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Another Day, Another Horrific EFC Africa Stoppage [GIF]

Not unlike Madonna in the 1980′s, the referees of EFC Africa just continue to churn out hit after hit after excruciating hit. Not many of us thought they would be able to top last month’s chart-topper, “Winning Fighter Begs Ref to Stop Beatdown (The Bernado Mikixi Song)” but wouldn’t you know it, they’ve went and done it again.

In a featherweight contest between Gareth Buirski and Peter Nyide at EFC Africa 29 yesterday, Buirski pulled off a feat rarely seen in MMA when he elbowed Nyide unconscious with elbows from the bottom. It was a victory that would have surely been lauded by many an MMA fan had it not been overshadowed by the absolutely atrocious stoppage that followed. While the first elbow Buirski threw was enough to render Nyide unconscious, it wasn’t until Buirski had thrown fifteen more that the referee realized that the man lying limp and face down *might* be in trouble. Bravo, sir.

Seriously, Buirski threw fifteen elbows in a row — KO’ing and reawakening Nyide at least three times in the process — before the ref jumped in. Perhaps my favorite reaction to this, the latest in what has become an increasingly brutal series of stoppages under the EFC Africa banner, came from the reddit MMA page on which the gif was originally posted:

Thankfully, it looks like Nyide was somehow able to walk away from this one.

-J. Jones