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Gallery: 11 GIFs of Alistair Overeem Being Awesome

Gotta love that big, murderous bastard. Lots more greatness after the jump.


The Reem Earns Place in Guinness Book With K-1 Dynamite!! Win Over Duffee

(Overeem sporting his belts clockwise in order of importance.)

Alistair Overeem earned more than the uber paycheck and the interim DREAM heavyweight belt in Japan at the K-1 Dynamite!! 2010 New Year’s Eve event. The DREAM, Strikeforce and K-1 Open Weight Grand Prix champion also secured a spot in the Guinness Book of World Record as the only fighter to consecutively hold three championship belts.

If it’s any consolation to Todd Duffee, who reportedly made $60,000 for the 19-second pounding he took from "The Demolition Man," his name will also be inscribed in the tome as the fighter who Overeem beat to set the record. At least there’s that.


‘Dynamite 2010!!’ Quick Results + Videos

(Alistair Overeem vs. Todd Duffee. Fight starts at the 3:41 mark and ends 19 seconds later. Good night Ireeeene.)

Full results from today’s New Year’s Eve event in Saitama, Japan, are after the jump, along with a few must-see videos courtesy of ZP420MMA. Note: Bob Sapp apparently backed out of his IGF slap-fight-rules bout with Shinichi Suzukawa at the last minute.


Check Out Lookoutawhale’s Latest Masterpiece: MMA Mortal Combat

(Video courtesy YouTube/lookoutawhale)

If lookoutawhale doesn’t do video editing for a living, he has to be one of the best weekend warriors out there making MMA-themed comedy classics. His Knee to Crotch Party, GSP is Not Impressed at Awards and the History of the Nipple Tweak videos are must sees.

In honor of K-1′s surprise announcement that Todd Duffee will be taking on K-1 OWGP winner and Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem, Whale put together this sweet little Sega Genesis Mortal Combat throwback that should help make it a bit easier for you to trudge through hump day.


Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club

Alistair Overeem Todd Duffee Dynamite!! 2010 Japan MMA
(That shouldn’t be a problem, Todd. Photo courtesy of MMAFighting)

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‘All I Want for Christmas’: The Illustrated MMA Edition

(No, really, I love it. It’s much better than something practical like a new hoodie or pair of glasses.")

Since it’s the holidays and we haven’t been spitting out as many Photoshops as we used to, we figured it would be appropriate to put together a collection of illustrations depicting what a handful of fighters and MMA luminaries are angling for this Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or putting up with obnoxious relatives just so you can get a crappy token gift day.

The possibilities were pretty much endless, but these are the best we could come up with on an hour’s notice.



Report: Duffee vs. Overeem Confirmed for K-1 NYE Show

(Todd Duffee does curls for the girls and testosterone replacement therapy for his opponents. PicProps: XPE Sports)

Alistair Overeem’s New Year’s Eve bout with recently exiled UFC malcontent Todd Duffee is officially going down, according to a report out Thursday morning from MMA’s Ariel Helwani. Overeem’s status for the event was confirmed yesterday as rumors of the Duffee fight simultaneously began to percolate. At first it appeared the honchos at FEG wanted to keep the identity of The Reem’s opponent secret – at least until they’d, we don’t know, slipped Duffee through customs in a giant duffle bag marked “Perishable Goods” or something like that – but then the fighter himself let the cat out of the bag by posting (and immediately deleting) a message on his Facebook page.

Smooth move, T-Duff. Hey, since it’s the holiday season, please allow us to express our heartfelt thanks for social media and the unfettered opportunity it provides fighters to broadcast the worst parts of their personalities and prematurely release time-sensitive information to the public without checking with anyone (anyone at all) beforehand. Without you, beloved Facebook and Twitter, this sport wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Isn’t that right, Marcus Davis?


Todd Duffee Says He’s Fighting Alistair Overeem at K-1 Dynamite!! on NYE

Well it looks like his detractors won’t be able to call Alistair Overeem a can crusher after New Year’s Eve.

According to heavyweight prospect Todd Duffee, he and the the Strikeforce and 2010 K-1 Grand Prix champion will meet in Japan that night as the main event of Fields’ K-1 Dynamite!! show.

Duffee made the announcement via his Facebook page, but quickly took the post down, but not before we grabbed a screenshot of the message in which he asked, "Have no plans on NYE? Dream Dynamite 2010: Duffee VS Overeem on HDnet!!!"

The 6-1 Evansville, Indiana native, who only fought once this year and was dropped by the UFC for his "bad attitude" according to the promotion’s president Dana White, has not fought since being knocked out by Mike Russow in the third round at UFC 114 after pounding on the Chicago, Illinois native for the first twelve and a half minutes of the fight. He’s scheduled to face 6-3 TUF 10 veteran Abe Wagner under the Titan Fighting Championship banner on January 29.

Overeem (33-11-1) has been equally as inactive in MMA this year, logging just one fight against Brett Rogers, whom he defeated by TKO in just under four minutes at Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery in St Louis, Missouri in May.

The fight has not officially been announced, but Overeem stated last week that he was hoping for a decent opponent and that he was hoping that DREAM would put their heavyweight belt up as the prize for the winner if the match-up was belt-worthy and this fun little scrap fits the bill.


Todd Duffee and Dan Henderson Both Have Testosterone Replacement Therapy Exemptions in Nevada

(Yeah, I can see Duffee being testosterone deficient.)

According to a story in the most recent edition of Dave Meltzer’s F4WOnline newsletter, only two fighters have received approval in Nevada for testosterone replacement therapy and one of them is 24-year-old brick shithouse, Todd Duffee. The other one is 40-year-old former PRIDE champ Dan Henderson.

On an unrelated note, besides getting older, MMAJunkie’s resident medical expert, Dr. Johnny Benjamin pointed out this week that one primary cause of abnormally low testosterone levels in otherwise healthy males is prolonged steroid use.

Meltzer says that only one fighter has received medical clearance for his use of testosterone replacement in California, but CSAC would not reveal the name of the fighter whose name rhymes with Stan Menderson.


And Finally, Acceptance: Todd Duffee Has Reached the Last Stage of Grief Over UFC Firing

(Denial, anger, bargaining, plyometrics – Duffee has been through it all. PicProps: Sherdog)

It’s been almost a month and if you’re still having trouble wrapping your head around how Todd Duffee managed to get himself fired from the UFC after just one kind of fluky loss, you’re not alone. Duffee doesn’t seem to know exactly what to make of it, either. We’ve heard rumors of him faking injuries, turning down fights and having an all around piss-poor attitude, but the actual facts of the situation are still murky at best. One thing we know is true, however: At this point Duffee seems legitimately bummed about it. In a new article from Old Dad over on MMA Fighting, Duffee (and a few others) discuss the hard realities of getting fired from the only job they’ve ever really wanted. This MMA can be a pretty harsh mistress, fellas.