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Video Evidence: Drew Fickett Chokes (in a Good Way) at Shine Fights LW Tourney

(Fickett vs. Prater in the final. Props for all vids: YouTube/ZombieProphet MMA)

It took Drew Fickett all of seven minutes, 38 seconds of actual fighting to cut a swath through the Shine Fights lightweight tournament on Friday night. Three fights, three choke-out victories for the Arizona fighter now apparently billing himself as “The Night Rider.” By comparison, Carlo Prater – Fickett’s opponent in the final – had already lost a three-round split decision, then won a two-round majority scorecard verdict by the time they met up in the evening’s last bout. Can’t blame Prater for looking a little bit “over it” by the time he and Fickett locked horns, in light of that.

After the jump, check out Fickett’s road to the final, including his ugly arm-in guillotine on Charles “Kid Kaos” Bennett. Seriously guys, just pick a nickname and stick with it …


Friday’s SHINE Fights Tournament is an All Around Mess

(The "1" represents the % chance that the event will actually go down)

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this one coming.

SHINE Fight Promotions’ planned Friday night lightweight tournament is looking less and less likely to happen by the day.

Forget the fact that the event was moved less than two weeks out from its original location of the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia to a Native-owned and operated casino on a reservation in Oklahoma, what is likely to cause the show’s kibosh is the fact that there is no commission to oversee the event, which means it is essentially non-sanctioned or underground event.


Shine Fights Promoters Planning Another Event That Likely Won’t Happen

(Maybe they should change their name to "Unlikely Fights.")

I’m not sure why Shine Fights keep trying to put together these long shot cards after their last event got scrapped, but the promoters are apparently a stubborn lot as they are planning a one-night lightweight tournament for September 10 at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

According to a report from fiveouncesofpain, the winner of the tournament, which will feature a cast of notable fighters including Guillaume DeLorenzi, Marcus Aurelio, Drew Fickett, Richard Crunkilton, Carlo Prater and Charles "Krazy Horse" "Kid Kaos" Bennett, will take home a $50,000 purse.


Exclusive: Ron Foster Sheds Light on the Cancellation of ‘Mayorga vs. Thomas’

Ron Foster Shine Fights matchmaker

By CagePotato contributor Dallas Winston

"Worlds Collide" was shaping up to be Shine Fights’ most high-profile and successful event to date — but it turned into every promoter’s worst nightmare. First, a legal injunction courtesy of Don King put the kibosh on the historic main event between Ricardo Mayorga and Din Thomas. Then, the event was canceled altogether by the North Carolina Athletic Commission when certain fighter safeguards were deemed insufficient. In the end, both fans and fighters were left demanding answers.

Though it was initially reported that Shine’s matchmaker Ron Foster would be resigning from the organization after the fiasco, that may no longer be the case. We caught up with Foster to get his take on exactly what went wrong with Worlds Collide, his current standing with the company, and how he’s been responding to the criticism.

Note: Keep in mind that Foster is only speaking from his position as matchmaker for Shine Fights, and his statements shouldn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Shine Fights as a whole.

CAGEPOTATO.COM: Let’s start with Don King. Many feel that the contractual issues that were upheld by the judge should have been foreseen and fully addressed by Shine before the main event was even advertised. What can you tell me about Shine’s response to the injunction before it was upheld? Did you feel you were fully protected by your legal team, or did you know that there was a risk his legal endeavors could jeopardize the main event?

RON FOSTER: Before we moved forward with the Mayorga thing, Shine did have lawyer look over everything to see if, legally, the fight was able to take place. A lot of money and time was put into Mayorga to get this fight to happen. I’m not so sure that [Shine Fights CEO] Devin [Price] would have taken the risk if he thought it would bite us in the butt at the end.

As far as the legal team, of course they thought it was a slam dunk on Shine’s part. But unfortunately, this time it didn’t work out in our favor. Court is like blackjack — you just never know what you are going to get.

CP: Since Mayorga was announced as a Shine acquisition way back in the 3rd quarter of 2009, there has also been a lot of speculation about the timing of the incident, and theories that Mr. King may have strategically put the legal process in motion with a timetable that would leave Shine with no time to react or find a replacement. Do you have any opinions or insight on that?

RF: I think that this was 100 percent personal. Don King is a piece of shit and has screwed people over for a living. As far as the replacement, there is no way we could have replaced Mayorga in this fight. Even if we had more time, it would have been better to just drop the fight.


