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CagePotato PSA: Our Photo Gallery Viewer Works in Chrome Now!

(I’ll have the Tiki-Burger: That’s three stripes of mustard between two artificial meat-patties. / Props: TheChive. Click photo for larger version.)

Hey guys! Inspired by all the constructive criticism you recently expressed about our photo gallery system, we finally fixed the bug that was preventing the damn thing from being compatible with Chrome. Bottom line: It works again, and Chrome users should test it out in the gallery below, which contains a handful of totally unrelated MMA photos. You may have to clear your cache before the fix takes effect. Thanks for your support, and as always, let us know how we can better serve you.

Related: Our mobile site works too! Use it right now! Seriously!


[UPDATED] Win a CagePotato Signature Shirt in the Return of the Caption Contest!

We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes, we’re so busy trying to report on the day-to-day happenings of the MMA world that we occasionally (re:often) lose sight of some of the benefits of being an MMA site that dabbles in everything from lowbrow to subpar comedy. Mainly, our ability to give out free shit to the funniest Taters trolling the comments sections (or the forums if they are really, really lonely).

That’s why we are proud to announce that, in honor of our mobile site finally being up and running, we will be bringing back the caption contests and comments of the week on a regular basis here at CagePotato, in the hopes that you guys will stop treating us like the goth kid with psoriasis at the MMA lunch table. Believe it or not, as sour as your opinions often are, we still enjoy hearing them, especially when they come in the form of a relentlessly dark or unnecessarily crass assessment of a candid photo.

Our newest caption contest awaits you after the jump, and we will be giving our signature “We Pull No Punches” shirts (pictures below) to the top three entries. So feel free to swing for the fences on this one as many times as your heart desires.

And today’s photo is…


CagePotato PSA: Our Mobile Site Works Again!

(Username: CAPS LOCK HAL, Password: 69arianny69)

We are pleased to announce that for the first time in like 16 months, there is absolutely nothing wrong with our mobile site. If you visit on your phone, you will see a clean, easy-to-navigate list of our most recent stories. Hyperlinks and embedded videos are functional. And you can even log in to post comments!

So if you’ve never used CagePotato’s mobile site before — or if you used it once and never came back because it was so shitty — please give it a chance the next time you have a free moment and let us know what you think. Props to the Break Media product team for making this happen.


CagePotato PSA: Visit Our ‘Main Event’ Page for All Your ‘UFC 140: Jones vs. Machida’ Needs

Heads up, Potato Nation. In honor of UFC 140: Jones vs. Machida (December 10th, Air Canada Centre, Toronto), we’ve launched a new page called Main Event, which will collect all our news, features, galleries, live coverage, and podcasts related to the event. You can check it out at, or just click the “Main Event” button up there at the top of our site, under the search bar. (If you don’t see it, try clearing your cache and reloading your browser. We promise it’s there.)

Keep your eye on the Main Event page over the next two weeks to stay updated on all the latest breaking news on UFC 140 as well as our always-insightful analysis. And thanks to Alienware for making this possible!


Party’s Over, Spammers and Trolls: Commenter Logins Returning This Evening

(A representative sample of CP’s commenters. You know, besides the women and that one ethnic-looking guy.)

Just a quick site update for the long-suffering members of the Potato Nation: After an aggravating week in which our comments section was overrun by Russian spam and trouble-makers posing as famous trolls that we banned a long time ago*, we’re happy to announce that the login function will be restored by this evening. We will update this post when everything is up and operational. In the meantime, please use these last hours of comment-section anarchy to post under whatever name you want, while including as many links to handbag websites as you possibly can. Thank you.

* I knew CAPS LOCK HAL. CAPS LOCK HAL was a friend of mine. Bro, you are no CAPS LOCK HAL.


Pardon Our Dust…

Prepare to Be Annoyed sign

Heads up: We’re switching our CMS over to Wordpress later today — the first in what will hopefully be a long line of improvements to the site — so you may see some weirdness or delays in posting through the rest of the week. Okay fine, you’ll definitely see that stuff. But stick with us, and we’ll make it worth your while. Thanks for your patience, and your continued support.