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Strikeforce Deathwatch: Is Basically Just a Screen-Shot of a Microsoft Word Document Now

(“It looks like you’re starting an MMA promotion. May I suggest throwing all your money into a pit and lighting it on fire instead?”)

We haven’t had a good Strikeforce Deathwatch in a while, but this one might be my favorite. A month out from their Barnett vs. Cormier event on May 19th — which also features the lightweight title fight/trilogy match between Gilbert Melendez and Josh Thomson — several eagle-eyed fight fans have noticed that Strikeforce’s official website has been drastically scaled down.

Gone are all the sub-sections on, which directed readers to event calendars and fight rosters. Instead, it looks like some intern just screen-capped the latest press-release on MS Word — without running spelling-and-grammar-check first, mind you — posted it, and called it a day. The only link on the site is contained in the poster image at the top, which directs to a freakin’ GoDaddy page.


IFL Teams Up With YouTube and Google Ads For eDomination


The International Fight League announced today that it has formed a video sharing partnership with YouTube and Google AdSense that would deliver IFL content — including full-length fights — to thousands of websites around the world that use AdSense and YouTube players (including YouTube itself, obvi). Though YouTube has had similar partnerships with the NBA and NHL, this is the first video sharing deal it has struck with an MMA organization. The arrangement also includes a revenue sharing model that would allow the IFL to generate income from advertisements shown with its videos. According to the press release: