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Nick Diaz Wants ‘A Couple F*cking Million’ to Fight Mayhem, Says There’s No Reason Fight With GSP Can’t Happen

(A milion bucks would buy a wicked PC, a shit ton of weed and a pretty wicked bulletin board.)

Strikeforce held a conference call today ahead of its January 29 Diaz vs. Cyborg event in San Jose, and as expected Diaz proved to be the main of interest.

Overshadowing his upcoming fight with Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos were Nick Diaz’s incendiary replies to the media’s questions about him turning down a fight with longtime nemesis Jason "Mayhem" Miller and his thoughts on the UFC’s welterweight class.

According to the Strikeforce welterweight champ, he feels that for the fight with Miller to happen, he would have to be offered at least seven figures and that highly-touted UFC fighters like Georges St-Pierre (who he thinks will be destroyed by his training partner Jake Shields at UFC 129) and Josh Koscheck are over-hyped and protected by the promotion.

Surprisingly, not one reporter thought to ask Diaz if he was high during the call.

Check out some of the highlights of Diaz’s diatribes after the jump.


As Gracie Camp Tries to Flip Script, Things Officially Get Boring in Mayhem-Diaz Feud

(If this fence wasn’t here, Nick Diaz would be in *trouble.* Pic Props: ProMMANow)

It started out funny, quickly got silly and the latest news out of the Jason “Mayhem” Miller vs. Nick Diaz tiff just makes us feel tired and sad and a little bit annoyed. The weirdly unclickable – which according to its own time sigs has been updating its news section about once a month since Jake Shields beat Martin Kampmann back in October – posted an update on Sunday so spinny that it reads like an out-of-work Republican political strategist wrote it after a couple cocktails. Essentially the website is taking it upon itself to call off any potential fight between Diaz and Miller, which – as far we knew – wasn’t happening anyway. It’s probably best if we just let you read it in its entirety but don’t worry, the Gracie camp wrote it, so it’s pretty short.


Video: Watch Jeremy Horn Give a Bully Named ‘Truck’ a Beatdown

(Video courtesy YouTube/ClashofMyAssinYaMind/MTV)

I admit that I haven’t  watched many episodes of Bully Beatdown, mostly because the first episode I caught during the first season that saw the bully beat the regional fighter he squared off against. It ruined it for me. It was a misnomer consdidering the bully didn’t get beat down, kind of like Dancing with the Stars which doesn’t feature anyone most peope would consider a star and what they’re doing on the show doesn’t really resemble dancing. False advertising, in my opinion.

Well, I happened to be flipping through the channels on my satellite receiver on Thursday when I stumbled across the episode above featuring Jeremy Horn, so I left it on MTV and watched the show all the way through.

I wasn’t disappointed.


More of the World Through Nick Diaz’s Rose Colored Glasses

20 years from now when Nick Diaz’s MMA career is over and he is holed up in his mom’s house, video blogging about weed, his past glory and cold fission, don’t say you didn’t see it coming.

In this very Dan Quinn-esque video response to Jason Miller’s recent remarks to Joe Rogan about him on the UFC analyst’s Ustream webcast, Diaz goes off on Mayhem for criticizing his ganster lifestyle and for accusing him for starting the Strikeforce brawl.


Interview: “Mayhem” Miller Talks Jake Shields, CBS, and Spark Notes

Mayhem Miller

On Saturday night Jason “Mayhem” Miller will get his chance to fight for a title on network TV in front of an American audience that might only recognize him as the “Bully Beatdown” guy.  He’s just fine with that, but damn if he can figure out why Jake Shields is the betting favorite in this fight.  I spoke with Miller for an feature earlier this week, and, as usual, he was at no loss for words.  On every topic from Shields’ stand-up game to medication and cliff notes, “Mayhem” has an opinion.  He’d like to go ahead and share them with you, if you don’t mind.

BF: First off, I have a bone to pick with you.

JM: What did you just call me?

We met this summer at UFC 100 when the whole Fight Magazine crew was hanging out in Vegas, and you and I had what I thought was a pleasant conversation.  Then I read your column in Fight the next month and you referred to that specific conversation while referring to me as a “chisel-faced zombie.”

Well, are you?

I guess I have kind of a square head, but zombie?

Hell man, I don’t know.  Maybe.  If the shoe fits.

Okay, fair enough.  Let’s talk about your fight.  Last time I checked, Shields was a pretty heavy favorite against you.   

Yeah, I know.  I’m shocked.  I really am.  But he’s on a pretty good streak, so I guess I understand.


Miller & Shields Plan To Hype The Hell Out of CBS Fight, Coker Wants Unified Strikeforce/Dream Titles

(It’s not a damn library, Mayhem. For the last time, buy something or get out.)

Strikeforce put Jake Shields and “Mayhem” Miller on a media conference call today in order to get one thing straight: you’d have to be a real jerk to miss their fight on the Nov. 7 Chicago event on CBS.  Okay, so they didn’t word it exactly like that, but Miller came close, saying that he can’t be blamed if MMA fans don’t watch because, “I’m Twittering, MySpacing and Facebooking. I’m out there. I might as well be spray painting about it on walls.”  When reached for comment about that last remark, Jeff Monson issued a prolonged, cold stare before slowly shaking his head and then disappearing into the night. 

This card also has that whole Fedor Emelianenko/Brett Rogers thing going on, but Strikeforce is drawing the heat where it can for right now.  Something about Fedor’s blank facial expressions and cryptic Russian phrases don’t translate well on conference calls, and Rogers is most likely trying not to give away any more vital parts of his game plan.  Instead, Scott Coker had to answer some hard questions about what’s going on with Strikeforce’s contracts, particularly with their champions (looking at you, Overeem).