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Six Reasons Nick Diaz Needs More Money

(Apparently, California’s hands-free law doesn’t apply to giving both fingers to a videocamera.)

By Jason Moles

For quite some time now Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz has complained at great length about how he wants more money. Apparently earning a cool $175,000 (not including sponsorships) for treating Paul Daley like a punching bag just isn’t enough.  Who could blame him though, what with gas prices topping over $4 a gallon? All kidding aside though (yeah, right!) here are the top six reasons Diaz needs to get some Mayweather money:

Hire A Personal Interviewer

As we’ve said in the past, Nick Diaz is the best/worst interview in the entire world.  However, after taking Dana’s advice about learning to play the game, Nick is going to have to hire his own private interviewer/translator. With a new found favor in the media’s heart, he’s sure to finally make bank. Warning to anyone who takes this job: Don’t start $%*#, won’t be $%*#!

Pay Exorbitant Amount of Money for his Sponsors


After 5 Hours at the Dentist, Randy Couture is A-OK Following Career-Ending KO


Any time you watch a 47-year-old man get kicked in the face by a levitating karate master – man, if we only had a nickel for every time that happens, right? – you have to wonder how the elder statesman is going to bounce back from it. In the case of Randy Couture, he appears to be recovering nicely. Aside from a small bruise under his eye, the newly retired “Natural” seems in great spirits when he meets up with MMA30’s Dave Fara at a gala event for the Xtreme Couture GI Foundation, which seeks to raise money for wounded vets. Couture also looks fully in control of his faculties, as evidenced when he correctly uses the word “assimilate” in casual conversation.

The teeth however, were more of a problem. In the above vid, listen to Couture discuss the five-plus hours he spent at the dentist getting his pearly-white Hollywood-level choppers realigned. All that, and he even has to go back for more. Nonetheless, The Old Man is taking it in stride, relating to Fara that Lyoto Machida put in a personal phone call to him a couple of days after the fight to make sure he was OK. Couture laughs off the Steven Seagal angle, keeps right on using the word “cat” as much as possible (which is only slightly less annoying than when guys in MMA insist on calling everyone “kid”) and even comments on rumors he personally took out Osama bin Laden. “It was a long plane ride,” says Couture. So you know, (if you’ll excuse the phrase) business as usual. Now if we could just do something about the epaulets on his dress blazer …

The rest of Couture’s quotes are after the jump, followed by a bevy of other Las Vegas-based fighters making appearances to pay homage to the 14-year vet. And damn, check out the jacket on Ray Sefo at 4:15. Looking good.


Don’t Worry Everybody, Steven Seagal is Just Getting Warmed Up

(We looked and looked, but all we could find was this photo of Jim Belushi. Pic: The Fab Life)

At this rate, we’ll never be rid of this goddamn vampire. We’d hoped for a quick and quiet departure from MMA for Steven Seagal – kind of a one-off creep-and-lurk session at UFC 126 – but now that his second straight appearance in the corner of a Black House fighter has ended in a second straight front kick knockout, we don’t see that happening. While it is still totally unclear if Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva are just fucking with us (and by extension, with him) by professing their allegiances to Seagal, this week Out for Justice himself stopped by Sherdog Radio to assure us all that this shit is deadly serious.

As part of a nearly 20-minute interview, Seagal broke down Lyoto Machida’s jumping KO of Randy Couture at last weekend’s UFC 129. You know, as much as he could without giving away all the secrets of his deadly arts. He also promised to keep working with Black House fighters on new, top-secret techniques. Worst of all, it appears he’s begun referring to Machida and Silva as “his guys.” The quotes are after the jump.


Photo of the Day: Obama Reveals How They Got Bin Laden

(“Obama-Kun is like a son to me.”)

Our friends over at took this exclusive photo during last night’s White House press conference in which President Obama announced that the CIA had located and killed U.S. public enemy number one, Osama bin Laden.


UFC 129 Aftermath: Business as Usual, as Usual

Yeah, that happened.

Ever since the UFC purchased Strikeforce, it has been business as usual. Well, for some things at least. Georges St. Pierre and Jose Aldo are still the kings of their respective weight classes. Jumping karate kicks are still incredibly badass. A stadium full of over 55,000 fans could get pretty loud. You know, business as usual.

Georges St. Pierre extended his winning streak to nine fights last night in convincing fashion, exhibiting his superior stand-up skills en route to a unanimous decision victory over Jake Shields. While Jake Shields displayed much better striking last night than anything we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from him, he was also unable to get the fight to the ground. Oh well, on to Anderson Silva now, right?

