Gurls. Check out the full gallery after the jump.)

This week’s batch of fitness motivation photos focuses on the humble dumbbell — the training equipment of choice for sexy ladies staring pensively off into the distance. Check out the photos below for our 21 favorite examples of girls using free weights, with special appearances by Paige Hathaway, Jamie Eason, and Eva Andressa. Enjoy, and click here for more inspiration…


Fitness Motivation: 18 Photos of Sexy Women Stretching

(Gina Carano: Keepin’ it limber. / Photo via UnderArmour)

Well, it’s a slow news day (so far), and you know what that means — it’s time for your virtual personal trainers at to inspire you towards you health goals with another batch of fitness motivation photos. This time, our focus is on girls stretching. Take a look at 18 relevant examples in the gallery after the jump, and remember: Never stretch a cold muscle. #fitnesspotato


Fitness Motivation: 21 Photos of Sexy Ladies Lifting Kettlebells

Chapter four in our 25-part series on Fitness Motivation photos focuses on kettlebells — the heavy things with the handles that collect dust at gyms across the country. Specifically, we’ll be looking at hot girls lifting kettlebells, because hey, it’s CagePotato.

Whether you’re looking to sculpt the perfect beach body or look like a Russian bear-man, kettlebell exercises are great way to strengthen your core. So without further ado, check out our favorite photos of kettlebell babes in the gallery after the jump, and shoot us your suggestions for future Fitness Motivation galleries in the comments.


Fitness Motivation: 16 Photos of Sexy Women Doing Squats

(Jen Selter: Real booty, no gimmicks.)

Squats: You don’t get dat ass without ‘em. Our latest inspirational fitness tribute (LOL!) focuses on girls squatting like Ryan Gosling is behind them. Check out the full photo gallery after the jump, and share your own squatting tips with us in the comments section, on twitter, or on Snapchat at cagepotatomma.

Coming up on Fitness Motivation: Sexy Women Flexing Their Bare Backs (working title)


Fitness Motivation: 14 Photos of Sexy Women Swinging Ropes

(Photo via @feliceherrig. Full gallery is after the jump.)

As I predicted, Tuesday’s “Sexy Women Flipping Tires” gallery — as dumb as it was — wound up generating way more pageviews than anything else we posted this week, which means that these Fitness Motivation photo galleries are here to stay. You only have yourselves to blame.

Today’s gallery was inspired by MMA fighter Felice Herrig, and focuses on sexy women swinging ropes (aka battle ropes, combat ropes). Check out the photos below, and if you have any suggestions for the next Fitness Motivation gallery, drop ‘em in the comments. At this point, “sexy women doing squats” is a strong front-runner.


Fitness Motivation: 14 Photos of Sexy Women Flipping Tires

I’ve become fascinated by the so-called “fitness motivation” Internet trend. Basically, these are photos of hard-bodied men and women working out — usually accompanied by inspirational quotes — with the apparent goal of motivating you to get off your computer/smartphone and get to the gym. I’m sure you have at least one annoying crossfitter friend who posts this kind of crap to tell the world that OMG they’re training for life you guys. But honestly, fitness motivation photos are just another Internet fetish, like feet, or whispering. What is this photo inspiring you to do, exactly?

So earlier today, right before the Chael news broke and I was looking for something to do, I decided to search Pinterest and Google for fitness motivation photos, and see if I could spot any trends. The first one that stuck out is that healthy women love to flip tires. Tire-flipping is a metaphor, actually. If you can flip a tire, you can flip anything. So here are some photos I found of sexy women flipping tires, as promised. Check ‘em out in the gallery after the jump, and stay tuned for more fitness motivation photo galleries, whether you like it or not.

I hope that “girls flipping tires” is an untapped Internet sub-fetish. I hope that thousands of people are searching for it daily. I hope…


CagePotato Photo Tribute: Hot Chicks Wearing MMA Gloves

MMA ring girl gloves model sexy hot photos gallery
(Special thanks to and

If you have a strange fetish for fingerless gloves, then buddy, today is your lucky day. After the jump, you’ll find 17 more photos of hot girls wearing four-ouncers. Enjoy…


Hot Potato: Kenda Perez Photos for UFC Magazine

Kenda Perez UFC magazine photos pictures scans aug/sept issue
(Click all for larger versions)
Kenda Perez UFC magazine scans photos MMA girls sexy Kenda Perez UFC magazine photo gallery scans pics best of pride host MMA girls Kenda Perez UFC magazine gallery photos best of pride wet t-shirt Kenda Perez UFC best of pride magazine photos aug/sept ring girls gallery

In a word: Niiiiiiiiiice. Foxy "Best of Pride" host Kenda Perez lent her talents to the Aug/Sept issue of UFC Magazine, which you can pick up on newsstands now. Follow Kenda on Twitter, and check out more great photos on her MySpace and Facebook pages.


Hot Potato: New Ali Sonoma Bikini Photos, Y’All

Ali Sonoma bikini pictures photos UFC ring girl sexy

Ali Sonoma underwear bedroom purple bra blonde model Ali Sonoma model UFC ring girl bikini beach Ali Sonoma sexy blonde model bikini ring girl gallery photos pics Ali Sonoma bikini beach model blonde photo gallery UFC ring girl

Ali Sonoma hasn’t been employed as a UFC ring girl since late 2007, but for some reason whenever this woman puts on a bikini, we still care deeply. MMA Fight Girls passes along a couple highlights from a recent GW Burns photo workshop that Ali participated in, which we’ve posted above along with a couple of recent additions to her ModelMayhem profile. Enjoy responsibly.

Ali Sonoma Will Do ‘Implied Nude’ for $325.95
Ali Sonoma is Also Willing to Show Off Some Skin


Ali Sonoma (born March 9, 1985) is a former UFC Octagon Girl who worked for the promotion from 2006-2007. Born in St. Louis, Ali began modeling at the age of 16, and landed her UFC ring girl spot after competing in a UFC Octagon Girl Search contest in 2006. During her time with the UFC, she dated fighter Diego Sanchez. Ali Sonoma was a contestant on ABC’s The Mole following her exit from the UFC. She currently lives in Miami, where she continues to model profesisonally. She has been featured in Maxim, Muscle & Fitness, and Playboy, among other magazines.

Check out these other hot UFC ring girls…
Arianny Celeste
Chandella Powell
Edith Larente


Photo Gallery: Arianny Celeste May 2010 Maxim Magazine Scans

Arianny Celeste Maxim 2010 photos gallery scans UFC ring girl
Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 scans photos gallery UFC ring girl cover Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girl underwear sexy ass Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girl topless boobs Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girl

Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girls sexy Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girls sexy Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girl sexy bikini Arianny Celeste Maxim May 2010 photo gallery magazine scans UFC ring girl sexy topless

As you probably already know, your favorite UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste has struck a blow for freedom by scoring the cover of the May 2010 issue of Maxim, on newsstands now. Check out her magazine shoot above; for more amazing photos of Arianny that didn’t make it into the issue for some reason, click here.