Shine Fights Would Have Canceled Mayorga vs. Thomas Even Without Don King’s Meddling

(Nick Thompson, Rick Hawn, and a bunch of angry fans react to the last-minute cancellation of "Worlds Collide." But hey, they came all that way, so they might as well hit up the concession stands. Props: RealTimeMMA)

After Shine Fights’ "Worlds Collide" event fell apart this weekend, we all assumed it was a direct result of the injunction that wretched, slimy, reptilian motherfucker Don King filed in order to block the participation of headliner Ricardo Mayorga, who King had under a previous fight contract. But it turns out that the cancellation actually had to little to do with King’s interference with the main event, and the general mismanagement of the promotion has led Shine Fights matchmaker Ron Foster to resign. MMA Weekly has the gory details:

"There were concerns about fighter safety and well being, that’s why the fight was canceled," said [North Carolina Boxing Authority Superintendent Terrence] Merriweather on Monday. "What we’re talking about specifically is failing to have a doctor at the event, at the time for the fighters to be seen before the fights had started."

Pike and Merriweather confirmed that in North Carolina it’s the responsibility of the promotion to provide the doctor, and one was not on scene for the fights on Saturday. A financial problem arose as well, as the members of the Boxing Authority explained…

Breaking (Slowly): Thomas Says He’s Still Fighting Mayorga, King May Take Order to PPV Providers

Ricardo Mayorga
(Honestly, is this the face of a man who wouldn’t carefully read his contract before signing it?)

Final Final Update: Now the entire Shine Fights event has been canceled. Jesus.

Final Update: Mayorga is officially out and Ninja Rua vs. David Heath has been promoted to the main event, MMA reporter Karyn Bryant says. So that’s that.

This Shine Fights story looks like it’s going to drag out all day and the updates are flying fast and furious. As of this afternoon, the company is still adamant that embattled boxer Ricardo Mayorga will make his MMA debut against Din Thomas at tonight’s "Worlds Collide" pay-per-view event, despite a judge’s orders that he not.

For what it’s worth, Thomas is reportedly telling MMA scribes he’s been informed that he’s still fighting Mayorga and will continue preparing accordingly.

Further developments allege that Don King Productions may take its fight straight to PPV providers and basically dare them to air the program in the face of the legal order.


*UPDATED* Reminder: MMA’s Other Batshit-Crazy Boxer (Maybe) Debuts Tonight

Ricardo Mayorga
(After talking it over with Art Jimmerson, Ricardo Mayorga opts for a very traditional game plan against Din Thomas. PicProps:

UPDATE:’s Josh Gross reports via Twitter that a judge actually did rule in favor of Don King Productions on Saturday, but further updates indicate Shine Fights might say "damn the man" and move forward with Ricardo Mayorga vs. Din Thomas anyway. More as it develops …

Lest James Toney get too comfortable in his standing as mixed martial arts’ resident crazy-mouthed pugilist, former boxing champ and all-around maniac Ricardo Mayorga also makes his MMA debut tonight. Or at least we think he will.

Mayorga, who is best known for his public beer drinking, cigarette smoking and across-the-board not-giving-a-fuck, is slated to face Din Thomas in the independent Shine Fights promotion in Fayetteville, NC. The company remains steadfast that the show – available on PPV for a mere $29.95, if you’re interested – will go on despite some last-minute legal wrangling by Don King. The hirsute boxing promoter was seeking granted an injunction this week to stop Mayorga from appearing, claiming it would violate King’s exclusive contract with the fighter. As of this moment that request – which sounds suspiciously like legalese for: "Break me off a piece, homie," – has not been granted.


Jeff Monson to Struggle For Relevance Against Dave Herman

(‘Look guys, no one’s saying "Some Girls" wasn’t one hell of an album. But if we’re talking about the Stones at their absolute best, there’s no way we can not talk about "Beggars Banquet." Pepper spray me if you want, but I’ll be the guy singing "Factory Girl" all the way to the station.’)

MMA’s hardest working anarchist is showing no signs of slowing down in 2010.  Coming off a split decision victory in Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 16, Jeff Monson‘s next challenge will likely come at Shine Fights 3, where he’ll face pathetic mustache owner Dave "Pee Wee" Herman, according to The Rumble.  Despite a year full of legal troubles ranging from a graffiti-related arrest to assault on a grandfather clock, Monson still managed to fight five times in 2009 in a globetrotting effort that took him to Northern Ireland, Japan, and Mexico City, among other exotic locales, like Pensacola, Florida.

Herman is 3-0 since his only career loss to Mu Bae Choi in a Sengoku event last January.  Despite his impressive record and a little bit of hype after his time in EliteXC and Sengoku, he has yet to face really difficult competition.  Sure, he knocked out MMA old-timers Don Frye and Ron Waterman before smashing Jim York, but none of that proves very much at all these days.  A fight with Monson, who’s known as much for being a terror on the mat as he is for his contradictory tattoos (come on, an anarchy symbol and a hammer and sickle? you gotta chose one failed ideology and stick with it, Jeff), so this may be a good chance for us to find out whether Herman is for real. 

The fight is expected to be added to a card already featuring "Ninja" Rua vs. Falaniko Vitale, though no date or location has been pinned down just yet.  Who knows, maybe it will happen in your hometown.  Or the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  Either seems equally likely, while only one has a can’t-miss gimmick to it.