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Paul Kelly: Roli Delgado “Has Just F*cked Up Royally”

Paul Kelly Roli Delgado MMA UFC 99
(It didn’t last. Nothing perfect ever does. Props: BloodyElbow)

From Paul Kelly via the CageWarriors forum (all misspellings printed as-is):

i am gona kill that fuckin big issue selling skiny rat
i am gona break his jaw the cheaky cunt the ufc is havin enough bad press as it is an that little mummys boy goes an does that watch this space people … people that now me now that i fight better angree that guy has just fucked up roally

In case you missed it, Roli Delgado freaked out earlier today at the UFC 99 weigh-ins when Tellys got a little too close for comfort — and in doing so, signed his own death warrant. Not that UFC 99 needed any more bad blood, between Davis/Hardy and Franklin/Silva, but there ya go. After the jump, one of the jokers on the CageWarriors board takes the piss out of the Crazy Cuban…


BJ Penn Scores Best Blow Yet in Pre-Fight War of Words

(Come on bro, the handicapped kid falling off his crutches in the middle of the road wasn’t *that* funny…)

BJ Penn on Hardcore Sports Radio, via MMA Mania:

"It’s surprising that [Georges St. Pierre is] in such good shape without the use of steroids or growth hormones, he’s eating cheeseburgers and all that. (GSP trainer) Firas [Zahabi], after the fight, he can go home, walk to his bedroom, take his shoes off, lie down in his bed, take about 20 or 30 minutes and go fuck himself."

BOOM. You know, if this whole fighting thing doesn’t work out, Penn has a future as an insult comic; he’s got the rhythm down perfectly. Can’t wait to see what other parting words the Prodigy has on the last episode of UFC Primetime, which airs this Wednesday on Spike TV. Assuming he was actually around for the the third episode’s taping, that is — and you can never tell with these hot-blooded Hawaiians.

St. Pierre‘s hype-building style is a little more reserved, but he still slips his shots in when he can. Check out the interview video below, where he brings out the classic "he have said a lot of bad thing about me" chestnut that worked so well for him before his second fight with Matt Serra, and clarifies that he’s also willing to fight Penn to the death, should it come to that. Damn…whoever’s reffing Saturday’s main event better make sure they don’t fall asleep on the job.


Lyoto Machida Reinvents Himself as a Trash-Talker, Kind of Freaks Us Out

(Photo courtesy of ESPN.)

The other day, Dana White called out Lyoto Machida as possibly the next in line to be "best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA" after Anderson Silva retires. After reading this interview by our pal Ben Zeidler, we wonder if White told Machida that such hype comes with a price — he has to start pretending like he has a personality. In the past, Machida has given interviews like he fights; no frills, accomplish your objective and move on. Now, things are getting a bit more colorful:

BZ: Is there anyone other than Thiago Silva that you would like to face?
LM: Give me the job and I will get it done. Rampage, Couture, Liddell, Vanderlei, Shogun, I work hard to win and will keep winning. Who thought they would see Tito with his back on the floor? Tito is a Great fighter but when he faced me, Lyoto, you know the ending.

BZ: Tell us a little bit more about your training regimens.
LM: My training is very versatile. My life is training, I just make some adaptations for each opponent. They need to worry about me. Look at my past, when I finish the fight I go dinner and have some fun and the other fighters go to the hospital.

BZ: What do you say to fans who say your style is boring?
LM: I am a martial artist, there is a lot of thought and strategy that goes into the way I fight…For some that is boring, I know, but I am beating the best in the world. After my fights I do not have nothing on my face, no scratches, no bruises. I am like a ghost — they can not find me. If that is boring, that is their opinion. But I will be there for long time WINNING. 

Zeidler notes that the interview was done through a translator. Unless that translator was Renato Sobral, it sounds like Machida may be trying to change his persona into something more brash. Not a heel necessarily, but cocky — an unkinder, ungentler version of his former self. Will some of that attitude transfer to the cage? An aggressive performance against Thiago Silva at UFC 94 next month could bolster his case as next in line for a title shot if he can score a stoppage victory.