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Anderson Silva Tests His Fighting Prowess Against Brazilian Tribesmen [VIDEO]

(“And then he had the nerve to say that we all probably dance around an effigy in grass skirts praying to our pygmy gods. Talk about clueless.”)

Anderson Silva appeared in the latest episode of the Brazilian “Sports Spectacular” series over the weekend as part of a promotional appearance for one of his sponsor’s brands, Amazoo Açaí.

During the segment, Silva fought by the Amazon tribe’s “huka-huka” rules, losing when his back was taken by his opponent, but when the tables were turned and he was allowed to employ his Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques, the UFC middleweight fighter put on a submission clinic for the Kamayura people.


Video: Anderson’s Bieber Fever Is Making Him F*cking Nuts

(Video courtesy of YouTube/filhomarquess)

When Anderson Silva appeared onstage during a recent Justin Bieber concert in Rio de Janeiro, we all just chalked it up to “The Spider” being an expert at creating cross-promotional opportunities, but we’re seriously starting to have our doubts about our theory.


Damn, Not Him Too: Anderson Silva Has Bieber Fever

(Call it a hunch, but somehow we don’t think ‘The Biebs’ has ever been in a fight.)

Anderson Silva lived out the fantasy of millions of pre-pubescent teen girls around the world last night when he spent some alone time with Justin Bieber before the teen pop star’s concert in Rio de Janeiro.


National Geographic Profiles the Dangerous Brazilian Wandering Spider

VidProps: FreeFights4You/YouTube via Saucylv33/The UG

Just days before UFC 134: Ultimate Brazil 2 we find this clip recounting the abilities of the world’s most venomous spider. Known for its potent, deadly strikes, the Brazilian wandering spider is noted for its ability to quickly put down its prey, although there are documented cases of toying with those caught in its web.

After the eight-limbed monster claimed its last victim in the extreme environment of Las Vegas, arrangements were made to return the dangerous arachnid back to its native ecosystem.

Research continues in an effort to determine if the Brazilian wandering spider is, in fact, the apex predator that many believe it to be.