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‘TUF 14′ Trash-Talk Alert: ‘Gay Chiropractor’ Is the New ‘Male Nurse’

(Props: KnuckleGame via Fightlinker)

Ultimate Fighter 14 coaches Michael Bisping and Jason Miller took shots at each other for over 30 minutes at a media call held yesterday to pump up the show. Here’s how the conversation ended (skip to the 35:28 mark to hear it):

Miller: [Bisping's] coaching staff are a lot of guys that I trained with back in the day and [I] moved on because they weren’t up to par for what I needed. So that just goes to show you Mike’s level of coaching staff.

Bisping: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’d just like to elaborate that Jason brought a chiropractor as one of his staff. He refers to himself as a doctor, but we all know a chiropractor isn’t a doctor, and certainly isn’t an MMA coach. But good for crackin’ your back.


So I Guess We’re Not Going to Talk About Joe Rogan Calling a Female MMA Writer ‘Cunty’?

(“Great night of fights, Joe, and I’ll see you next Tuesday.”)

Earlier this week, when the “Rampage motorboating Karyn Bryant” video started to circulate among the MMA blogosphere, our friend Maggie Hendricks at wrote a post about Quinton Jackson‘s history of reporter-abuse, calling for the MMA media to stop playing along with his old, tired act.

Yesterday, the article was posted on the Underground Forum, which led to an avalanche of posters insulting everything from Hendricks’s writing ability, to her physical appearance, to her perceived jealousy of Karyn Bryant. A series of posts from UG member “The Skywalker” summed up the anti-Maggie sentiment:

The act is only old and tired to you because you seem not to like the colorful flirtatious nature of his character in the first place. And again, he isn’t assaulting anyone, he’s staying within the lines and giving them great material so they can get more hits, more ad clicks, and make more money…You try to empower yourself by implying that you have the power to take his stage away, when you know damn well that the fans couldn’t care less about who is holding the microphone. You’re not giving him a stage, he’s giving you a job. If you don’t like it, I’m sure that there are lots of other news outlets that would love (lol) to have your CV on file…


About That Last Danavlog…

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…it isn’t going away so easily, not even after the UFC took it off YouTube.  For one, it’s still up elsewhere, such as Break, and for another, word has spread.  The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (known commonly as GLAAD) has denounced White’s use of the word “faggots” to describe the anonymous sources in Loretta Hunt’s article, and they’re calling on him to apologize publicly.

In the MMA blogosphere, MMA Payout wonders aloud whether sponsors like Bud Light and Harley-Davidson really want to be associated with that rant, and Cage Writer’s Maggie Hendricks reminds everyone that women also watch (and cover) the UFC, and generally don’t really like to hear men calling other women bitches.