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Exclusive: Not So Fast; Source Says Cyborg Has Not Signed With Strikeforce Yet

(Simple solution: Have Cris arm-wrestle Dana for her desired contract)

In spite of a report released yesterday that quoted Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos’ longtime Chuteboxe trainer Master Rudimar Fedrigo as saying that the Strikeforce Women’s Middleweight champion has re-upped with the now Zuffa-owned promotion, a source with knowledge of the situation informed today that there is in fact no deal in place at this time.


Christmas in July: An MMA Fan’s Wishlist

For your sake, I hope you’ve been good this year.

The year is half way over. Days are longer, flip-flops and shorts have replaced boots and pants and yet, the smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire remains as strong as ever. That can only mean one thing – Christmas in July! Most of you couldn’t care less about another holiday you don’t get off from work, but what if I told you this one was special in that you can make a wish list for Wandy Claus and he’ll give you what you want if you’ve been good all year? You have been good this year, right?


On behalf of MMA fans across the globe, I’ve complied a Christmas in July wish list that, if fulfilled, would bring peace on Earth and good will toward man – or at least would appease a large majority of fans of a fringe sport. Click below to see what made the cut and bash me in the comments for not including your idea.


Cris Cyborg Reign of Terror to Resume in Strikeforce

Toughest fight for Crisitane Cyborg so far? Contract negotiations.

Many, many, many moons ago, movie makers were looking to make a sequel to the live action Masters of the Universe movie starring Dolph Lundgren, and film it in North Carolina. Auditions were held for childrens’ roles in Wilmington, and i was one of many (i assume) kids who tried out to be in a movie with He-Man. Alas, the film company had some financial difficulties and the project was scrapped; i never got another chance to be Macaulay Culkin before Macaulay Culkin. The film company had already spent something like 2 milllion dollars producing costumes and sets for the movie, and wanted to re-purpose them to recoup some of the cash they’d put up, so they banged out a script about a dystopian future of plague and anarchy, hired Jean-Claude Van Damme, and that’s how the movie Cyborg came about. All that is 100% true, by the way.

I tell you that because i have no idea how Cristiane Justino Venancio Santos came into existence, although if you told me 2 million dollars, He-Man, surgical bionics augmentation, and JCVD were involved, i’d believe you. Cyborg is just that scary.


Scott Coker Says Nick Diaz is the Only Strikeforce Champ Who Will Cross Over to UFC…At Least For Now

(Video courtesy of YouTube/5thRoundVideo)

Don’t expect to see any Strikeforce champions besides Nick Diaz fighting in the UFC anytime soon.

According to Strikeforce president Scott Coker, Diaz’s crossover to the UFC was a one-off exception that was made to prevent the Stockton native from turning his back on MMA in favor of a boxing career.


Dan Henderson: Catchweight? LOL

Dan Henderson UFC MMA photos Strikeforce grill funny Fedor

“Gone to weigh in with Fedor, BRB. -Danny” PicProps:

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now an appropriate time to start geeking out about the next Strikeforce card — you know the one. Fedor-Hendo goes down at the end of the month and every MMA diehard will be sitting on the edge of their seats to see two PRIDE legends finally come together. Will The Last Emperor regain his classic form? Will Henderson score a victory that would likely be the highlight of his career? Will Fedor’s hilariously bad website gain something new and terribly translated?

(Seriously; the website is worth a look. Engrish motherfucker, do you speak it? An excerpt: “2003 ?. After competitions with Sam Shilt (Holland) and Hiz Hiring (USA), Fedor had a wrestling with Antonio Rodrigo Nagiera; Fedor gained the champion title. Later he gained the upper hand over Kazyuki Fudgita (Japan) and Gary Gudridg (Canada).”)

When Scott Coker first announced the matchup, he said it would be a catchweight bout at 220 pounds — possibly a gambit to get Fedor moving down in weight. Henderson contradicted Coker, saying that according to his contract the fight was at heavyweight, all the way up to 265, so Fedor can go ahead and eat all the ice cream and pickled elk or whatever it is that those Ruskies eat up there in Antarctica.


Strikeforce Announces Tim Kennedy vs. Robbie Lawler Signed For July 30 ‘Fedor vs. Henderson’ Card in Chicago

Continuing in Zuffa’s new social media trend of announcing newly-signed bouts before the MMA media gets wind of them, Strikeforce announced today via Twitter that a middleweight bout between Tim Kennedy and Robbie Lawler has been added to its July 30 Fedor vs. Henderson card in Chicago.


While You Weren’t Watching: Heun – Almeida Was Entertaining

Damn, Heun’s getting all misty-eyed. VidProps: Strikeforce

Conor Heun and Magno Almeida were on the HDNet undercard card, and they turned in a three round scrap highlighted by some aggressive (and effective) ground work. Both fighters attempted subs early and often, including an omoplata attempt and a toe hold in the first round. Sure, a guillotine is nice, but we’ll take the exotic submissions every time.

Almeida lost a unanimous decision, but he at least left Heun with something to think about, as one of Almeida’s twenty seven arm bar attempts (disclaimer: no, we didn’t count them) left Heun with a serious lack of functionality in his right arm for the next month or so.

Heun got back into the win column after two losses in a row (to KJ Noons and Jorge Gurgel), so he’s understandably stoked about the win. On the other hand, his arm is seriously effed up, so there’s all kinds of emotions and hormones and stuff going on in Huen’s brain; give him a pass if he seems a little emotional in that video.

Yes, “all kinds of emotions and hormones and stuff” is technical language.


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Video courtesy of YouTube/MMAInterviews)

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On This Day in MMA History: 14 Years Ago Dan Henderson Made His MMA Debut

Dan henderson first fight by MMAGLORY

We’re going to try to do an almost daily “On This Day in MMA History” series starting with this appropriate first installment that features one of the sports most popular and successful fighters, former Pride welterweight and middleweight and current Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson.

14 years ago today “Hendo” made his MMA debut in Brazil against Crezio de Souza in the opening round of the Brazil Open ’97 lightweight (176lbs and below) tournament.  Henderson’s bracket of the one-day grand prix also featured Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons, while the heavyweight side featured Kevin Randleman and Tom Erickson.


Daley vs Cyborg Official for Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson

Do your worst, comments section: The most terrifyingly unnatural part of this photo is _____________.

Well that didn’t take long, did it? Before we can even finish analyzing the action from last night, Strikeforce has announced the addition of another fight on its July 30th card, headlined by Fedor vs. Henderson. That fight, according to will be a welterweight scrap between Paul “Semtex” Daley and Evangelista Santos. Santos, as you may remember, was initially scheduled to meet up with Tarec Saffiedine on this card. No word yet on whether Saffiedine withdrew from the card, or if Strikeforce decided to pull him in order to make this fight.