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Monson Update: Ex-Girlfriend to Turn in More Graffiti Pictures to Authorities

(A woman scorned…)

Note to self, don’t piss off Stephanie Trapani, the now ex-girlfriend of Jeff Monson, because once you do she is not above ratting you out to the cops for offenses unrelated to your destruction of her laptop and grandfather clock.  

In an updated report on Monson’s arrest in North Carolina, The Olympian reports that Trapani (the nursing student/part-time model pictured above) recovered Monson’s cell phone off the side of the road after throwing it out her car window, and found pictures on it of Monson spraying graffiti on other locations in Washington besides the Capitol building.  And she’s not keeping those pics to herself, either:

"I’m sure the prosecutors would like to look at that," she said.

Oh, Stephanie.  Break up with the man, call the cops on him when he goes apeshit in your house, but don’t do this.  Don’t help police in an entirely different state build a case against him for graffiti, of all things.  Don’t become a rat.  Because you know who likes a rat, Stephanie?  Nobody.  Absolutely nobody.

Trapani also said that she “didn’t agree with a lot of the things [Monson] did," and never shared his enthusiasm for anarchy.  Which should be a lesson to everyone out there.  When looking for a romantic partner, don’t settle for just blonde hair and big tits.  Find someone who shares your interests!