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You Had Your Moment, Rampage — Gina Carano’s ‘Haywire’ to Drop in January 2011

 Gina Carano naked weigh-in photos
(Seriously, any excuse to run this photo…)

Gina Carano‘s upcoming star turn in Steven Soderbergh’s next action flick will reportedly hit theaters in January, and early impressions are very positive. The movie, now titled Haywire instead of Knockout, had its first test screening earlier this week, and Hollywood Elsewhere passed along a rundown of the plot and Carano’s surprisingly compelling performance:

Mallory Kane (Carano) is young, tough, beautiful, determined, and a freelance covert operative. She is hired out by her handler, Kenneth (Ewan McGregor), to various global entities, to perform jobs which governments can’t authorize and heads of state would rather not know about.

For all her looks and youth, Mallory is still the best in her field, and her skills are in constant demand. But when one of her operations goes awry, Mallory needs to use all her skills, tricks and abilities to escape an international manhunt, make it back to the United States, protect her family, and exact revenge on those that have betrayed her.


Video: Rampage on Last Night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno

(Video courtesy of NBC)

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to promote the A-Team and came off very well.

Though it’s obvious Leno researched all of his questions by doing a quick Google search (i.e. Rampage’s kids are all named ‘Rampage’), Quinton’s timing was impeccable, as always. I’ve actually been hearing from a lot of people that he did a decent job in the movie.


Dana White Changes His Tune on Rampage’s Movie Career

The A-Team movie poster Quinton Rampage Jackson

Dana White last September, on the DAM Show:

"I hate it. I hate it so bad, I can’t even tell you how bad I hate it. I’m so mad at Rampage over this. Rampage is a guy that we’ve obviously taken under our wing the last few years. We really like him and have done a lot of good things for him. For him to do this to me, and pull out and do this goofy A-Team movie, I’m not happy about it at all…You’re gonna be a huge bonafide movie star with one role? They’re not paying him jack. Okay? He’s giving up literally millions of dollars to play Mr. T. If you think he’s gonna go in and say ‘I pity the fool’ and he’s gonna become a huge serious actor off that role, give me a friggin’ break…

"I’m mad at Rampage right now. Rampage is somebody that I consider a friend, and he put me in a bad position. I’m not happy about it. He hurt himself, he hurt us. Sometimes, seriously, you gotta save these guys from themselves. What he’s doing makes no sense whatsoever, so we’ll see how this whole thing plays out and what happens, but I’m mad at him, I don’t even want to talk to him right now. Lorenzo’s talking to him, not me."

DW yesterday, in the Miami Herald:


Rampage Jackson Mad as Hell, Not Going to Take This Anymore

(Props: FightersOnly)

Just because Quinton Jackson is returning to the Octagon to fight Rashad Evans, it doesn’t mean things are all lovey-dovey between the former light-heavyweight champ and the UFC. Judging from the above video interview, Rampage still holds a serious grudge about the way he was treated during his un-authorized break to go shoot The A-Team, and he’s ready to leave MMA behind and move on with his life:

"I don’t know how much I ever loved the fight game, to be honest…I’ll tell you one thing, I like it a lot less than I used to. Everybody knows about the falling out I had with the UFC. Its kind of unfortunate that they’re trying to blame me for doing this movie like I turned my back on them after ‘all they’ve done for me’ when I feel like I have done a lot of things for them as well. They’ve said some things and done some things that I don’t agree with. That’s not the way I do business. I’m a loyal person, so I take care of people who take care of me, but if people don’t take care of me, I don’t take care of them. So I am done with the UFC, they can’t ask any more favors from me, nothing. I just want to finish my contract and get out if there, do my own thing.
And honestly, Dana lied to me. He said I didn’t have to fight Rashad, I could fight Machida [after TUF 10]. After that he told me ‘Oh, you gotta fight Rashad.’ All the fans were saying ‘He’s ducking Machida, that’s why he did the Ultimate Fighter show’, and I didn’t say anything, because I was doing [the UFC] a favor. I was being loyal to them, I was being a team player. As soon as I want to do one thing for myself, I’m the bad guy."

Quinton Jackson Smashes Fools in ‘The A-Team’ Trailer + More MMA Fighter Movie News

"You miss me? ‘Cuz I missed yoouuuuuu…"

So says Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in the above trailer for The A-Team, which hits theaters this summer with Jackson mean-mugging his way through the B.A. Baracus role. To be honest, we kinda did miss Rampage; it would have been nice to have him in the cage at UFC 108, that’s all. The word on the street is that Jackson will return to the Octagon against Rashad Evans in May. Between beating his felony evading charges, playing one of his childhood heroes in a movie, and having the opportunity to put his fists on an arch-rival, this is shaping up to be a banner year for Jackson. Great to be you, homey.

