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Disgusting Injury of the Day: Justin Salas Got His Foot Tore Up Fighting Rob Emerson Saturday Night

(Someone’s gonna need some Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles. PicProps Brawlin’ Fight Fotos.)

You would assume that in the year 2011, with all of the slip-related injuries that have occured over the years that were attributed to the silk screened graphics on the mat, that athletic commissions would address the issue and come up with alternative means of printing ads on the canvas.

If you don’t think that the issue needs to be discussed, ask Nate Marquardt and Shane Carwin‘s training partner Justin Salas (10-3), who fought UFC veteran Rob Emerson for the lightweight title at Full Force Fight’s event in Colorado Saturday night if it’s a problem.


Shane Carwin Talks Recovery, His Next Fight and Possibly Training With Fedor

(Video courtesy of Comcast Sportsnet)

Shane Carwin appeared on Comcast Sportsnet’s Fight Fix recently to expound on the tidbit revealed by Fedor Emelianenko during the Strikeforce conference call last week that he was planning on training with the former UFC interim heavyweight champ in the near future. According to Carwin, his management reached out to the former PRIDE heavyweight champion to try to set up a pairing between the heavyweight superpowers.
Carwin explained that besides the obvious, the reason why he instigated talks with The Last Emperor’s camp were Fedor’s humility, faith in God and family values.

As far as his recovery from his neck injury, Carwin says that he is on track to get off the bench for a planned main event bout in June at UFC 131, but says that no opponent has been named as of the time of the interview. 

Hopefully if he does ever end up training with Fedor for the bout, he records it so we can see how he fares.


Report: Dos Santos to Fight for UFC Interim Heavyweight Strap; The Question is, Will it Be Against Lesnar or Carwin?

("Blackhouse Brazilian Iced Tea? Those foolish MMA fans will buy anything.")

While on Larry Pepe’s Pro MMA Radio show yesterday, Yahoo! Sports MMA writer Kevin Iole threw out a crumb likely fed to him by Dana White that Junior Dos Santos will not sit around waiting for UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez to heal from his torn rotator cuff, but will instead face a yet-to-be-named opponent for the UFC’s popular interim heavyweight strap.

"[Dos Santos] is going to fight for an interim title. They just have to find a contender to fight him. So for that one, I don’t think he should have to wait because he was going to fight for a championship. The UFC will declare the winner of Dos Santos versus "X" the interim champion, so it is his championship fight. He will go down in history if he wins that fight; even if he loses subsequently to Cain on the way back, he’ll be known as a former UFC heavyweight champion, just like Frank Mir’s second reign," Iole explained. "When Shane Carwin beat Mir he became the interim champion, so there were guys that even though the belt was out, they were still recognized as a champion. I think that situation is very simple. Dos Santos should fight, he will fight, they’ll find a heavyweight contender he’ll fight for the interim championship while Cain heals and that will be that. Just like [the runner up in the] Miss America [pageant], he’ll assume the duties [of the champion] while the champion is healing."


What If the UFC Held a Heavyweight Tournament?

(Somehow we see this tournament going down before Strikeforce’s HW GP.)

With the current buzz surrounding the recently announced Strikeforce 2011 heavyweight grand prix, we figured we’d take a look at what kind of tournament the UFC could put on if they were so inclined.

Contrary to popular opinion, the calibre of the UFC’s HW GP would be just as good, if not better than Strikeforce’s. The only noticeable difference is that there really wouldn’t be any mismatches in Zuffa’s heavyweightpalooza.

Even if Joe Silva decided not to put the matches together that we hypothesized in order to save some of the more anticipated pairings for the sem-final and final rounds, shuffling the card around would not cause a great disparity in the calibre of opponents.


Shane Carwin Gets ‘Unfollowed’ by the UFC, Requests Scott Coker’s Phone Number

Shane Carwin Twitter UFC
(Image courtesy of via BloodyElbow)

Following his loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 116, Shane Carwin‘s online persona seemed to change from "strong, silent type," to "loose cannon who will shout down everybody from fans to MMA blogs to his own employers." And while we’re not going to criticize a fighter for letting their personality hang out a little more, we will offer this one bit of advice: Be careful, bro.

Last month, Carwin publicly blasted the UFC for banning GOOD4U drinks as a UFC sponsor. Last night, he vented more anger via Twitter after apparently being "blocked" by the UFC’s official account. And then, he asked (jokingly, we hope) for Scott Coker’s number, which is not the kind of joke that Dana White would find amusing.

Carwin is far too valuable to be straight-up fired for his attitude, Duffee-style. But after these Twitter-outbursts, the recent steroid accusations, and his unwillingness to do media appearances leading up to the Lesnar fight, he can’t be the UFC’s favorite person right now. So please, Shane, stop self-sabotaging. And if Pinkberry offers gift baskets, make sure there’s one on Dana’s desk by tomorrow morning.

