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We Haz a Winnur!


Many thanks to everyone who entered our first caption contest. Unfortunately, there can be only one winner:

“Mmm..screw the belt I want this nice piece of sushi right here.”

See, we knew most of you would pick up on the prison-rape vibe of this one, but referring to Sato as a “piece of sushi”? Well played, sir. So, CagePotato reader who goes by the name of “D Biggles,” shoot us an e-mail with your address and we’ll drop that Ultimate Knockouts DVD in the mail as soon as we get around to it.

As for the runner-up, we should also give recognition to “Jeremy,” for this insightful caption:

“I shaved my balls for this?”

Unfortunately, Jeremy loses points for plagiarizing a t-shirt, but just as “Christ, what an asshole” is a viable caption for every New Yorker cartoon ever drawn, “ISMBFT?” is always a solid option for photo caption contests.

Good work, Potato Nation. We’ll do this again the next time a publicist makes the mistake of sending me a free DVD.