Speaking of MMA stars on the silver screen…


Rampage Jackson Tells Murdock to Shut Up on the Set of ‘The A-Team’

(Props: ET Online via MMA Mania)

There’s an art to wearing a mohawk and growling insults at people. Mr. T had it. Quinton Jackson might not. Skip to the 0:17 mark of this ET fluff piece on the upcoming A-Team movie to see a very brief clip of Rampage in character as B.A. Baracus. To be honest, I’m not sure I quite believe his delivery of "damn fools, man," and I can’t help but wonder what an artist like Jamie Foxx would have done with the role. Anyway, it’s The Ultimate Fighter, not The Ultimate Actor, so what-evs…


First Look: Quinton Jackson on the Set of ‘The A-Team’

The A-Team Quinton Rampage Jackson Liam Neeson Bradley Cooper Sharlto Copley
(Props: via WatchKalibRun)

Why so serious, Rampage? Yep, that’s former UFC fighter Quinton Jackson searching for his motivation on the set of The A-Team in Vancouver. To his right are Liam Neeson (as John "Hannibal" Smith),  District 9‘s Sharlto Copley (as Capt. "Howling Mad" Murdock) and Bradley Cooper (as Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck). According to ComingSoon, the flick will also feature Jessica Biel as an Army general who pursues the team — they’re casting for realism, I see! — and Patrick Wilson as a CIA operative.

More photos after the jump, which show that B.A. Baracus’s famous mohawk might have to be added in post-production.


Welcome to Bizarro World: With Rampage Out, Huerta Wants Back In

(‘Okay, final offer. You take me back in the UFC and I’ll give you this hat that I made out of a sofa. Going once…’)

Before he burns any bridges with the UFC, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson might want to take a look at the cautionary tale of Roger Huerta.  After losing what was supposed to be his last match in the UFC before running off to a land of riches and pain-free adulation in Hollywood, Huerta now says he might like to stick around and see where this fighting thing takes him.  And what caused this tremendous shift from the guy who signed a development deal with Lion’s Gate Films and has been very vocal about his displeasure with the UFC in the past?  From the sound of it, this acting plum isn’t quite as sweet as Huerta thought it would be:

“I’m still open to acting,” said Huerta. “Hopefully we get something going with that, but I’m not going to prioritize (acting) now. I’ll still prioritize fighting. If the UFC wants me back, I’d be willing to go back. …We started looking at the things we were going to do with Lion’s Gate.  We’ve looked over some roles, but nothing that I’ve wanted to sink my teeth into (yet).”

Translation: I thought doing this one cheesy role in a video game movie would lead to gigs where I co-starred with Scarlett Johansson and blew up helicopters, but instead all I got offered was a role opposite Vanessa Johansson in the sequel to “Shark in Venice.”


Quinton Jackson Says He’s ‘Done Fighting’; Cites Disrespect by UFC, Injuries, Movie Career

Quinton Jackson MMA UFC
("I want my belt back! And a prominent role in the next Wayans Brothers comedy!" Photo courtesy of Vancouver Sun.)

We’ve witnessed enough of Quinton Jackson‘s bizarre interviews and vehicular freak-outs to know that he’s not the most stable human being on the planet. But we were still shocked by the long blog entry he posted on his website last night, announcing his retirement from MMA; registration is required, so just click here if you’re not already a member. According to Jackson, his career with the UFC has been an endless run of unfortunate obligations, bait-and-switch, and disrespect. Here’s a quick recap:

— He accepted the UFC 71 fight with Chuck Liddell even though he needed another tune-up match to get over with American fans. When the fans booed him after the fight, it hurt him deeply. His subsequent fight against Dan Henderson was announced before he was told about it.

— He should have gotten an immediate rematch with Forrest Griffin because the fight was so close. He instead fought Wanderlei Silva while nursing a jaw injury, which was risky "because of all the drama that was happening to me at the time," then fought Keith Jardine "as a favor to the UFC instead of getting my belt back (which wasn’t even worth it to me financially)."


Jackson vs. Evans Fight Postponed Due to ‘The A-Team’

Quinton Jackson Rashad Evans MMA UFC
("I’m gettin’ that belt back, sucka.")

It looks like Rashad Evans has another reason to hate Quinton Jackson’s guts. As Sugar revealed on yesterday’s edition of the “It’s Time” radio show with Bruce Buffer, Evans and Jackson will not be fighting at UFC 107 as originally planned, due to the demands of Rampage’s role in the upcoming A-Team movie. Said Evans:

“It’s definitely off on the 12th. I am (going to fight him), but not when I’m supposed to. He’s kind of getting sidetracked taking other opportunities above fighting. They haven’t nailed down any dates, but they did say it would happen after the new year. I think they we’re waiting to speak with Quinton’s guys to see when exactly he feels he should be ready.