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Video Reminder: TUF 14 Debuts Tonight With a Two-Hour Episode Featuring 16 Fights

(Video courtesy of YouTube/UFC)

Just a friendly reminder that the final Spike TV-affiliated season of The Ultimate Fighter — TUF 14 kicks off tonight at 9:00 pm ET. Judging by the clip above, Jason Miller’s role on the show is to bug the shit out of perma-heel Michael Bisping and he’s doing a bang-up job of it.

He definitely seems to be getting under the skin of “The Count,” which explains why the cocky Brit has made no secret of the fact that he despises ”Mayhem”  in any of the interviews he’s done about his coaching gig on the show. At least they’ll get the opportunity to hug it out in December.

This season features bantamweights and featherweights and tonight’s episode will have all 16 qualifier bouts between the final 32 selected to fight for the remaining 16 beds in the TUF house.


Versus and Spike Go Head to Head — Who Won?

Still can’t touch those clowns on the networks, though…

The ratings reports are in, and it’s interesting (if you’re into numbers, equations, audience measurement, and assorted MMA nerditry). We’re not particularly mathletic, so bear with us here…

UFC on Versus 4 drew 744,000 households, according to MMAWeekly, which is up slightly from the last Versus show (681,000) headlined by Diego Sanchez and Martin Kampmann.

But those ratings are down significantly from the UFC debut on Versus (1.24 million), and even the second card on the network (991,000), which you’ll need to look up before you can remember anything other than Jon Jones was on it and he steamrolled somebody.


Spike TV to Air a Nate Marquardt-Flavored ‘F*ck You’ to the UFC on Sunday

(June 26th will be the perfect day to test out our controversial Caine-Hackman-Marquardt Theory.)

Between the suggestions that Spike TV intentionally buried TUF 13 with its earlier time-slot, Dana White’s complaints about the show’s forcibly-shortened season, and the recent reports that the UFC has been negotiating for a new cable parter (or even a channel of its own), we knew that the relationship between the UFC and Spike wasn’t rock-solid these days. But now we’re entering hateful ex-girlfriend territory. From SBNation (via Fightlinker):

Spike TV announced today a 10-hour marathon on Sunday, June 26th, featuring fight cards with UFC middleweight turned welterweight Nate Marquardt. However, the event runs directly parallel to the Marquardt-headlined live event on Versus, UFC on Versus 4…The event culminates with a re-broadcast of UFC Fight Night 22, which was headlined by Nate Marquardt vs. Rousimar Palhares…

Coincidentally, this marathon directly overlaps with a live Marquardt-headlined UFC event on the Versus channel, UFC on Versus 4 from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET. Marquardt faces Rick Story in the main event as part of his welterweight debut…


Analysts Say G4 Purchase Could Cost UFC Between $360-$600 Million

(“…and how much for you to convince Olivia Munn to come back?”)

According to a report by Bloomberg, several analysts are pegging the prospective UFC-G4 deal between $360 and $600 million US, depending on how much of the company Zuffa wants to buy.

Both David Joyce of Miller Tabak & Co and David Bank, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets peg the value of the deal as high as $600 million if the UFC purchases the network outright. Insiders say that the promotion is looking to purchase at least a 60% controlling interest in the struggling network, which would cost them an equal percentage of the purchase cost.

Read More DIGG THIS Named as Offending Site in December Zuffa Infringement Letter to Google

Remember last year when a pirate hacked the San Francisco Chronicle’s website and got a link to his illegal UFC 121 stream stickied on the top of the main page for the newspaper’s website?

Well it looks like a fellow stream hawker one-upped his SFC advertising cohort.

According to a cease and desist letter sent to Google on December 10, 2010 by MiMTiD Corporation acting on behalf of Zuffa, the owner of was a bit more industrious.

According to the document, he employed the services of the pay-per-click advertising services Google Syndication, Google Doubleclick, ?,,, and to promote his non-licensed paid stream for UFC 124 on various websites Google paired his site with using its "super secret algorithm." He would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for the UFC’s pesky broadcast partner Spike TV whose site was the most prominent one’s ad appeared on.


Belfort-Okami All But Signed for UFC 122, Which Will Be Free on Spike TV

(Rock beats scissors.)

Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer is reporting that a number two middleweight contender match-up between Yushin Okami and Vitor Belfort is being planned for UFC 122 November 13 in Oberhausen, Germany.

