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Sylvia Doesn’t F*ck It Up, Stops Pudzianowski at Moosin

("I got your Atlas Stones right here, bitch." Props: YouTube)

For Tim Sylvia the best case scenario at “Moosin: God of Martial Arts” was simply, don’t screw this up. The worst case scenario? You lose to shit-talking sideshow Mariusz Pudzianowski and your career is over. Basically, it was a no-win situation for the former UFC heavyweight champion in Massachusetts on Friday night, but that’s the harsh reality when you fuck around and get knocked out by Ray Mercer. Fortunately for Sylvia, he managed to stave off the angels of (professional) death for at least another day, dropping the professional strong man with an uppercut and finishing him with strikes on the ground one minute, 40 seconds into the second round.  

Though it seemed academic once they got in the cage, victory wasn’t a foregone conclusion after Sylvia weighed- in at 305-pounds earlier this week. The Maineiac’s cardio was understandably in question, but it quickly proved to be much higher than that of Pudzianowski.  It took only a few minutes for the Polish carnival barker to turn the shade of deep purple usually reserved for a Hulk Hogan tan job or the latter stages of a Mark Coleman fight.  Maybe that tune-up bout in Poland just two weeks ago wasn’t such a great idea after all, eh Pudzi? After the jump, all the gory details …


Reminder: Two Socially Awkward Men Fight Tonight


Moosin Update: Tim Sylvia Has Slimmed Down to 305 Pounds

Tim Sylvia Moosin weigh-insMariusz Pudzianowski Moosin weigh-ins
(If they were the same guy, this would be a fantastic ad for Trimspa. Photos courtesy of Sherdog.)

Last June, we saw Tim Sylvia’s alarming weight of 310.6 pounds as proof that he didn’t take his fight against Ray Mercer as seriously as he should have. Well you all can put your concerns to rest now, because according to yesterday’s Moosin: God of Martial Arts weigh-ins, the Maine-iac has hacked off a full 5.6 pounds since that brutal loss, suggesting that maybe he’s leaving that last rib on the plate when he goes out and orders three slabs of ribs. We’re proud of you, buddy. In all seriousness, this isn’t a physique competition, and Mariusz Pudzianowski didn’t really impress anybody in his last fight, which took place just two weeks ago. But Tim’s unwillingness to get below 300 pounds (and his doughy, Wes Sims-like build) may be a sign that his heart isn’t really into training these days. After the jump: Full weigh-in results for tonight’s Moosin show, plus a video of Roxy Modafferi and Tara LaRosa getting all chummy before their fight. Have you made your Moosin picks on FightPicker yet?


MMA FightPicker Update: Make Your Predictions for Moosin and Strikeforce Challengers [UPDATED]

Moosin Gods of Martial Arts Tim Sylvia Mariusz Pudzianowski poster

This Friday, the DCU Center in Worcester will host the oddly-named Moosin: God of Martial Arts event, in what is being billed as the first major, sanctioned MMA event in Massachusetts. The show will be available on pay-per-view, and should feature some entertaining matchups, including the headliner between former UFC champ Tim Sylvia and strongman-turned-MMA-fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski, and the female feature between Tara LaRosa and Roxanne Modafferi. Eric "Butterbean" Esch — who is also the event’s promoter — will be taking on radio host Lyndon Byers, though the fight won’t be part of the PPV broadcast.

Also on Friday, the Strikeforce Challengers series returns to Showtime, headlined by the "WTF, Are You Serious?" match between Matt Lindland and Kevin Casey. Tyron Woodley, Roger Bowling, and Tarec Saffiedine will also be on the card.

The full list of this week’s MMA FightPicker questions are after the jump. Give ‘em a look, and go get those PotatoChips. And if you haven’t done so already, please follow MMA FightPicker on Facebook!


Pot, Meet Kettle: Butterbean Calls James Toney a ‘Circus Act’

(Video courtesy of

Since he lives in one of the biggest glass houses in mixed martial arts, former Toughman competitor, World Wrestling Federation guest performer, YAMMA Pitfighter and Oxblood Oxheart doppelganger Eric “Butterbean” Esch may want to think twice about tossing proverbial stones at other fighters in the sport like he has at fellow boxer-turned-mixed martial artist James Toney.

In a recent interview with 8countnews, Esch, who is promoting his Moosin: Gods of Martial Arts show May 21 in Worcester, MA calls the former IBF middleweight, super middleweight and cruiserweight champion and current NABO and IBA heavyweight champion a “circus act.” Considering that the main event of his ridiculously named show will feature 6-foot-8-inch former UFC heavyweight champion and custom chopper enthusiast Tim Sylvia versus “World’s Strongest Man” Mariusz Pudzianowski, and that Esche’s photo appears in the dictionary under the definition of “freak show,” his comments are humorously paradoxical.


