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By the Way, Anderson Silva Has No Chance of Winning That ESPN ‘Greatest Athlete of All Time’ Bracket

(Props: ESPN Sportsnation)

Ready to get your hearts broken again, MMA fans? ESPN’s SportsCenter and Sport Science programs are collaborating on a new Greatest Athlete of All Time bracket, in which legendary athletes from 16 different sports go head-to-head based on a “unique metric that factors in attributes such as speed, power, reaction time and more.”¬†Naturally, the MMA representative is UFC middleweight deity¬†Anderson Silva, whose astounding 16-0 record in the UFC includes 10 consecutive title defenses.

Let’s get one thing straight: Anderson Silva is not going to win this little competition. To advance out of the first round, he’ll have to beat Olympic swimming golden boy Michael Phelps, and if by some miracle he pulls that off, he’ll face the winner of Michael Jordan vs. Tiger Woods in the quarterfinals. Silva is just a patsy here. Roadkill. A half-assed nod to fans of a fringe sport. To demonstrate how little ESPN cares about us, here’s how Sport Science host John Brenkus sums up Silva’s career:


Video: GSP Hits Harder Than Cain Velasquez and Kicks Harder Than Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua

(Video courtesy of YouTube/ESPN)

For all of us who thought Georges St-Pierre might be in a bit of trouble if and when he decides to move up to middleweight, check this video out.

St-Pierre appeared on the latest edition of ESPN’s Sport Science to have the force of his punches, kicks and takedowns measured and the results were astounding.


Shogun Rua is Ready for UFC 128 Bout With Jon Jones Wherever the Fight Ends Up

(Video courtesy of YouTube/BadBoy)

Here’s a video for all of you members of the Potato Nation who have Mauricio “Shogun” Rua counted out of his first UFC light heavyweight title defense this weekend against Zuffa hypemonster, Jon Jones.

Shogun’s camp seems to be pretty convinced that Jones is going to want none of Rua standing, and as such, have focused training largely on what they’re going to do when “Bones” inevitably takes the fight to the canvas. It’s interesting to note that although Rua only picked up one of his 19 wins by submission, he has been a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for six years — three years longer than Jones has been training in mixed martial arts.


Video: Brandon Vera Compares Muay Thai vs. Karate Kicks on Sports Science

(Video courtesy YouTube/Fight Science)

Brandon Vera appeared on Sport Science, (which must have been filmed prior to his face-breaking loss to Jon Jones on March 21 since his mug looks pretty normal) to compare the muay thai kicks of Shogun to the karate kicks of Machida

The episode is pretty interesting and the results of "The Truth’s" experiment of repeatedly kicking the head off of a crash test dummy revealed a few things.

1. Muay thai kicks are more powerful than karate kicks

2. Karate kicks are faster than muay thai kicks

3. I never want to be at the receiving end of a Vera kick — especially not one to my head or extremely handsome face.