Well, not exactly. GSP didn’t hide that he hasn’t committed to moving up to middleweight, and Anderson Silva still has to beat Yushin Okami for this to happen. Oh yeah, there’s also one minor issue: Dana White seems interested in seeing GSP fight Nick Diaz. But can Dana White really make this fight happen? In the “business as usual” manner we’ve come to expect, Dana White said, “I imagine I could do whatever I wanted to do if I really wanted. But we have a contract with Showtime, and he’s a Strikeforce fighter. We’ll see how it works out, but that’s an interesting fight.” For what it’s worth, Jake Shields also likes the idea of Diaz vs. GSP.


Video: UFC 129 Weigh-In Highlights

(Props: MMAFighting)

Weigh-ins for UFC 129: St-Pierre vs. Shields went down yesterday at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, with all 24 fighters making weight. Well, basically. Ben Henderson hit the scales at 156.5, and was given an hour to lose that extra half-pound, which he did. Bendo didn’t look too happy being on the scale in the first place; the tough cut might be a factor in his fight against Mark Bocek. Later, Mark Hominick‘s weight was announced at 145.25. There is no one-pound allowance for UFC title fights, but the match was OK’d anyway. Possible explanations include miscommunication and the overly trusting nature of Canadians.

In other weigh-in weirdness, Lyoto Machida brought Steven Seagal with him during his face-off against Randy Couture (you can find a rather amazing photo of that moment after the jump), and Ivan Menjivar showed up with a Wolverine claw that definitely didn’t look like it came from a toy store. Just seemed kind of unsafe, that’s all.

Come back to tonight for live results from the UFC 129 broadcast; remember, Spike TV prelims start at 8 p.m. ET, and the pay-per-view starts at 9.


Apparently Besides Believing He Can Act, Steven Seagal Also Thinks He Invented the Front Kick

(Video courtesy YouTube/MMAHeat)

When Anderson Silva mentioned in his post-UFC 126 fight interview that Steven Seagal taught him the front kick that he knocked Vitor Belfort out with Saturday night most of the MMA community were willing to give the Hard to Kill, Out for Justice Lawman the benefit of the doubt, but when the Marked for Death, Above the Law Glimmer Man told reporters that he invented the textbook front kick, we weren’t the only ones who called bullshit.

Here’s what Seagal had to say to MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant about Silva’s win:

"I couldn’t have been happier, because right before he walked out I said to him, ‘Stay away from him for the first, you know, two, three minutes, just kind of get him frustrated and fake low and come high and do that kick I’ve been teaching you and kick him in the head or the face. He did exactly what I said and exactly what I wanted to happen and I was very, very proud of him…I was raised in Japan under some of the greatest karate masters and jiu-jitsu masters to live in our time and I learned that kick 40 years ago or 30 years….35…I don’t know — a long, long time ago and I worked for the last 35 years or so to perfect it."


Sure Anderson Silva May Have Steven Seagal as a Trainer, But Vitor Belfort Has Mike Tyson

(If Vitor walks out at 126 to Iron Mike’s version of "In the Air Tonight," bricks will be shat. Pic props: Sherdog)

It looks like Vitor Belfort has one-upped Anderson Silva’s secret training weapon.

If you recall, prior to his UFC 117 bout with Chael Sonnen, the longtime UFC middleweight champion spent some time with 7th-dan Aikido black belt Steven Seagal to learn slap blocks, wrist locks and throat strikes — none of which helped him from being dumped on his ass and pounded on for the majority of five rounds by the testosterone deficient Republican.

After trying in vain to secure Ralph Macchio to help him prepare for his upcoming UFC 126 bout with Silva, Belfort had to settle for the next best thing: Mike Tyson.


Video: Steven Seagal Is Just Throat-Striking the Sh*t Out of Lyoto Machida

(Props: MarcosAlvaredo)

On last week’s Bum Rush epsiode, we ragged on Quinton Jackson for training with actor/stuntman/fighter Lance Gibson, whose 4-5 MMA career includes appearances in the UFC, SuperBrawl, and Shooto, and whose theatrical credits include "Bouncer," "Security Guard," and "Doorman." Of course, Jackson’s upcoming UFC 123 opponent is Lyoto Machida, a serious martial artist. That’s why, like Anderson Silva before him, Machida is taking aikido lessons from Steven Seagal. Nope, we see nothing worth mocking here whatsoever.


Consider Your Minds Blown; Anderson Silva Training With Steven Seagal for Sonnen Fight and Chael Couldn’t Care Less

(Video  courtesy YouTube/LUMBATE)

Just when you thought UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva couldn’t get any stranger than his bizarre UFC 112 performance against Demian Maia in Abu Dhabi, "The Spider" goes and ups the ante and brings in washed up silver screen tough guy Steven Seagal to help him train in the deadly art of Aikido for his upcoming UFC 117 fight with Chael Sonnen in August.