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‘Supremacy MMA’ Video Game Trailer: The Worst Thing You Will See All Day

(Props: MiddleEasy)

UFC Undisputed 2010 and EA MMA may be getting all the attention, but there’s another MMA video game in production that could have a big impact among idiots. The game is called Supremacy MMA, and you can check out the trailer above. You will see:

– MMA described with the words "illegal, unauthorized, brutal"
– Barbed wire
– Pitbulls
– Snakes
– Skulls
– Wolves
– X-rays of broken bones
Ring girl asses
– Spiders
– A mushroom cloud
– Exactly three frames of gameplay footage, which are edited in so quickly that you might miss them if you’re not paying attention

All that, and a generic thrash-metal soundtrack. Basically, you have every visual signifier of MMA meathead culture, with zero substance to speak of. A Gamepro article posted yesterday offers these additional facts: