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Hot Potatoes: Ring Girls Chrissy Blair and Vanessa Hanson Return to the UFC at TUF 17 Finale [GALLERY]

After making their debuts as guest Octagon girls in 2011 — see here and here — models Chrissy Blair (the blonde one) and Vanessa Hanson (the brunette) moved to Strikeforce, where they held round cards until that promotion’s collapse. Luckily, we haven’t seen the last of them. The UFC announced yesterday that Chrissy and Vanessa have been added to the UFC’s ring girl rotation, and will be in action at the TUF 17 Finale, April 13th in Las Vegas.

In honor of this fantastic news, we’ve collected 30 of our all-time favorite photos of Chrissy and Vanessa, which we’ve arranged in the gallery after the jump. Enjoy, and follow the girls on twitter @chrissy_blair and @vanessa_hanson!


Hot Potato: 12 Photos of Strikeforce Ring Girl Chrissy Blair

We first met model/ring-girl Chrissy Blair when she landed a guest-spot as an Octagon Girl for UFC 133 last August. This year, the 23-year-old Floridian has been handling round-card duties for Strikeforce alongside Vanessa Hanson, and put in a gutsy performance this weekend at Barnett vs. Cormier. Check out a few more of our favorite Chrissy Blair photos in the gallery after the jump, and visit Chrissy’s Facebook fan page and twitter page for her latest updates…


20 Minutes Alone With MMA Ring Girl Corissa Furr

(Photo provided by Corissa Furr/Keith Selle)

By Jason Moles

It’s not every day you get twenty minutes alone with a professional model, so when you get the opportunity, you make damn well sure you spend your time wisely. That’s exactly what I did earlier this week when I interviewed former Strikeforce ring card girl, Corissa Furr. You’ve probably seen her on Entourage, MANswers or gracing the pages of FHM and Maxim. Most recently, she hosted an ‘MTV Cribs’-esque segment on The Ultimate Insider when she took you through the luxurious home of UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck. We discussed her favorite fighter, women’s MMA, and the lamest thing to be shouted at her while cage side. Enjoy the interview and the new pics Corissa sent us. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with me. First things first, how in the world does a smart girl from small town Maryland find herself parading around a cage in a bikini while holding up a round card for money?

Corissa Furr: I don’t know. You know, it’s not something I ever thought was going to happen. I was never one of those girls who was like, you know, “I wanna be a model.” I kind of got into it accidentally. My roommate at the time was doing a photo shoot and then the photographer was like, “Let me take some head shots of you.” And that was the beginning of it I guess. I started traveling for different companies, doing tours nationwide and I’ve always been a fan of MMA and boxing and stuff like that so when opportunities came my way, of course I took advantage of them. Who wouldn’t want to be sitting cage side watching the fights and getting paid?

CP: What’s the lamest thing a guy has yelled out at you while you’re up there holding cards?


Hot Potato: 13 Photos of Strikeforce Ring Girl Jessica Harbour

Jessica Harbour Rockstar strikeforce ring girl model photos Jess
(She’s the blonde one. Watch your back, Kelli. Image via BabesofMMA; full gallery is after the jump.)

Jessica Harbour is a 21-year-old model from San Diego whose list of print and promo credits include Maxim, Sullen Clothing, Famous Stars and Straps, American Apparel, Blackberry, and WWE Magazine. As a Rockstar Energy Girl, she’s also done gigs for Strikeforce, and was featured at this weekend’s Melendez vs. Masvidal event. Follow Jessica on Twitter @JessHarbour, and check out more great photos — and a must-see photoshoot video — of Jessica below…


Hot Potato Gallery: Strikeforce Ring Girl Jordan Daniele

(Full gallery is after the jump.)

Since we featured Ashley Bradley earlier this week, we figured it’s only fair to give some Hot Potato love to Strikeforce’s other brand-new ring girl prospect. Jordan Daniele is a full-time model from Pittsburgh whose magazine credits include Vogue Italia, Transworld Motocross, and Strip Las Vegas MagazineShe wants to rape Jordan Mein, I guess. You can see a lot more of Jordan Daniele on ModelMayhem, Facebook, and Twitter. Our 13 favorite photos of her are below; careful, the ones near the end are semi-NSFW.


