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The Fourteen Ugliest Walkout Shirts in MMA

Yes, it’s ugly, trashy and tasteless to include Arianny on this list. Just like this t-shirt. Props:

MMA fighters aren’t exactly known for their fashion sense. So it should come as little surprise that most MMA t-shirt companies produce some pretty questionable designs. The rampant abuse of foil print, skulls, chains, tribal designs and nautical stars among most MMA t-shirts is bad enough on its own; even worse when you consider that they sell for thirty bucks a pop.

Which I guess makes it all the worse when a fighter makes his way to the cage covered in an “athletic fit” Old-English mess. Not only is the shirt revolting, but it’s going to sell for an outlandish sum of money, and be worn by every overweight Texas Roadhouse chef, milquetoast tech support geek and muscle-bound frat boy.

Perhaps the reason that we’ve never attempted an “Ugliest Walkout Shirts” post is because ranking these train wrecks is like ranking, well, actual train wrecks. No matter what order you place them in, you’re a total scumbag for attempting to rank a tragedy from most to least depressing. And besides, you’re clearly wrong about which one belongs at number three. For that reason, these will not be ranked, per se, but rather categorized. How you feel these shirts fall into place is up to you.

Let’s start with the most obvious category:


Video of the Day: Brian Stann Recalls the Scary Battle He Led His Platoon Through in Iraq That Won Him a Silver Star

(Marine Corps Captain Brian Stann receiving his Silver Star in March 2006 for bravery and leadership in battle following Operation Matador.)

If you haven’t heard Brian Stann recall his harrowing tale of his platoon’s six-day firefight in Iraq during Operation Matador, put aside a few minutes today and watch this.

I’m not sure why Brian gets as much flack as he does for being proud of his fellow Marines, but as he explains it, serving his country wasn’t a cakewalk and he says he constantly recalls the horrors he saw during his two tours in Iraq and that it aged him 15 years in the three-years he spent over there.


Don’t Worry, Guys: Silver Star Has Already Discontinued Their Nazi Shirt

Cly Guida Silver Star totenkopf nazi imagery t-shirt
nazi hat totenkopf
(Images via MiddleEasy)

A year after Zuffa banned Hoelzer Reich as a fighter sponsor due to their uncomfortably Nazi-ish t-shirt designs, another apparel company is under scrutiny for a potentially offensive symbol. As first spotted by WRESTLENOW on the UG, Clay Guida appeared in a recent Fight! Magazine video wearing a Silver Star shirt featuring a totenkopf. Translated to "skull of a dead man," the totenkopf symbol has been used in the German military since the Prussian army of the 18th century, but it is most closely associated with the Nazi SS – especially the particular version shown above, in which the totenkopf is shown in half-profile – and is currently favored by Neo-Nazis


TapouT, Silver Star Sold to Authentic Brands Group; Original Owners to Remain Involved

TapouT crew ring girl MMA Mask punkass skyscrape
(The best part about being filthy rich? You don’t have to share ring girls anymore. / Props: / R.I.P.: Charles Lewis)

After a 13-year run that saw TapouT go from a two-man operation — with founders Charles "Mask" Lewis and Dan "Punkass" Caldwell selling shirts out of the trunk of a car — to becoming the most powerful apparel and lifestyle brand in mixed martial arts, and then pressing on after Lewis’s tragic death, TapouT has finally reached the mythical "cash-out" stage of its existence. As first announced via press release yesterday, Authentic Brands Group has purchased TapouT, as well as its rival label Silver Star Casting Company, along with their subsidiary brands.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto, ABG was founded earlier this year by chairman/CEO Jamie Salter, who previously managed such big-name brands as Polaroid, the Sharper Image, and Linens ‘N Things while at Hilco Consumer Capital. Now, he’s betting big on MMA. In a article published today, Salter wouldn’t talk numbers, but he did talk about how excited he was about his new company’s first major acquisitions: