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Thursday’s UFC 117 Pre-Fight Press Conference in 428 Seconds

(Video courtesy YouTube/Heavy)

If you don’t want to sit through 40 minutes of mostly oblivious reporters asking the same old questions that have been asked a hundred times and hearing fighters regurgitate their equally tired responses ad nauseam at yesterday’s UFC 117 pre-fight press conference, check out the above video by that gives you the highlights of the presser in just over seven minutes.

Not surprisingly, the bulk of the clip features Chael Sonnen spinning yarns about how great of a person and fighter he is and how much of a heel Anderson Silva is.

Ironic, isn’t it?


Slow Your Roll, Jake Shields; Dana White Confirms Winner of Fitch-Alves Will Face the Winner of GSP-Koscheck Next Year

(Either of of these guys could potentially win the opportunity Saturday night to have GSP rearrange their faces again in the New Year.)

Apparently Dana White Sides with me on my opinion that Jake Shields should have to win at least two fights in the UFC before earning a title shot.

The UFC president announced today during the pre-fight press conference for UFC 117 that the winner of Saturday night’s welterweight showdown between Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves will garner a title shot early next year.


What Your MMA Nickname Really Says About You

Nicknames are like tattoos — badass when you first pick them out, generally embarrassing ten years later. And yet for some reason, they’re often the only things that MMA fighters keep forever, even as they change camps, change fighting styles, and change their hair. And while every fighter sends a message with their choice of nickname, it may not always be the message that they’re trying to send. For example, let’s say your nickname is…


Notable examples: Mike “Quick” Swick, “Bad” Brad Blackburn, Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch, Marvin “Beastman” Eastman
What you think it says: You’re straightforward and to-the-point. You want your nickname to stick in people’s heads.
What it really says: You spent no more than five seconds coming up with that weak bullshit.


Notable examples: Kamal “Prince of Persia” Shalorus, Efrain “Hecho en Mexico” Escudero, Sako “The Armenian Psycho” Chivitchian, “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung
What you think it says: You’re proud of your heritage and want to represent the fighting spirit of your people.
What it really says: You will be met with boos and “U.S.A.!” chants every time you fight, even though you’ve lived in Glendale your entire life.


Thiago Alves Having Trouble Cutting Weight and Jon Fitch is Not Impressed

(Maybe Thiago should concentrate more on cutting weight, not on updating his profile)

When Thiago Alves missed a scheduled appearance at yesterday afternoon’s open UFC 117 workout, it didn’t take long for reports to surface that the American Top Team fighter, who has been plagued with weight cutting issues in the past, was having problems shedding water and that he chose to forgo the media event to focus on making weight for Friday’s weigh-in.

Alves tweeted yesterday that he just had 15 pounds to go before he makes the 170-pound limit, which is at the higher end of the poundage most fighters start cutting at the beginning of the process over a week out from their bouts.


UFC 117 Is Basically ‘USA vs. Brazil’

UFC 117 poster Silva Sonnen
UFC 117 lineup Anderson Silva Chael Sonnen
(Images courtesy of UFC and Wikipedia)

Are you noticing a pattern here? By bizarre coincidence, the top six fights at UFC 117 (August 7th, Oakland) all feature an American fighter taking on a Brazilian fighter. It’s not an official gimmick like UFC 58′s "USA vs. Canada" setup — in which the Yanks went 5-3 against the Canucks — but it’ll be an interesting theme for the night, and hopefully the UFC will make the most of it. (Sorry Chandella, but we’ve found your replacement.) I’ll go out on a limb and say Brazil takes this event in a 4-2 rout, with Fitch and Guida scoring the only wins for the home team. Your predictions?

After the jump: Joe Rogan runs down the Hughes vs. Almeida matchup, and Jon Fitch discusses his co-headlining rematch against Thiago Alves.


Video: Thiago Alves Receives Medical Clearance to Fight; Rematch With Fitch at UFC 117 Now Official

(Video courtesy YouTube/ATT)

Thiago Alves received news this week that he has been waiting on for two months.