Hot Potato Gallery: New Strikeforce Ring Girl Ashley Bradley

Strikeforce ring girls Furr Hutcherson Daniele Ashley Bradley
(Ashley is second from the left, posing with Corissa Furr, Jordan Daniele, and Kelli Hutcherson. Photo via Jordan Daniele.)

Ashley Bradley is a 24-year-old bikini model from Pittsburgh who recently scored a gig as a Strikeforce ring girl, and was part of the “Barnett vs. Kharitonovfestivities on Saturday. Follow her love of coffee on Twitter, and check out 11 of our favorite Ashley Bradley photos after the jump…


Ring Girls Round-Up Special: Ashley Salazar

By Anton Gurevich

Ashley Salazar’s resume is longer than Travis Fulton’s fight record. Before winning the Knock Out Ring Girl contest for Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson, Ashley served six years in the Air Force as a mammographer. [Ed. note: *spits drink out*] She also has an amateur Mixed Martial Arts record of 1-1, with her last fight taking place in August of 2010. Aaaannd…Ashley is also a mother.

Today, Ashley’s number-one goal is to win Playboy’s “Miss Social” contest, which will reach its final stage this Monday, June 27th. You can help Ashley win by submitting votes on the contest’s Facebook page.

We had a rare opportunity to have an interview with Ashley Salazar, asking her all sorts of ridiculous questions. Please make sure you follow Ashley on Twitter @ashleycmsalazar, and “Like” her Facebook Fan Page.

Check out Lowkick’s Q+A with Ashley Salazar — and more pics, of course —right here!


Kelli Hutcherson’s Path to Success: Step 1, Fake Boobs. Step 2, Profit.

Quote of the day, from this MMAthletics video profile of Strikeforce ring girl Kelli Hutcherson: “Strikeforce was kind of one of the things that I always wanted to do, but you had to have something to be a Strikeforce ring girl, and I didn’t have that. And I got fake boobs, finally, and my boss hired me.”

Proving once again that you can accomplish anything you want in life if you work hard and get implants. (Take that lesson to heart, ladies.) Anyway, we appreciate Kelli’s candor, and it’s kind of refreshing to hear a professional hot chick admit that she’s not quite all-natural.

I also liked this quote: “My best friends would describe me as the loud one, and the crazy one, and the outspoken one.” Damn, forget about Kelli, I want to meet these quiet, sane, painfully shy chicks she rolls with!


Hot Potato Videos: Jade Bryce in ‘Seducción’, Kelli Hutcherson’s ‘Maxim Hot 100′ Shoot

(Props: Matt Blum via BabesofMMA)

Holy crap. If you’re interested in watching Bellator ring girl Jade Bryce rub herself down for two minutes, you came to the right place today. My God, this chick. Video not safe for work, unless you don’t mind embarassing yourself at the office.

After the jump: For those who like their women taller and lankier (but equally blonde), please watch this video of Strikeforce ring girl Kelli Hutcherson‘s photoshoot for Maxim‘s Hot 100 special. In her first appearance, she landed at #93.


Hot Potato: Strikeforce Ring Girl Contest Winner Corissa Furr

Corissa Furr Strikeforce ring girl model MMA photos gallery pics

Corissa Furr Strikeforce ring girl model MMA photos gallery pics Corissa Furr Strikeforce ring girl model MMA photos gallery pics Corissa Furr Strikeforce ring girl model MMA photos gallery pics Corissa Furr Strikeforce ring girl model MMA photos gallery pics

Corissa Furr is a 26-year-old model from Maryland who now makes Huntington Beach, California her home. On Friday, it was announced that Corissa had won the Strikeforce Knockout Ring Girl Contest that had been running on SF’s Facebook page, and would be making her Strikeforce ring girl debut this Saturday in Columbus for “Feijao vs. Henderson.” With a list of previous credits that range from appearances on Spike TV’s MANswers to modeling assignments for Sassy Assy, we have no doubt that Ms. Furr will have what it takes to hang with Kelli Hutcherson and…y’know…those other chicks. Follow Corissa’s updates at and check out more pics of her after the jump…