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Aleksander Emelianenko Ponders UFC Offer, New Tattoo

Aleksander Emelianenko UFC MMA
(He thought wearing the t-shirt would bring him joy, but still he felt a profound melancholy. Props: FiveOuncesofPain)

MMA Cube passes along a translation of a recent blog post by Aleksander Emelianenko, in which the ex-Red Devil fighter talks about his plans for the future, while denying rumors of his criminal history and health issues. No surprises there, really. Though this part was kind of interesting:

I can already say where I’m getting offers to continue my career — from Holland’s Golden Glory, Japan’s DREAM, president of the UFC Dana White wants me to fight for them. All the contracts offered are long term, so I have not made up my mind yet where I will compete.

UFC, huh? Of course Aleksander would have to complete his three-fight U.S.-exclusive contract with Affliction first, and he’s fulfilled zero of those three fights so far. But you have to believe that Dana White would want to sign Aleks to the UFC as a thumb in the eye to his brother Fedor. Oh! Delicious! By the way, not to beat a dead horse, but Aleks could totally compete in America if it came down to it:

I did not get in on the first Affliction show because there were some problems with documents. I flew in, and passed the medical commission. Everything was fine. Then they tell me that I flew in too late and cannot compete. And before the second event, I injured my hand. I sensed that I would not be able to compete at full strength and asked them myself not to schedule the fight. I’m hoping to compete on the third Affliction show this summer in America.

Muhammed Lawal Might Have the Best MySpace Page Ever

Muhammed Kingo Mo Lawal MMA Sengoku Fuck Yall tattoo
Muhammed King Mo Lawal MMA Myspace Sengoku
(Images courtesy of MoSpace)

So, Maggie from Cage Writer came across the top photo of Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal‘s amazing new tattoo, which she found on his MySpace page. A cursory visit to that page reveals a nearly non-stop cavalcade of awesomeness — honestly, such a welcome and uplifting change of pace from the reliable sadness of I mean, just look at Lawal’s "About Me" essay:

I’m on a mission that can’t be stopped. I’m Gettin Dat Paper!!! If you dont know what GDP stand for, ask King Bunch The Great*. Thats what my Squad, GDP/GHP, is all about….And King Bunch The Great’s Squad Team Thirsty…GPD is 4ever….
I’m livin to die and I’m dyin to live….. I’ve lived all over from Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and now California.** At the moment, I’m currently living in Temecula, California and I’m training to be be An MMA Legend.
A new chapter in my life has begun…If you down for the ride…Holla at me… The last 10 years of my life have been filled with many ups, many downs, and plenty sacrifice. People came and People went. Many Loved and More Hated. The path that I chose molded me into the MAN I now am. Say!!! Thanx to all the people that supported me and stood by a nigga. And an extra thanx to all those that wanna see me FAIL and wanna see me FALL…I love yall the most…Ima thank myself too…cuz I gotta eat first….  

CagePotato “Public Displays of Affection” Contest: The Winners, God Help Them

CagePotato University of Colorado snow
CagePotato University of Colorado snow  CagePotato University of Colorado snow
(Thanks Joe! Click pics for larger images.)

At ease, Potato Nation. As some of you might remember, we announced a contest on the site a couple weeks back where we asked you to creatively place our name in a public place, with $200 hard cash as the grand prize. Unfortunately, we had to sort-of unofficially discontinue the contest due to legal issues (long story), but we did get a couple of great entries that we wanted to share with you. Well, one of them is great. The other’s more shocking and insane (and therefore is the contest’s official winner). First the runner up, shown above, which was sent to us from loyal reader Joe V. He writes:

This is outside of Farrand Hall at the University of Colorado at Boulder. About 500 people live here, and even more pass through this entrance every day. Everyone whose window faces the front courtyard can see it very clearly. I’ve been waiting for a while for it to snow, and it finally did so I figured I might as well share my cagepotato love.

Awesome!  For your efforts, you get a CagePotato Mystery Prize Pack, which consists of a "Hall of Fame" t-shirt (or multiple shirts, if you need them), plus other stuff to be named later. Basically, we have nothing else to give you right now, but as soon as we do, we’ll hook you up.

The winner? Well, it’s not exactly in a public place, per se, but I think you’ll all agree that this is worth a hell of a lot more than $200. Have a seat, then click that "Read More" link…


Rampage Has a New Tattoo

(Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson got himself a new tattoo to celebrate his win over Wanderlei Silva at UFC 92.  And look, it has a religious theme.  That’s…that’s good.  For those of you unfamiliar with Christianity, that’s Rampage’s The Lord’s Prayer inked on the old forearm there.  Just as long as he’s getting his eight hours of sleep a night and three squares a day, have at it, big guy.

Also, remember in the great article on Rampage in The Atlantic where David Samuels describes Jackson’s endearing habit of slapping people, just as a goof?  Seems like he’s still doing that.


Brock Lesnar on the Radio


Former pro wrestler and NFL failure Brock Lesnar will be on a Los Angeles radio morning show tomorrow (Friday, January 25th). The Kevin & Bean Show on 106.7 KROQ will have the phallic tattoo-sporting meathead on the air to promote UFC 81 and talk about his MMA future. Lesnar will be facing Frank Mir in a heavyweight battle on February 2nd at the aforementioned event.

If you aren’t in the L.A.-listening area, you can listen on-line.