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UFC Vet Drew McFedries Stabbed While Bouncing at an Iowa Strip Club

Former UFC middleweight slugger Drew McFedries — who competed in the Octagon from 2006-2009 without ever meeting the judges — is recovering after being stabbed in the back during a nightclub altercation last Saturday.

According to reports, the incident occurred at The Chorus Line, a BYOB strip club (with a somewhat checkered past) in Davenport, Iowa, where McFedries has been working security for the last six months. The alleged assailant was a 42-year-old man named Calvin Hammock, who stabbed McFedries on the left side of his back, with the blade hitting his scapula. McFedries and his fellow bouncers were able to subdue the man until police arrived. Hammock was taken to the Scott County Jail in Davenport, but was released less than an hour later after posting a $10,000 bond.

FightersOnly passes along more details, which suggest that Calvin Hammock maybe wasn’t the sanest dude to begin with…


Jon Jones Once Got His Car Towed for Tokyo-Drift’ing Into a Strip-Club Parking Lot Like a BOSS

(Photoshop of Bones’s new sponsor via CrushCo)

There’s really not much to add after that headline, but the long version is this: Jon Jones’s DUI arrest wasn’t the first time his driving has gotten him into trouble. BloodyElbow has confirmed that the UFC light-heavyweight champ ran afoul of Albuquerque cops last fall for recklessly driving his Bentley on a suspended license:

Jon was pulled over for flying around a corner in his car and losing traction before pulling into the parking lot of a “fully nude club” (Fantasy World). The police pulled him over in the parking lot and ran his license, they then realized it was suspended and, as a result, Jones’ car was towed. The charges were dismissed in a March 8, 2012 trial.

The full police report is here, if you’re interested. The incident took place on November 24th, 2011, just 16 days before Jones’s UFC 140 title defense against Lyoto Machida, so it’s pretty damn fortunate that his impromptu drift-racing adventure didn’t turn into anything more serious. Still, skidding into a strip club parking lot on Thanksgiving Day seems like a perfect example of the kind of immature and wild behavior that was supposed to be in Jones’s distant past.


Best 40 Bucks He Ever Spent…

(The Iceman, seen here training hard for his upcoming bout against that guy who knocked out Quinton Jackson twice.)

In Chuck’s defense, this is exactly the way Wanderlei’s going to come at him.