Update: Don’t worry, the UFC has unblocked Shane.


Whoops: Reports Say Roy Nelson Actually Under Contract to Somebody Else

("Read it? No, I *signed* it. We’re dealing with fight promoters here, I assumed they were on the level." Props:

Well, this is embarrassing: As it turns out, UFC heavyweight contender Roy Nelson is allegedly still under contract to another fighting organization and has been during his entire UFC career, including three previous fights in the Octagon as well as his run to the championship of “The Ultimate Fighter” season 10. According to multiple internet reports, Nelson perhaps didn’t read all the fine print in the deal he signed with Roy Jones Jr.’s Square Ring, Inc., prior to his questionble decision loss to Jeff Monson in March, 2009. Now UFC President Dana White says “Big Country” will be on the shelf until the matter is resolved.     

See, this is what happens when fighters don’t have lawyers. Obviously, Nelson should’ve known his own contractual status but instead of just blaming the big guy, let’s be honest: This can only be considered a fuck-up of colossal proportions on the part UFC’s massive and notoriously aggressive legal team. It’s hard to fathom how they missed this, especially since legal documents obtained by The Fight Lawyer allege that UFC Vice President Marc Ratner knew about Nelson’s contract with Square Ring. Fortunately for Zuffa, The Fight Lawyer also assumes the company will just end up billing Nelson for any losses it incurs while sorting this mess out. Man, must be nice.


Still Mum on Steroids, Carwin has Successful Surgery in Hopes of Spring 2011 Return

(Now seems like as good a time as any to start talking. PicProps:

Though his agent said doctors didn’t know the full extent of Shane Carwin’s injuries until after he went under the knife in Colorado this week, the surgery to repair “neck, back and nerve problems” on the UFC heavyweight contender was reportedly successful. The big guy will be able to get back to contact training in 8-12 weeks and is hoping to return to action in the Octagon sometime during the Spring of 2011, according to an story out on Thursday.

"It went as good as it could have, but it was worse than we thought it was, if that makes sense …,” said Carwin agent Jason Genet. “The doctor said he was surprised Shane could compete with the damage as it was, but with the surgery, there’s no reason he won’t be able to fight and possibly even perform at a higher level. Once Shane gets back into the motions, we think it’ll be relatively quick for him to get into fighting shape. He’s not a guy who has a lot of ring rust."

Let us say without a hint of sarcasm or snark that this is great news. After Carwin had to pull out of his UFC 125 fight with Roy Nelson many of us media types were worried how extensive surgery might affect the 35-year-old, 265-plus pounder. It’s good to hear such a positive prognosis. Now, let’s address the issue everyone has been thinking about whenever we read anything about Carwin during the last few months: When can we expect the statement he promised us on that whole steroid thing?


Round 5 to Release Four New MMA Figures That Look Very Little Like Their Real Life Counterparts

(Okay, Nate Diaz is somewhat recognizable other than the fact that he’s as big as Carwin, but the others aren’t even close.)

If your only job was to create plastic facsimiles of MMA fighters for the action figure company you worked for, you’d think you might want to do it with at least *some* accuracy.

I’m guilty of owning a vintage Ken Shamrock WWF and a handful of Zakks Pacific figures that I bought spruce up my office a bit, but I’ve never seen a Round 5 model that I’ve had the desire to purchase.

They just seem like the design team is just phoning them in. The fact that they advertise them with a photo of the real fighter in the background which doesn’t even look a little bit like the toy version is somewhat odd.


Shane Carwin Bows Out of UFC 125 Bout With Roy Nelson Due to Nagging Back Injury

(Carwin in less painful times, leading the crowd in a spirited rendition of "YMCA.")

UFC heavyweight contender Shane Carwin announced today via his website that he will be puling out of his planned UFC 125 bout on January 1 against Roy Nelson to rehab a nagging back injury that could require surgery.

Here’s what Carwin had to say about the situation:

"I am going to pull out of the fight with Roy Nelson. As many of you know I have been having some back pain. I had an MRI yesterday and I have some damage that may really require surgery. If the doctors do not have to perform surgery then I will be out 8-12 weeks. If they do have to perform surgery I do not know how long I will be out of action.

Shane Carwin vs. Roy Nelson Official for UFC 125 on New Years Day in Las Vegas

Ending weeks of speculation about who and when he will fight next, former UFC number one heavyweight contender, Shane Carwin revealed in a blog post on his website today that he will face Roy "Big Country" Nelson at UFC 125 January 1 in Las Vegas.

“I will be fighting Roy Nelson on 1-1-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fight will be the Co-Main Event of the Edgar Maynard rematch. I think Roy is a tough opponent for anyone. He has been in several main event situations and has fought a lot of veterans in the sport," Carwin wrote today. "I am honored to be fighting again and feel like Roy is a worth opponent. My goal for the fight is to be exciting and go home with the win. I have a lot to prove as does Roy so this should make for a great fight.”