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Counterpoint: Maybe Tito Ortiz Wasn’t Completely Terrible at Cris Cyborg’s Press Conference [VIDEO]

Okay…my name is Tito Ortiz…my name is Tito Ortiz…*clears throat* “Good afterday. My name is Ito Tortiz.”

If you’re unfamiliar with our “Unsupportable Opinion/Counterpoint” columns, they’re our attempts at taking an issue that most MMA fans are in agreement on and arguing for the other side, even if we don’t necessarily believe anything we’re writing. Sometimes, they’re actually right. Hell, sometimes they’re downright prophetic. Usually, they’re even more wrong than we imagined. Regardless, they’re usually just a way to argue against popular opinion, so try not to call me too many mean names over this column, okay? I’m sensitive, you guys.

Anyways, the general consensus on the latest attempt at public speaking by Tito Ortiz – the press conference he held to announce that Cyborg had signed with Invicta FC – is that it ended predictably. He did fairly well until the part where he had to open his mouth, and then…tragedy.

Video is After the Jump


Tito Ortiz’s Self-Deception Skills Are Still Second to None

When it comes to making self-aggrandizing statements that vastly overstate his own importance and ability, no one in MMA even comes close to Tito Ortiz.  In this video interview (props to The Garv for the find) Ortiz manages to call Lyoto Machida a pussy, take credit for the champ’s current fight-finishing streak, and praise both Brock Lesnar and Georges St. Pierre for being Tito Ortiz-esque fighters, all in just four minutes.  That’s called covering all your bases, and doing so with efficiency.  We’d expect nothing less from the guy who hasn’t had a significant win in over three years, and yet has somehow remained relevant.


Now That Tito Ortiz Is Back, Is This What We Have To Look Forward To?

In this video Tito Ortiz takes great satisfaction in the knowledge that while he’s living it up in first class on his way to UFC 101, Chuck Liddell is back in coach with the plebes.  Yeah, that is a pretty sweet/petty victory.  The only triumph that could possibly be better in a rivalry between two pro fighters would be if you had mercilessly thrashed him in a fight for money…twice.  You take your moments where you can though, right?

Now that Ortiz is back in the UFC, it seems as if he is intent on squeezing every last ounce of publicity juice out of it, at least until he gets demolished by the ageless wonder, Mark Coleman.  Might as well buckle up and get ready.  Part two is after the jump, where Matt Serra shows up to add a little panache to this thing and Tito beats up Danny Bonaduce on his morning radio show.  Physical stunts, that’s how radio is going to reclaim the popularity it enjoyed in the early twentieth century.