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Ricky Hatton Had a Shitty Weekend

(Any of you blokes got any Visine?)

Last weekend was one that former boxing champion Ricky Hatton likely wants to forget.

Not only did "The Hitman" get knocked out with one punch in a drunken bar fight, he also got sold out to a tabloid by a lady friend who filmed the British boxer snorting copious amounts of cocaine off of a table and a toilet lid in her hotel.

Now Hatton has had to answer to the press and his fiancee for his behavior and has reportedly pulled a Tiger Woods, admitting himself into rehab to escape the media spotlight while he sorts out his problems and waits for the dust to settle. The official statement from his spokesperson is that Hatton is being treated for "depression and a drinking problem" and that "the drugs are quite recent and not actually the problem."

Now, I’m not justifying Hatton being out on the town with another woman or for getting wasted on coke and a few gallons of booze and acting like an idiot, but the fact that the woman, who claims to be a worried friend, went to the papers instead of contacting his family makes me think she set him up for a paycheck.