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MMA Stock Market™ — ‘UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson’ Edition

(In a way, we were all the “Screaming PRIDE Lady” that night. / Photo courtesy of Esther Lin, MMA Fighting)

By Jason Moles

The suits on Wall Street keep whispering about a ‘Halloween indicator‘ and how now is not a time to sell; rather we should sit back and let our riches mount. Call it what you will, but millions watched UFC on FOX and UFC 139 and concluded the same thing: Most fighter’s stocks are rising steadily. Even if you’re not sure which is the true Fight of the Year from this weekend — Dan Henderson vs. Marucio Rua or Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler — you’ll know how to safeguard your hypothetical MMA portfolio’s worth after playing another round of ‘Buy, Sell, Hold’.

Stephan Bonnar: Buy

It’s hard to believe that any TUF veteran could take nearly a year off from the sport and return with the engine firing on all cylinders, but Stephan Bonnar did just that. The BJJ schooling he dished out was almost as surprising as his apology to Josh Koscheck for making those damn shirts. Even that wasn’t the most unexpected thing to happen; one judge gave the ‘American Psycho’ a 30-25 victory. Grab hold of any unclaimed stock before he starts getting big fights and Dana declares him “in the mix.”


We Still Love You, Wanderlei

VidProps: KahL1One


Once upon a time, you were terrified of Wanderlei Silva.    He did scary things to people.  He did it a lot.  You kind of wondered if he was legitimately crazy.  He intimidated opponents during his walk to the ring while the un-toughest techno you’ve ever heard played in the background — to the point that “Sandstorm” is now universally recognized as Badass. We didn’t even know that Badass had a transitive property, so we thank Wanderlei for teaching us that, as well.

The Axe Murderer returns to action this weekend, perhaps on the downside of his career. The Octagon has never been kind to Wandy — he’s got a 3-5 career record for the UFC– and he’s not getting any younger. If MMA does have a nine-year rule, then this 15+ year veteran should be ready to hang it up.

But he’s not.


Video: Wanderlei Silva Calls His Bout Against Leben The First of His ‘Comeback’ and Says He Thought About Calling It Quits

Looking back at Wanderlei Silva’s multiple wars of attrition he’s slugged through in his career it’s easy to forget that “The Axe Murderer” is as intelligent and well spoken as he is.

The video above does a good job of reminding us.


Wanderlei Reflects On His Early Days of Fighting and the Hardships He Overcame With a Little Help From His Friends

(Video courtesy YouTube/WandFightTeam)

If you can make it through the terrible music without poking your eardrums out with a Slim Jim, this short Wanderlei Silva retrospective is definitely a good watch.

The video opens with Wand heading to the hospital for knee surgery, which, be forewarned if you have a weak disposition, they catalogue in graphic detail.


Wanderlei Says He’s Hitting His Stride at 185; Wants to Fight at Least Six More Years

(Don’t look into his eyes, Wand. You’ll be paralyzed like thousands of ladies in the past have been before you.)

In a recent interview with TATAME, Wanderlei Silva said that he is progressively getting more comfortable with fighting as a middleweight and that he doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon.

“I want to keep on fighting for the next six years, at least until I’m forty. This division change was good, I had to change my diet and I’m feeling just fine”,