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GSP Confirms Koscheck is a Dick, Says If He Moves to 185, He Ain’t Coming Back

("Wouldn’t it have been easier to just accept my friend request?" PicProps:

UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre tells our guy Fowlkes at MMA Fighting this week that he typically doesn’t like to get to know his opponents on a personal level before he fights them. Since we all know that deep down GSP is kind of a bleeding-heart softy, he worries that if he comes to like and respect his foes it will be more difficult for him to beat the stuffing out of them in the cage.

“It’s hard," St. Pierre says. "Because let’s say in the fight you have a good position on him to hurt him, you know, to put him away and really hurt him. It’s harder to do. That’s why I like to be away from my opponent."

Apparently – and to absolutely no one’s surprise — getting to know Josh Koscheck while filming season 12 of “The Ultimate Fighter” had the exact opposite effect. In fact, St. Pierre says the most difficult thing about his TUF 12 experience was just having to hang out in close proximity to that insufferable dick. And here we thought the worst part of the reality show for GSP would be not being able to go to Club Orchid for a few weeks …


UFC Welterweight Division will Pretty Much be on ‘Repeat’ for Next 6-8 Months

(Suddenly, Thiago felt overcome by déjà vu. He knew he had been here before. Where had it been? In a dream? In another life? Wait, give him a minute, it’ll come to him. PicProps: Tracy Lee/Yahoo Sports)

Jon Fitch emerged victorious over Thiago Alves last night at UFC 117 in a fight that – minus the funky up-kick stoppage – looked pretty much just like the pair’s first meeting from 2006. The decision win allegedly puts Fitch in line for a future 170-pound title shot; one everyone assumes will be a do-over of his 2008 loss to Georges St. Pierre. Of course, that’s assuming GSP hangs onto the belt in his scheduled December fight against Josh Koscheck … which will be a rematch of their first fight back in 2007.

What we’re trying to say here is, provided Koscheck doesn’t throw a giant wrench in things at the end-of-the-year show, don’t expect to see any new shit from the UFC welterweight division for the next, oh, six to eight months.


Video Break: The Grappling Hour

Man, all this talk about boxers doing MMA is almost enough to make a fella forget about the ground game.  We’ve got the cure for that problem: a bunch of goddamn grappling videos.  Up first, Fedor Emelianenko flings Gegard Mousasi around just for fun.  After the jump, Demian Maia‘s jiu-jitsu highlights are an indispensable part of any grappling examination, Shinya Aoki has a quick one against Marcelo Garcia, plus more.