The UFC welterweight traveled from his home in Coconut Creek, Florida to New York City where he underwent his second angiogram in as many months to ensure that the medical procedure he had done on March 31 to correct a brain abnormality had healed enough for him to get back to heavy training, contact sparring, and ultimately, competing.

Doctors gave him 100 percent medical clearance,  green lighting "Pitbull" to train and compete without stipulation, and in effect, made the rematch between Alves and Jon Fitch official for UFC 117 on August 7. 


Exclusive: Thiago Alves: ‘Pre-Fight Medicals May Have Saved My Life’

("They used Krazy Glue to fix the problem, so I guess you can say my brain is a bit more crazy now." — Thiago Alves)

Three weeks ago, and only a few days prior to his UFC 111 showdown with fellow UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch, officials from the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB) discovered an abnormality in Thiago Alves’ brain and pulled him from the card. If left untreated, Doctors informed the 24-year-old that the affliction could have proven fatal had he incurred any brain trauma from fighting or even sparring.

NJSACB medical official, Dr. Sherry Wulkan is credited with discovering Alves’ condition from a discrepancy between a CT scan image done on the Brazilian fighter in 2005 and one he had taken a week before the ill-fated fight with Fitch. Subsequent tests revealed that an artery in Thiago’s brain was dangerously close to becoming fused with a neighboring vein.

Alves explains that although it would not necessarily have proven fatal under normal circumstances, had the two vessels joined, his chances of mortality would have increased tenfold.


Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves Rescheduled to UFC 115 in June

Jon Fitch Thiago Alves UFC Fight Night 5
(Thiago Alves learns the hard way why you should never take NyQuil before a big fight. Photo courtesy of

UFC president Dana White confirmed late last night that the rematch between Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves — which was postponed from UFC 111 due to concerns over Alves’s brain — will now take place at UFC 115 (June 12th, Vancouver). The fight will come four years to the month after Fitch and Alves’s first meeting at UFC Fight Night 5, which Fitch won by second round TKO. Though the Vancouver card will feature a host of compelling matchups, a main event still hasn’t been officially announced. I mean, it’s not like Chuck Liddell will be fighting Rich Franklin, after Franklin comes in to replace Tito Ortiz on The Ultimate Fighter 11, right? Pay no attention to the leaked photo of the TUF 11 set after the jump!


Thiago Alves’s Brain Surgery Video-Blog Thankfully Avoids the Gory Parts

(Props: ATTMain)

When we first came across this clip, we immediately got bad flashbacks to Miguel Torres‘s reconstructive forehead surgery video, expecting basically the same thing but with exposed brain. Don’t worry, you’re not going to see the actual procedure here. It’s just Thiago Alves heading to the hospital on Wednesday, clearly a little nervous, and waking up later completely lucid and with no obvious signs that his skull was removed while the doctors fixed whatever was wrong with him. Actually, this Sherdog report informs us that the procedure was done to mend a malformation in the left hemisphere of his brain, and they basically went in through his groin. [Ed. note: *barfs*] Said ATT coach Ricardo Liborio: "He is really excited to get back to training and I think it is going to be hard to keep him from trying to get back too fast."


Thiago Alves Is Probably Okay for Now

Now that the dust has settled on UFC 111, we can finally ask ourselves, "So is Thiago Alves dying or what?" The welterweight contender gave us quite a scare on Thursday when he was forced to pull out of his match against Jon Fitch due to an "irregularity in his brain," which was spotted by a pre-fight CAT Scan. The condition was reported as potentially career-ending, but luckily that doesn’t seem to be that case. Alves will undergo a minor outpatient surgery this Wednesday to address the issue, and hopes to make his return to the Octagon in May, if not sooner. Dana White confirmed the improved prognosis, telling TMZ, "He’ll be back…it’s all good."

After the jump: In celebration of Alves’s eventual return, check out this video of the Pitbull at his best.