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Knockout of the Day: Sheila Bird Sleeps Christina Barry in Just 11 Seconds at AFC 12

(Put her in a body bag! No seriously, could someone please dispose of that corpse as quickly as possible? I’m starting to feel queasy.) 

No, that is not a screenshot from The Ring, that is the aftermath of the last time we saw Sheila Bird compete in this thing we call MMA. It took place back in July of 2011 against Kim Couture, and using the combination of a leg scissor choke and some of the worst referee negligence this side of Marius Zaromskis vs. Andrey Koreshkov, Bird not only came away with the win, but provided one photographer with the opportunity to stare into the fleeting remnants of Couture’s soul before she stole it. It was the first documented case of Shang Tsunging in WMMA history.

What are we going on about? Well, Ms. Bird stepped back into the octagon last weekend, and although the end result was nearly as horrific for her victim this time out, it was equally as decisive. Bird needed just 11 seconds to pack Christina Barry’s lunch and jam it down her throat brown bag and all at AFC 12 on Friday, so head after the jump to check out the brutal finish.


Kim Couture Was Under an Indefinite NJSACB Medical Suspension When She Fought Saturday

(Someone was jealous of the attention her fighter friend was getting…Unfortunately she didn’t realize it had nothing to do with fighting.)

Well Kim Couture’s fight Saturday night just got even more controversial.

According to a report by MMAJunkie, representatives from both the Association of Boxing Commissions and the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board say that Couture shouldn’t have been allowed to fight by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission as she still has not been cleared from an indefinite suspension levied by an NJSACB physician after her unanimous decision loss to Munah Holland at Ring of Combat 32 in Atlantic City in October.


Video Evidence: Worst. Referee. Ever.

On a slow Sunday, we’ll often loosen the strict criteria we normally use to separate the wheat from the chaff. A short list of some of the “freakish” things that will often make their way to the site once we’ve lowered our usually-high standards: Kim Couture getting beat up; video of a rarely seen submission; a failure of referring so severe that it would make Cecil Peoples blush. Today, however, you won’t have to settle on any one of those things. Behold, we bring you all three in one incredible video.

Kim Couture took on Sheila Bird in the “co-main event” of Friday night’s AX Combat 1 card. Few punches were thrown and even fewer landed in the opening minute of the bout before Bird attempted to throw Couture from the clinch. It’s not clear if the throw was ill-performed or if Kim has been working on her Judo, but either way they end up on the ground with Sheila in guard and Kim working for a triangle. Bird worked her way to north-south where she rained down multiple heavy hammerfists en route to locking in a leg scissor choke. This choke was in deep from the onset, and Kim had hardly any time or ability to work for an escape before passing out. Although this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this choke in MMA, it still seems more at home in a professional wrestling match. Perhaps also feeling nostalgic for the WWF’s heyday, the official for this bout–Len Cloivisto–does his best impression of a pro wrestling referee.