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Spoiler Fail: Joe Duarte and Colloseo Championship Fighting

Joe Duarte MMA TUF
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You might remember Joe “Hybrid” Duarte as the jacked Chamorro and TUF 8 contestant who may or may not have been called out by Dana White as “the next Anderson Silva.” With all the hype he was getting, many assumed that he’d go far in the show’s lightweight bracket. Well, according to a new report on TKO Xtreme, that doesn’t seem to be the case:

[Colloseo Championship Fighting] has announced that they have signed Sinister Brand’s new blood Joe “Hybrid” Duarte and Bad Boy fighter Pat Speight to six-fight contracts. Duarte, a native of Hagatna, Guam, possesses an unblemished mixed martial arts record of 3-0. Duarte made his MMA debut in September 2006 at TC 16: Annihilation in San Diego, California. Duarte scored a hard fought split decision over fellow newcomer Chris Kennedy. Since then, Duarte has reeled off consecutive submission victories over Ulfrano Rodriguez and Randy Bowers. Duarte will be appearing on the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter 8.

I don’t know anything about Colloseo besides the fact that they’re based in Canada and their promo videos are God awful. Here’s one thing I do know: The UFC makes all TUF contestants sign confidentiality agreements forbidding them from revealing any results from the show until they’re aired. Which means one of two things: 1) CCF just accidentally blew up Duarte’s spot, and he’s now in deep doodoo with the UFC, or 2) Duarte fucked up so bad in the house that the UFC doesn’t care if people know he’s out of the organization. Either way, don’t expect to see the dude compete at the TUF 8 finale. Sorry, Guamanians…


Exclusive Interview: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Minotauro MMA UFC
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This Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Spike TV, Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira begins his duel with Frank Mir on the season premiere of The Ultimate Fighter 8. The two heavyweight jiu-jitsu masters will each lead a team of eight UFC hopefuls (four lightweights and four light-heavyweights), while sizing each other up for their own fight in December; the winner will take on the winner of UFC 91′s Randy Couture/Brock Lesnar match sometime next year. Luiz De Souza chatted with Big Nog on Friday to get his thoughts on his TUF experience and the UFC’s upcoming “heavyweight tournament.”


CAGEPOTATO.COM: In some of the past seasons of The Ultimate Fighter, the coaches built up great rivalries. Was there ever any hostility between you and Frank Mir? Did he get on your nerves in any way?
ANTONIO RODRIGO NOGUEIRA: No, there wasn’t much of that; we have a lot of respect for each other. If there were arguments they were between the fighters themselves. I went there to do my job. I went to teach the guys, with the goal of not getting involved in fights with the guys inside the house or from the show, but to train them instead. That was my idea. I did my part and Frank did his. At times I was pissed at some of them because some of the guys were picking fights inside the house, and they would lose their control. There was one who wouldn’t quit picking fights, but overall nothing too major.

What do you think of Frank, as a person and as a fighter?
He is a good fighter, very strong, and he has great jiu-jitsu skills. He is also a very cool and nice guy, but he is my opponent, so I am training to fight him.

What’s your strategy going to be when you fight him in December? Would you rather fight him on the ground or standing?
There isn’t really a strategy; my strategy is to finish him. We don’t really choose if the fight will be standing up or on the ground. Whatever happens I will be ready for it.

After he lost to Forrest Griffin, Quinton Jackson partially blamed his performance on the fact that, because of The Ultimate Fighter, he’d gone 10 months between fights. Are you concerned that your own long layoff will affect your performance?
Well, the last time Frank Mir fought was the last time I fought, so the truth is that we both have the same disadvantage. I really don’t like to go such a long time without fighting; never in my life have I gone without fighting for this long. This does make a difference, but this is my job and I will fight when the day comes.


TUF 8 Prime Jerkoff: Jose Aguilar

Jose Aguilar UFC MMA TUF 8 Mir Nogueira
(Click image to go to the video.) has released a teaser clip from The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir (which premieres next Wednesday), introducing two lightweights, Junie Brown and Jose Aguilar. Assuming he doesn’t get bounced out of the opening round, Aguilar may be setting himself up as the asshole of the house, greeting viewers with these soon-to-be-immortal words:

“To be honest, dude? I belong with Napoleon, dog. Alexander, dude. Hitler. That’s what I belong with, dog. I be conquering motherfuckers, dude, period. You know what I mean? Pillaging, shit like that, that’s where I belong, bro. Criminal, dog, straight-up criminal.”

