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Technique Video of the Day: The Kimura Sweep

Ultimate Fight Night 25 provided us with a good deal of highlights this past weekend, but while you were watching Jake Shields trying to single leg Kevin Mulhall or Alan Belcher beat the tar out of Jason Macdonald, you may have overlooked the textbook kimura sweep that Lance Benoist pulled on Matt Riddle in the first round of their Fight of the Night earning scrap. Personally, it was my favorite highlight of the fight, and I loves me some broken noses.


MMA Training with Greg Jackson: The Omoplata Sweep

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TapouTVTC)

By Cage Potato special contributor Mike Schmitz

Greg Jackson knows the nuances of MMA training as well as anyone in the MMA industry. He’s developed 10 champions, including current UFC titleholders Jon Jones and George St-Pierre, and is now taking his mixed martial arts pedigree to TapouT VTC where he offers members online MMA training videos breaking down the ins and outs of the technical aspects of the sport.

TapouT VTC rolled out a new MMA training video today in which Jackson demonstrates the Omoplata Sweep and goes step-by-step through exactly how to execute it.

“I really advocate using the omoplata as a primary sweep position secondary submission,” Jackson said in the video above. “You’re going to go after the sweep first and if that fails you can kind of come after that submission.”