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MMA/Wrestling Body Slams In Football Are, Like, SO Hot Right Now

If you didn’t think that Canelo Alvarez’s multiple attempts to guillotine (and even kimura, at one point) Floyd Mayweather over the course of their 10 round throwdown last weekend was proof enough that MMA is slowly, perhaps even subconsciously trickling into mainstream sports, check these out.

Chances are you’ve seen or at least heard that more and more professional football players are taking up mixed martial arts by the day — either as a hobby or as a way of staying in shape in the offseason. As well they should; it’s a fantastic cardio workout, it increases one’s understanding of balance and leverage, etc. But perhaps the most interesting effect that MMA training (or MMA in general) is having on the world of football can be seen in the vicious slams that have punctuated the first two weeks of the 2013 NFL season.

Just look at the video above, for instance, in which New York Jets cornerback Ellis Lankster pulls off a b-e-a-utiful German suplex on Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Eric Page. And if you think that MMA/wrestling-style slam was an isolated incident, just check out the ones we’ve placed after the jump…


Wild Slam of the Day: Paul Gaffney Wins his Amateur Debut via Choke Toss

Brock Lesnar demonstrating proper choke toss technique. When performed correctly, the toss will vaporize at least three tables while the performer levitates to safety.

Ladies and gentlemen of, take note: If you want us to publish a video of one of your fights – especially if it’s your amateur debut – you have to break out something special. A walk-off knockout, a flying armbar, actually wearing someone’s user name on your shorts like we’ve been trying to get someone to do for over three years now; something that really makes you stand out from the crowd.

Of course, the easiest way to do this is to pull off a professional wrestling maneuver in an MMA fight, which is exactly what Team Link’s Paul Gaffney did against Tollison Lewis on Friday night. Just seventeen seconds into his amateur MMA debut, “Piglet” (seriously) realized that Lewis was heavily overmatched, and that this fight wouldn’t be lasting much longer. While the MMA purists among us would have just kept punching until the referee waived things off, Gaffney channeled the giants of professional wrestling on poor Tollison Lewis, earning one of the coolest slam knockouts on record and the right to call himself Piglet as much as he wants to without being made fun of.

Video of Gaffney’s slam is after the jump


By Popular Demand: Here’s That Sarah Kaufman Slam Vid

(Props: YouTube/Svtjeriphone)

Here at CagePotato: The Weekend we like to keep it fairly casual. You know, a hair-down kind of affair where we can all relax, have a couple of cocktails and unwind. That said, when we get an email from The Powers That Be politely, yet firmly asking us to post the video of Sarah Kaufman’s KO slam of Roxanne Modafferi from Friday night, we figure we best hop to it. So here above, for those of you who can’t afford Showtime (Seriously, you’re missing an awesome season of Nurse Jackie) or those of you don’t want to sit through the full fight, is the good part.


Cop at UFC 91 Body Slams Dude First, Asks Questions Later

Security Body Slams Jerk at UFC 91 – Watch more free videos

It just wouldn’t be a night at the fights if someone didn’t get all riled up and start their own action outside the Octagon.  What this guy doesn’t take into account, however, is that the cops at UFC 91 have been watching the same ass-kicking action all night long, and are now just as eager as he is to bash some skulls.  Maybe even a little too eager. 

The slam that comes at around the 0:27 mark may not be a model of technical execution, but it ends with our bewildered troublemaker on his back soaking up spilled beer and wondering how the cops at the MGM Grand got to be so agro, brah.  At least he waited until after the main event to get himself brutalized.


Videos: Double K.O., Iron Ring Slam K.O. + More

(Shaun Parker vs Tyler Bryan @ LFC 25. You can’t make this stuff up. Props to MMAScraps)

(From The Iron Ring: Some dude tries to secure an armbar and gets his head dribbled.)


Fight of the Day: Shintaro Ishiwatari vs. Kazuhiro Ito

From a Shooto event called “Shooting Disco 4: Born in the Fighting” (!!!), held on February 23rd. If you don’t have time to sit through all 137 seconds of this fight, just jump to the video’s 2:14 mark and brace yourself. Live by the leg-scissor choke, die by the leg-scissor choke. Great photo of the uncomfortable-looking moment of impact here

(Props: Bloody Elbow)


Tim Boetsch Riding the Slam Train to Gravy-Town

For all the debate over Steve Mazzagatti’s controversial point-deduction during UFC 81′s Lesnar/Mir fight, we’ve overlooked one other questionable reffing moment from “Breaking Point.” Watch the video above and count how many unanswered punches to the face Tim Boetsch gets in on David Heath — who doesn’t even have his hands up — before Herb Dean decides to come back from his cigarette break.

Of course, Boetsch himself can’t be faulted for laying down the fury. In fact the Pennsylvania-based light heavyweight, who filled in for Tomasz Drwal at UFC 81 on just 10 days notice, believes that his dramatic K.O. of Heath will earn him a return trip to the Octagon. As Boetsch told TAGG Radio:

“I haven’t heard anything as of yet. But just from the response from the fans and everybody that saw it, I think they’re going to have a hard time not bringing me back. So I’m looking forward to getting back in there for them, hopefully in the near future, and putting on another good show.”

Though the $60,000 Knockout of the Night bonus went to Chris Lytle, Boetsch received extra pay on top of his salary, saying that “[the UFC] takes care of you if you put on an exciting fight.” As for the wild ending to his match last Saturday, Boetsch remembers it like this:

“I knew when (Heath) didn’t put his hands out to catch himself (falling) he was in trouble. His head bounced off the floor, and I knew he was hurt pretty bad. I dropped in and started hitting him, and I knew nobody was home at that point.”

We don’t think he’d have much luck throwing around the UFC’s top-ten-caliber light heavyweights, but we’d love to see Boetsch developed for a while against gatekeeper-types like Jason Lambert and Eric Schafer. The kid’s got potential…


Fight of the Day: Quinton Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona

Apologies for the lack of updates this morning — CP was experiencing major server eff-ups. But we’re back in business now, and to reward your patience, we’d like to present this video of Quinton Jackson’s classic battle with Ricardo Arona at PRIDE Critical Countdown in June 2004. Watch as Jackson is knocked out cold at around the 5:30 mark; luckily, the referee allows the fight to continue, and Rampage regains his faculties enough to deliver a WWE-caliber power-slam that immediately ended the fight. You’ll also notice that at this point in his career, Rampage dog-barked after a victory, Arsenio Hall audience-member-style, as opposed to his current wolf-howl.