It’s strange — if you were to put Junie and Jose next to each other and ask me which fighter is more likely to have respect for the Third Reich, I might have gone with the other guy. Personally, I can’t wait for the interviews Aguilar does when he leaves the show, with his inevitable complaints that the editors portrayed him differently than he actually was: “Nah, dude, I didn’t mean the shit Hitler did during World War II, dog. I meant when he was younger, dog, how he used to beat down punk bitches outside of his gym, bro, and jump motherfuckers outside of gas stations with his homeys, dude. That, specifically, is what I was trying to say I belonged with, dog. Public nuisance type shit, bro. I got mad respect for it, dog. But they want to hate on Freddie, dude, know what I mean dude buddy homey bro dog?”


Jason Guida Blows It

Jason Guida MMA

Remember last season of The Ultimate Fighter when they had 32 guys immediately fight for 16 spots in the house, and advised everyone not to come in more than five pounds over? Well, Jason Guida doesn’t; like, at all. The Chicago-based fighter — who’s better known as the older brother of UFC lightweight gatekeeper Clay Guida — arrived heavy at the first day of filming, and was unable to cut down to the 205-pound limit for his elimination fight. According to MMA Rated:

One source told us that he thought Guida’s inability to cut the weight would be used to add some drama to an early episode, comparing it to Gabe Rudiger’s unflattering exit when he was unable to make weight during TUF 5.

Not sure if this makes Guida a pussy or a poser, but either way, he’s gone. And it’s a shame because a stint on TUF could have helped turn his fortunes around. Guida carries a 17-17 record and has bounced around a number of regional promotions in his five-year career; he had his most high-profile bout to date at Adrenaline MMA 1 in June, where he was submitted in the first round by heavyweight Mike Russow. (Fun fact: Guida went 0-5 with two no-contests in his first seven pro bouts, so he’s nothing if not persistent.) No word yet on who, if anyone, replaced Guida in his TUF entrance fight.


‘TUF 8′ Cast Photo + Bader’s Audition Vid

TUF 8 Ultimate Fighter Mir Nogueira UFC MMA
(Click for larger image.)

SpikeTV just sent out the first cast shot of the Ultimate Fighter 8 gang, in which it appears that Big Nog has intimidated some of his guys into wearing socks on the mat.

You may also be interested in Ryan “Darth” Bader’s Ultimate Fighter audition video, which we’ve posted below. Not only is Bader a promising fighter, he also enjoys keg stands, naked pool-lounging, bro’ing out with CB Dollaway, and having sex with women. He also has some incredibly unoriginal taste in highlight-reel music. I already hate this person.

(Props to ‘Crooklyn’ on the UG.)


TapouT at Least Partially Responsible for Diego Sanchez’s UFC Career?

(This picture is just another part of TapouT’s attempt to make you constantly feel like you are on mushrooms. That, and the paint and wigs and stuff.)

As much as we like to give the guys from TapouT a hard time about their TV show and their plans to make children’s furniture, we have to admit that they know what they’re doing with their off-the-wall personas and recognizable brand. And in an interview with USA Today’s MMA blogger, Sergio Non, they open up about their business (they expect to do “upwards of $100 million this year”), their history, and most interestingly, their role in Diego Sanchez’s victory on the first season of “The Ultimate Fighter”:

There could be a fighter, like in (TUF season-one winner) Diego Sanchez’s case — he was already primed and ready, but there was just that nobody that knew about him. Whereas we knew about him because we’re scouring all those up-and-coming, lower shows.

So when Dana White came to me and was like, “Hey, this is who we’ve got going on there, is there anybody we missed…” I was like, “There’s this kid, Diego Sanchez out of New Mexico, he’s crazy and he’s insane.” And actually, this story is a true story, he ended up bumping one guy off The Ultimate Fighter that was slated to go on there, plugged Diego Sanchez in, Diego ends up winning it at the 185-pound mark, further cementing us as talent scouts.

Wow. I guess that guy who was bumped knows who to be pissed off at now. Also in this interview we learn (two of) their real names — Charles Lewis Jr. (Mask) and Dan Caldwell (Punkass), while Skyskrape is apparently a mystery man who hails from parts unknown, much like The Ultimate Warrior — and they also comment on the nature of their relationship with the UFC.


