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CagePotato PSA: A Change Is Gonna Come…

Got a couple things to share with you today, Potatoheads…

- We know that CagePotato’s commenting system sucks at the moment. It’s hard to log into, it’s buggy, and it’s been completely overrun by spammers. That’s why we’ll be switching to a Facebook-login system in the near future, which will be much easier to use, and will hopefully inspire a lot more of you to stop lurking and start leaving some comments on our daily posts.

- Speaking of “overrun by spammers,” it’s time to bid adieu to the CagePotato forums. They’ve actually become dangerous from a security standpoint, and we simply don’t have the resources to update/overhaul/monitor them so that they provide a positive experience for their few remaining users. In the immediate future, they’ll still be accessible at, but pretty soon, they’ll be gone. They had a good run, but it’s over.

As with any change to the environment of a website you’ve been visiting for months, or even years, now is the time to throw yourself out of a window and vow that you’ll never come here again. I know that some of these changes will negatively affect some of you — the loss of your beloved usernames, no more forums or handbag spam — but this is all being done to benefit of the majority of our readers, who will hopefully have a smoother experience on our site when this is all said and done. And after that, some upgrades to our mobile site will even make browsing CagePotato on your phone less aggravating. So trust us, take our hands, and together we will march forward into a promising future. Thanks, as always, for your support.



Twitter PSA: @CagePotatoMMA Is Our Real Account, @CagePotato is Fake Bullshit [UPDATED]

(Twitter: Serious business.)

When we launched our Twitter account in February 2009, we had to choose the name @CagePotatoMMA, because @CagePotato had already been claimed. (I’m not gonna name names, but I’m pretty sure a disgruntled former co-worker was behind the poaching.) It didn’t really matter, though, because @CagePotato was basically just a holding page that directed people to our real account. No harm done.

Last night, @SethFalvo noticed that @CagePotato has turned into a fake spam account that auto-posts our headlines (as well as stories from FightPromo; very suspicious). This fake account has managed to trick about 5,700 users into following them instead of us, which sucks because those users have subscribed to an inferior product. Sure, they’re getting links to our articles, but they’re missing out on all of our great MMA dick jokes, brain-busting trivia, bonus liveblog observations, and constructive criticism — you know, the good stuff.

Seth suggested that we do this post because the headline will be automatically tweeted to @CagePotato’s followers. (Clever, right?) So if you’re reading this and are following @CagePotato by mistake, please unfollow them, report them for spam, then follow us instead. Thanks for your support.

Update: Step one of the plan was a success — @cagepotato was indeed dumb enough to tweet this headline out to their followers. Screen-cap after the jump, via @JamesSchipper.