Tim Sylvia Is Just Another Rung on Mariusz Pudzianowski’s Ladder

Mariusz Pudzianowski MMA fighter strongest man PolishTim Sylvia fat
("World’s Strongest Man" vs. "World’s Softest, Hairiest Stomach.")

Insulting Quote of the Day comes to us courtesy of Mariusz Pudzianowski, who just signed a contract to fight Tim Sylvia at a May 21st event in Worcester, Massachusetts, which is being put on by a shadowy Korean promoter called "Moosin":

The five-time World’s Strongest Man winner also revealed that he should be fighting former Olympic judoka Pawel Nastula in September this year. “Listen, I’m not afraid of anyone. I have my next fight on May 7th and another two weeks later, if everything goes as planned I’ll face Pawel in September. I do it step by step.”

Step by step, huh? So to clarify, on the spectrum of MMA competition it goes random Polish first-timer, 1-0 fat guy, Tim Sylvia (after a two week layoff!), and finally, a 1-4 PRIDE veteran. This is the company you’re keeping, Tim. Part of us hopes Sylvia smashes Mariusz so he can regain some measure of self-respect. In the meantime, we’d be content if he just stopped harassing Andrei Arlovski’s ex-girlfriend.


Josh Barnett Says Nobody Wants to Fight Him

(His body is in the ring, but his mind is still back in the locker room, trying to come up with an eight-letter word for ‘Movie opening.’)

Contrary to what you’ve seen on the internet lately, Josh Barnett is not content to spend the rest of his life trading mean faces with Bob Sapp and roughing up hapless foes in regional grappling tournaments. He really does want to fight for real again, or so he declared on his Twitter recently, but the problem is that he can’t find an opponent. At least, he can’t find a heavyweight opponent willing to meet him in Japan, which is sort of his only option at the moment since he can’t seem to get right with the athletic commissions back home in the U.S.

Barnett told fans he’d heard a “rumor” that both Tim Sylvia and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (both of whom have tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs at some point in their past) had each turned down fights with Babyface in Dream. How much fact there is in that rumor, we can’t really say, but it wouldn’t exactly surprise us to hear that “The Maine-iac” is more or less done fighting quality opponents and has decided instead to crush whatever cans Monte Cox lines up for him.


The Ohio Athletic Commission Rescues Us From the Tyranny of Sylvia/Sims II

(This matchup was briefly considered as a replacement bout until Sims was deemed ‘non-competitive’ after it was revealed that the guy in the sweatshirt had taken six weeks of jiu-jitsu classes a few years back.)

As much as we hate government intrusion into the private lives of citizens – particularly those citizens among us who just want to date that cute sixteen year-old chick with the glasses who works at the movie theater without those arbitrary ‘age of consent’ laws getting in the way – but there are times when it’s obviously necessary, such as in the case of the completely unnecessary Tim Sylvia vs. Wes Sims rematch. The Ohio Athletic Commission, in its infinite wisdom, has decided not to sanction the bout for the March 20 Adrenaline event in Youngstown, on the grounds that “the fight was not going to be competitive at this time.”

That’s right. Tim Sylvia, who got knocked out by Ray Mercer last year, can’t fight Sims, who “sucks” too much to even get in the same cage with "The Maine-iac." Forget the one-sided loss to Bobby Lashley and his attempts to sell Kimbo Slice’s skull cap from TUF 10, now Sims has officially hit bottom.

Not that we’re complaining, mind you. Whatever prevents this fight from bringing the overall integrity of the sport down with it, whether it’s an act of God or a heavy-handed athletic commission, we’re all for it. Now let’s see what the Ohio commission can do about those age of consent laws.


Completely Unnecessary Rematch Alert: Wes Sims vs. Tim Sylvia II

(Sylvia vs. Sims @ Superbrawl 38, 12/12/04. You had me at that intro music.)

According to Wes Sims’s manager Ken Pavia, the A-Hole Show will try to follow up his paycheck-collection at Strikeforce: Miami by taking on Tim Sylvia at an Adrenaline MMA event in Youngstown, Ohio, on March 20th. The bout will be held under special rules, in which spectators will be allowed to throw peanuts at the fighters during the match. Just kidding, but with both men drifting near the low points of their careers, it’s hard to look at this meeting as anything but a freak show — even if it’ll surely be sold as a grudge match between two extremely dangerous tall UFC vets.

Sylvia and Sims fought once before in Superbrawl, following Sims’s 0-3 stretch in the UFC and Sylvia’s loss via broken arm to Frank Mir. It was an easy mauling for the Maine-iac, who won by TKO in a minute and a half. In his last appearance, Sylvia rebounded from a humiliating knockout loss against Ray Mercer (and snapped a three-fight losing streak) by scoring a first-round TKO over Jason Riley at Adrenaline 4 in September. Sims most recently put on a ton of weight and lost to Bobby Lashley, following an exhibition loss to Justin Wren on The Ultimate Fighter 10 last year. Is it even worth asking who ya got?