What’s New, Gerald Harris?

Gerald Harris Ultimate Fighter UFC MMA

From April to June, TUF 7 castmember Gerald Harris was brave enough to guest-blog the “Rampage vs. Forrest” season for, despite being knocked out of contention by Amir Sadollah in the round-of-16. He sent us this quick update today, to share with all the fans of his posts on our site. Give it a read and don’t be a stranger…


Well, I figured that it’s better late than never. I have been in the process of moving to Phoenix, Arizona, so I haven’t had the time to write. I was actually making this move in January and had no idea where I was going to work out. Things didn’t go so well in Oregon financially, so I had to pack up and move in with my momma. It was hard, because I was a pro fighter, 28 years old, college graduate, and I was so poor I had to move in with a parent. Now, this isnt about pride, but I just expected more from myself. Oregon was good to me, I trained with Team Quest and built some lifetime friendships, but I had to move.


Mikey Burnett Sues “The Ultimate Fighter”

It had to happen eventually, so we might as well get it over with. A former “Ultimate Fighter” cast member — season four’s Mikey Burnett — is suing TufGuy Productions, Inc., which produces the show, as well as insurance company AIG, which insured him during the show. Sherdog has the scoop:

According to the lawsuit filed on June 9, Burnett claims alleged negligence against the defendants, who “carelessly, recklessly and negligently failed to provide a safe environment for the Ultimate Fighter 4 participants.”

Specifically, the 34-year-old Burnett states that he suffered a career-ending spinal injury during the show’s tapings.


The suit alleges that Burnett has suffered “serious bodily injuries, has endured and continues to endure both physical and mental pain and suffering and has incurred severe medical expenses.”

Burnett has also filed grievances with AIG, which allegedly insured Burnett during his time on the series, for breach of contract and breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing for failing “to make a reasonable offer and payment in connection” with the policy.

As you may recall, season four was “The Comeback” season that featured former UFC fighters trying to battle their way back into the Octagon. You may also recall that during his time on the show Burnett could be seen voluntarily running into a wall. So, you know, there’s that to talk about in court.

As for the argument that the defendants failed to provide a safe environment, it will be interesting to see how that plays out. MMA fighting is, to begin with, a pretty unsafe environment. Unless Burnett can prove that the training, fighting, or living conditions were especially unsafe, this seems like a tough argument to make. You also have to wonder whether a guy who runs into walls when he’s bored is the best barometer of what constitutes a safe environment.


Jesse Taylor Now Mature Enough For The UFC

(Look who’s back.)

When Dana White kicked Jesse Taylor off “The Ultimate Fighter” Finale for being a drunken knucklehead, he also told Taylor to call him when he matured and got his act together. Apparently that only takes a few months, because Fight Hype is reporting that Taylor will be added to the July 19 event on Spike TV, and guess who he may be up against:

Despite being kicked out of The Ultimate Fighter Finale, it appears that Jesse Taylor is set to make his return to the UFC. Sources close to the situation have informed us that, less than one month after he was supposed to face Amir Sadollah in the finale, Taylor will be entering the Octagon on the July 19th card headlined by Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin. Although an opponent has yet to be named, it’s rumored that CB Dolloway, who replaced Taylor in the finale and ultimately lost a second time to Sadollah via first round submission, could be the frontrunner to land the fight.

Well isn’t this a twisted little scenario. At least we know Dollaway is relatively unscathed after his fight with Sadollah, and probably also pretty eager to get back in the Octagon to erase the painful memory of his one-tap defeat. It just goes to show that opportunity knocks more often for everyone when the UFC has a competitor they need to crush.

Now maybe if the AFL would hurry up and get huge Kalib Starnes might even find his way back into the Octagon. Probably not, though.


Must See: “Too Small,” Krazy Horse vs. Mishima, TUF 8 Promo

The best highlight video of the week, featuring the world’s greatest lightweights (and Melvin Guillard) laying waste to their opponents. Watch it and take pride in your naturally petite frame. Props to Chris Keller via “CRE” on the UG.

Here’s the PRIDE Bushido 9 fight between Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett and Dokonjonosuke Mishima, in which the Horse quotes Forrest Gump, extolls the virtues of masturbation, tears apart a stuffed animal, and gets subbed with a heel-hook. Props to MMAScraps.