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Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale Aftermath: Bonuses, Undercard Results + More

Nate Diaz Joe Stevenson MMA UFC
(Diaz and Stevenson earned $25,000 Fight of the Night bonuses and contracts with Cirque Du Soleil. Photo courtesy of

For the first time in the organization’s history, the UFC handed out three Fight of the Night bonuses for last night’s Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale show, giving $25,000 bumps to Joe Stevenson, Nate Diaz, Chris Lytle, Kevin Burns, Diego Sanchez and Clay Guida for their thrilling three-rounders. But that doesn’t mean the UFC skimped on its other traditional bonuses: Tomasz Drwal pocketed the $25,000 Knockout of the Night bonus for his knee-and-punches KO of Mike Ciesnolevicz during the undercard, and TUF 9‘s Jason Dent scored the Submission of the Night bonus for sinking on an anaconda choke at the end of the first round of his fight with Team U.S.A. rival Cameron Dollar, after getting beaten up standing for much of the round. Speaking of the prelims, here’s how they turned out:


The Ten Best Quotes From ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Team U.S. VS. Team U.K.’

10. "I’m here to get paid and hurt people’s feelings, so…it’s time to do the man dance." — Damarques Johnson, offering his mission statement.

9. "You just gotta do what you gotta do whatcha can." — Dan Henderson, on the meaning of life.

8. “Oiiiieeeeehhhh!” — Michael Bisping, every time a Team U.K. fighter landed a shot on an American, and sometimes when they just came close.

7. "Put another shrimp on the barbie!" — Rob Browning, not the most worldly gentleman, tries to mock the Brits with a beloved Australian catchphrase.


The Ultimate Fighter 9.12 Recap: No Spoilers, You Crybabies

The Ultimate Fighter TUF 9 U.S. U.K. welterweight bracket
(Click above for the completed TUF 9 welterweight bracket. Props: Wikipedia.)

With the last welterweight semifinal coming up, Team U.S. comes together for one last barbecue. Frank Lester gets all swoony over Dan Henderson, telling Hendo "your eyes don’t look bad at all" and "I wouldn’t fuck with you because of your ears." This is what six weeks without women will do to a man.

Damarques Johnson does his best to build up Lester’s confidence for his fight against James Wilks. He says James can’t absorb as much damage as Frank and be okay with it. We never really got to see why Damarques hates James so much, but Damarques tells us that "James is just such a pompous prick, and I want Frank to hurt him badly." He also refers to James as a "pretty boy." Seriously. This James Wilks. I think it’s safe to say that Damarques has a different standard of beauty than the rest of us. Just another example of how the absence of females can distort your perceptions.