According to Meltzer, the winner of the bout will likely take on the winner of the Chael Sonnen-Anderson Silva rematch some time in 2011. According to reports last week, that fight could happen as early as December, but may not take place until SuperBowl weekend.


UFC Fight Night 21 Results: The Prelims

(‘Well Ronys, I look forward to fighting you and hopefully we can put on a good show for the…I’m sorry, but I just can’t take you seriously with that thing on your head.’ Photo courtesy of

If you want to know the results of the fights on the preliminary portion of the Fight Night 21 card, then proceed after the jump.  If you don’t want to know, then don’t do that.  Pretty straightforward, really.

Whatever you decide, don’t miss our liveblog of the event later on tonight. We promise to share all the little fleeting thoughts that are probably better kept to ourselves.


Newsflash: Spike TV Broadcasts of UFC PPV Prelims Are a Good Idea

(‘Dairy is rape, you son of a bitch!’ Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine.)

You can file this under the category of ‘Things That Should Have Been Obvious Without Any Supporting Evidence,’ but the ratings numbers from Spike TV’s recent broadcasts of select preliminary fights from UFC pay-per-views prove that fight fans actually like seeing more fights for free. As MMA Payout points out, the UFC 109 prelims scored the highest rating yet, despite the lack of big names (sorry Justin Buchholz fans, but it’s true), with an average of 1.7 million viewers for the hour-long broadcast.

This is one of those ideas that, in retrospect, seems baffling for it to have taken this long to come to fruition. The UFC isn’t doing much with those undercard fights anyway – they can’t show all of them, and it’s not like a bunch of people are willing to pay extra online to see Guillard and Torres go three rounds – and, who knows, you might even convince a couple people who were flipping through the channels on a Saturday night to pony up and buy the pay-per-view. Or maybe they find themselves watching Joe Rogan do a thorough analysis of an attempt to clean up ice and they flip back to “Man vs. Wild” reruns. Either way, keep them coming and we’ll keep on watching.  Unless Bear Grylls goes somewhere really crazy, like the moon.  Come on, Man vs. Moon?  Forget about it.  There’s just no way we’re missing that.


Next UFC “Primetime” Show Will Attempt to Make GSP-Hardy Seem Like a Competitive Fight

Dan Hardy
(‘Of course I’m wearing me bandana. I’m not going to walk around during flu season without taking the necessary precautions, now am I?’)

Ever since the first installment of "UFC Primetime" in the run-up to last January’s Georges St. Pierre-B.J. Penn fight blew our collective minds, we’ve been waiting for Spike TV and the UFC to get together on another collaboration of slow-mo walking and carefully crafted storylines.  Surely, we thought, they were waiting until they had an especially compelling title fight.  Or, as we learned in an email from Spike TV today, a title fight that most people expect to be a total squash match.

Beginning on Wednesday, March 10, Spike will run a three-part "Primetime" series to hype the UFC 111 main event bout between GSP and Dan Hardy.  Presumably this will be where they attempt to sell us on the idea that Hardy offers a considerable challenge to the welterweight champ, and that the oddsmakers who currently have St. Pierre pegged as a 6-1 favorite have no clue what they’re talking about.

The show is bound to be visually compelling with great production values, so it will still be worth watching.  But didn’t we already get all the backstory we needed on GSP last time?  And wouldn’t it be more fun to see this done for a future fight that seems a little more competitive?


UFC to Ramp Up Basic Cable Programming in 2010

Dana White UFC
(Dana White: He won’t rest until every night is Fight Night. Photo courtesy of

After previous preliminary card broadcasts did solid numbers on Spike TV this fall, the UFC has announced that it will telecast 10 more live "UFC Prelims" shows next year, beginning with UFC 108 on January 2nd. The lineup for UFC 108′s one-hour undercard broadcast hasn’t been announced yet, but it could potentially feature such names as Sean Sherk, Vladimir Matyushenko, and Martin Kampmann.

But even with those extra spots, the UFC still apparently has more product than can fit on Pay-Per-View and Spike. The Versus network — long known for being the broadcast home of the WEC — has agreed to run two additional UFC events next year. Though dates and locations are still TBA, Dana White said these planned events would be similar to the UFC Fight Night shows on Spike, adding: "Versus has shown their commitment to mixed martial arts, the UFC, the WEC, and we couldn’t be happier to be in business with guys like this."

As Versus is owned by Comcast, which now owns NBC as well, the new partnership could be a first step towards getting UFC fights on a major network.