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On This Day in MMA History: Tim Sylvia Shits His Way Into Our Hearts (and Permanent LOLBanks) at Fight Night 3

Not taking anything away from Assuerio, he’s a tough dude, obviously. I hit him a couple of times and couldn’t finish him. I was really sick for the fight. I got really sick Saturday and had problems holding my innards. When I was warming up, I had a few problems, and I actually had a few problems in the ring when I was fighting.

I don’t know what it was. It got really cold when we were outside working out and stuff, going back and forth from the room. I caught something, and I just couldn’t hold in my number twos… If you look at the fight you’ll see that when my shorts came down, you’ll see the wet mark in my underwear.

That’s former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia, discussing the infamous night in which he shat himself during his main event bout with Assuerio Silva at Fight Night 3 on January 16, 2006 — eight years ago today. It was an incident that has become the subject of a joke or two over the years here at CagePotato, and one that has also become all the more relevant in light of last night’s Fight Night 35, wherein Yoel Romero allegedly suffered a similar intestinal malfunction during his fight with Derek Brunson (although Romero will tell you that the much-speculated stain on his shorts was the result of water and sweat). 30rockeyeroll.gif

Of course, Fatty Boom-Boom wasn’t the first fighter to suffer a case of the squirts (no, not that kind) in an MMA fight. Hell, he wasn’t even the first to admit to committing the act in the UFC. That honor goes to…


Week in Review: Tragedies and Triumphs


— MMA got its own extremely shitty version of The Karate Kid.
— Gina Carano got into character.
— Ryan Gracie died the way he lived: bizarrely.
We counted down some fights that were over before they started.
Everyone and their father was talking smack.
Jon Koppenhaver and Jens Pulver made out like bandits.
— Goodbye teams, hello camps!
— Ali Sonoma ditched her loser fiancee.
“Co-promotion” is not in the UFC’s vocabulary.
— That dude who’s playing a “genetically enhanced super-soldier” blew out his knee.
— We looked at some scary, bloody, crazy, sexy pictures.

If you happen to celebrate Jesus’s birthday, CagePotato would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Check back Monday for our list of the eight greatest fights that never happened, and then Wednesday as we slowly recover from our eggnog hangovers.